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Innocent parties to terrorism?

October 1st, 2001

Received by H.

Cuenca, Ecuador


My dear H___, last night you fell asleep and left me in middle of a message, but it does not matter. Don’t worry about this. There will always be another opportunity.

At the beginning of this message, I want to use this occasion to tell Geoff that he has found two very valuable answers. First, that it is really about communicating the message, that is, Love, and the messages of themselves are nothing more than crutches along the way. Secondly, yes, there are people who simply live that message. As to Mother Teresa, she lived the message without having read it. She knew it, she felt it. All the rest of her beliefs don’t matter. It may be some hindrance, some obstacle, but as you see, it cannot stop development at all. You can live the message under any circumstance, in any culture, in spite of beliefs and wrong ideas.

But now I would like to dedicate myself to another, completely opposed, topic - to the topic of violence, as the world is living it now. As a matter of fact, the world has been living it since the first parents’ fall, but now, since you have witnessed a spectacular attack, it is more visibly present. I will deal with the causes, possible solutions etc. But I cannot do this in one single message, and I don’t want to dedicate a series of continuous messages to this subject. I would like to continue with my second cycle of messages on Jesus’ life and his teachings. But in this cycle, we will find the opportunity for dealing with the current events on multiple occasions.

H___, a few days ago, you watched an interview with a psychiatrist on television. It dealt, of course, with the subject of terrorism. The psychiatrist expressed his opinion that terrorists, especially Ossama bin Laden, are narcissists, and that there is no use in negotiating with them, and that they only understand the language of brute force.

Be they narcissists or not, how poor is this doctor’s criterion!

You can consider terrorism as the symptom of a disease. And a disease does not appear just out of the nothing, but has causes and roots. And if a doctor wants to cure that disease, he has to know its roots, because only the treatment of the cause, and not of symptoms, may heal positively.

There has been a lot of talking about the world’s condition of inharmony. This is true. It has also been said that the very United States, in fact, is not the light of the world, that a lot of inharmony also reigns in this environment, and that their attitudes many times approach dangerously close to terrorist attitudes, considering certain secret government actions, as for example in Nicaragua and Guatemala. And what I say will hurt many people and cause screams of indignation. But who has ears to hear… you know already.

Those facts are not the only inharmonies in the world. Things go much deeper.

For example, what would you call a country which prohibits the use of certain chemicals within its territory, because they are dangerous, carcinogenic, etc, but allows their production and export, because the damage they may cause somewhere else simply doesn’t matter? And there are many countries where this mentality reigns.

What would you call a country, which allows the production and exports of weapons of war, and pretends to ignore that these weapons are employed for the intended use, to make war? Also those countries abound.

What would you call people who recite verses like those of Emma Lazurus… “Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore, Send these, the homeless, tempest-post to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door!

…with tears in their eyes when uttering those beautiful words, and they don’t live them!

What would you call those so-called poor countries that are richer than the rich countries, but where wealth is in a few people’s hands?

What would you call the attitude, where health is sacrificed in order to obtain more money, or where children are put aside in order to dedicate one’s time to gain more income?

What would you call the attitude of a senator, who opposes the signing of a peace treaty between two countries, because he said that it would be a shame on the homeland? But during the conflict, he had sent his sons into safety in foreign countries. Yes, it is true, when some of the “common people” die, it doesn’t matter.

What would you call a businessman, who cuts the salaries for his workers in times of crisis (but not his own and neither those of his relatives and friends), but later in times of prosperity doesn’t pay them more?

What would you call people who consider themselves aristocrats, and all others to them simply are plebeians without name or importance? They profess to belong to a religion that preaches equality of men, but they monopolize privileges.

What would you call a clergyman of a religion that calls itself “peace” and who preaches the “Holy War?” What an invention is this word! It sounds like “sweet salt!”

And I could go on and on with this list, writing miles of lines. But you understand already what I want to say.

Things are bad, on all levels, in all countries, in religions, in daily life. This is the ground we call inharmony. And one of its outgrowths is what we call terrorism.

Values, yes, there are values. Love for the fatherland, for example. Do you remember the images when they honored those soldiers without arms and legs after your country’s last war? What heroes, how brave they were! Everything for the well-being of the fatherland! Do you also know that they are living now in the worst misery and nobody worries about them? Yes, the values of this world are tremendous.

I won’t write today on possible solutions. Meditate on what I have already written.

My dear B___, since you were one of those who asked the question about violence, I also want you to analyze where you stand in this picture, what are your attitudes. One of the solutions, if I may advance it, is certainly prayer for God’s Love. Do you pray for Divine Love? You should do it.

This is a horrible message. I don’t like to criticize, but when I am asked for my opinion, I give it without mincing matters. When meditating over this problem, don’t think of justice. Do you remember, H___, when your philosophy professor asked you for the definition of the word justice? And you reached the conclusion that this definition doesn’t exist. It is a vague word, nebulous, impalpable, which in fact doesn’t serve for anything else than for rhetoric. Don’t base your ideas on this supposed justice.

And you, my dear Cecilia, who so much wants to know if there will be a biological war or not, I tell you that we are not fortune-tellers who guess the future. We may guess correctly in many aspects of what will happen, because we have more facilities and more knowledge than you have, but we don’t know the future. Those are projections. Everything depends on men’s free will. We cannot interfere, only suggest. You know very well that this danger indeed does exist. That is all I can tell you. Pray. It will be another drop bringing a little more of harmony into this world.

My brother, I leave you now. Tomorrow we will proceed to a more pleasant topic.

With my love and my blessings, I am your brother in Christ,



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