Messages 2008

I have travelled far.

January 17th, 2008

Melbourne Australia

Received by Nicholas Arnold.


I come from a world inhabited by individuals, a world called Ovana, and my name is Tristiana.

The Father’s Soul is not a flat surface but rounded like an elongated sphere. My world is from what would be seen as equally opposite to where your world is in relationship to the Soul of the Father. (Editors note: Apparently the opposite side of the Universe of Universes) I have travelled a great distance for yes; I am a spirit and am well advanced in my soul-ship with the Father. I am free to travel around the Sphere that the Father’s Soul is, to learn about the different natures of His inhabited material and spirit Realms. I have been permitted to speak on this occasion although I am not well versed in the language of English. I am communicating with the help of another Celestial spirit who I met way into the Celestial Heavens from which my approach was from beyond these Heavens. I am a guest in your domain.

It is beautiful as beauty is known universally wide, to see souls living with the Father throughout these Heavens and yet as I descend to become mortal-side, with my Celestial guide, it is astonishing to see a world that is in the progress of awakening toward the conscious living of the Father. In my world every soul grew up in the reality of the Universal Father and we received the Love that you receive that has been revealed for you to personalise, as the Divine Love of the Father.

Ovana is slightly larger than Earth (Earth is the name this Celestial spirit who is my guide, has given as the name of this planet) and our landmass is slightly larger and we too, had water such as oceans. Ovana travels around a Sun just like yours, and we have Seasons. These Seasons are more extended than yours for it takes our world longer to travel around our one Sun which shines brightly and is not unlike yours, only a little bigger. We do not have a Moon, however there is a very small planet which is uninhabited and could be considered as a Moon, which influences our planet in much the same way I am told.

We have relationships yet we are aware of our soul-mate whilst we are still living in the flesh and we do have bodies yet the Father’s Love is a priority and generates our way of life and so our appearance is more illuminated, for our soul has grown under the influence of the Love and our spirit body reflects this condition. We had a teacher who revealed the Father’s Way and this individual survived for a very, very long time and we respected and appreciated his knowledge and presence and in company, he would teach us about the workings of the Father and would readily communicate openly with our ancestors who resided in spirit.1 The spirit life is known to us so there is no separation between the living on Ovana and the living in the spirit Realms. We live for over (what would be) 100 Earth years and our condition remains quite good. When it is time for us to pass into the life as a spirit, we have learnt how to interact with the Law that releases our material body so that it exists as it never was, and our spirit body becomes the vehicle of our existence.

I am very tall and feminine in essence as I was female when living on Ovana. I had two children and a soul-mate husband much in the same way as you do only we are conscious of our partner and the place we each play in the creation of our lives from the creation of Our Father. Obviously our name for the Father was not spoken in English and letters that may make the sound is Urah. All the peoples in Ovana all understood that the countries formed a collective understanding that we all lived in the light and life and Love of Urah. Although we made material works to celebrate our attributes, the beauty of our world was that any creation created by an individual never became an object of worship that replaced or became greater than our soul loving of Urah. The spirit I am with likes this name and I like the name that he refers to as the Father. I was in your understanding, fair in colouring with blue eyes and well structured features. Competition was not our way of life because we had nothing to compete for or against. We all had the Love of (smile) the Father in our souls and so, each individual was fulfilled and our respective wills recognised that the spirit realms were known and so we could turn our efforts toward learning the relationship of spirit with our soul and this was all embracing and very compelling.

We did have our dramas but our Court is a Court of listening and when those individuals elected have listened, they then would ask the individual or individuals present to determine their own recourse, which was fair and reasonable and in this, just. The presence here in our resolutions was our ability to act in the present knowing immediately what compensation was needed in order to establish harmony again.

We have fountains and we love water … the energy of life. We never swim with costumes for our physical body is seen as an attribute created by the Father and so in the Father’s Love our form is respected and our sex respected and the beauty of our body is maintained. We do not bury people in the ground for our material body when translated by the working of the Law of Translation, that dematerialises our physical attribute means that there is no organic material left behind. We do have an image created of us with our name and a mark that defined the essence of what our life contributed toward one another and society and our culture.

Every individual is cherished for individuality in mortal form as soul is a creation by the Father and so first and foremost, our own love is celebrated in the Love of the Father. We have buildings and smallish cities that are lit with the energy of our Sun and we have fire and other energy sources that are natural to maintain our wellbeing. We are primarily fruit and a kind of vegetable eaters, and the wild life was not great in number or form for there are more mountains than flatlands. We have our cities in valleys near the ocean and we have rivers just like you do. We marry when the knowing in our soul is united in the knowing in the soul of both individuals and this usually occurs around our 30 years of age, which is a little older than your 30 years of age. We did have currency and this still remains only as a means of one currency for all and is almost redundant. The Laws of the Father are so present in our living systems that our history has evolved through years and years of learning and accepting and now we are a light people.

This meeting has been a pleasure and rather unique as you, Nicholas and your friend did not know that this was going to happen. I saw the individual write the previous message, and a beautiful soul he is. I would like to thank my Celestial friend and guide for bringing me here to speak, for this has been a rare opportunity. The Father - Urah - Loves all life that has been created.

In your words, Farewell, Tristiana


1 This sounds exactly like a Magisterial Son. According to the Urantia Book every single inhabited planet eventually gets a visible “Angel” who lives on that planet for a very long time - even 1,000 years - and leads the planet to an advanced spiritual stage called “Light and Life” which is well described here by Tristiana. I and some of my friends are of the opinion that Earth’s Magisterial Son is already in the wings so to speak.