New birth

Messages 2002

Mediumship, and the value of messages.

April 28th, 2002

Received by H.

Cuenca, Ecuador.


My dear H___, do not worry. Lately you have spoken a lot in your Latin group on mediumship. You have mentioned that actually each and every one of you is a medium, that is to say, that each one has the possibility of establishing their own personal contact with their respective guide. I know that you do not want to communicate false ideas, and for that reason I will deliver to you this short message

It is true that all men have the gift of mediumship to some degree. And in many of my messages, I have reiterated that we do not want people to simply accept what mediums receive and publish. We want all men to make an effort to developing their own soul perceptions, and with that, they also develop what you call mediumship. This is an important step to be a “mature or emancipated spirit.”

John Mark has told you once

“you cannot acquire that faith by reading messages, not through the Padgett messages, nor through the Urantia book, nor through any other literature. Faith is an interior knowledge, and the messages are only crutches helping you to move along. Those crutches are not the finality, they are only a means.”

I myself have written,

“that it is really about communicating the message, that is, Love, and the messages of themselves are nothing more than crutches along the way.”

And in my last message, I repeated that everybody could put Jesus’ message to the test. And that message does not only say that God is offering us His Love and that we can obtain this Love, but also that Divine Love brings faith and enlarges our soul perceptions. In other words, It permits mortals to communicate with their guides on the highest level.

So you see, messages are like crutches. I would even say that they are like those small baby-walkers, which babies sit in and roll around, pushing them around with their weak legs. And then, when they are stronger, they stand up on own their feet and use the walker to assist with their balance and for making their first steps. However the moment comes when they feel confident and they no longer want to be in the walker, but rather want to walk freely and without help. They want to explore the world their way.

And so the spiritual development of men must be. In the beginning, the messages will have much importance, because they stir up interest, and they provide certain guidance. But, as we have said, the messages are not the purpose, but only a means, so that mortals may have their own spiritual experiences, transcendent experiences, which convert what they may have read and believed into certain facts. True faith is knowledge and certainty.

This capacity of learning to know one’s guide and communicating with him is one of the most wonderful prizes which you may obtain in this earthly life.

Always remember, to receive messages is not the purpose, it is only one facet of a wide range of spiritual experiences of which the most important, undoubtedly, is to feel the Love that our Heavenly Father has for us. And as you come closer to Him, this experience will be increasingly powerful.

This is all I wanted to say for now.

Your brother in the spirit,



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