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Helping others.

January 29th, 2002

Received by H.

Cuenca, Ecuador.


My dear H___, yesterday we undertook a journey into your past, and today we will do the same, to bring to light another teaching of life.

Many years ago, when you were already at university, you looked for work during the summer vacations to earn some money. And finally, you found it. It was not exactly what you had imagined, to work as a butcher, but the agreed payment was good. You worked at this new task, sweating in the unaccustomed physical labor, and you did quite well. When the day arrived for getting your pay, your boss only paid you half of the agreed amount. You protested, but he told you, “Sue me!” showing you the door.

How angry you felt! Sue me! You didn’t have a written work contract. And thoughts of hate and vengeance filled you for some time.

I see that you are smiling. That is good. Nevertheless, you are smiling for the wrong reasons. You are thinking: “How spiritual a work was that!” And I tell you, that work is as spiritual as that of a systems engineer, and as useful for humanity.

But what are you feeling now when I remind you of these scenes? You no longer feel anything. You feel neither anger, nor bitterness, nor hate, nothing. This is the great teaching of life. And this is why you should smile.

I ask you, hate and love, are they two faces of the same coin or are they two different things?

H.: I think they are two different faces of one and the same coin, of opposite emotional loads.

So it is. We are speaking of natural love. The Divine has no counterpart. Divine Love has no opposite face.

Natural love, then, is a set of emotions that may change from one state into another. Love may become hate, and there are many shades and facets: Love, appreciation, scorn, disgust, hate, jealousies, etc. All those are aspects of natural love, and what we call love properly, is nothing more than its purified form, a purified aspect of this set. And even in this aspect, intensity and quality may vary considerably.

Natural love depends very much on the moment. It is inflammable, as demonstrated by sudden hate and attacks of anger. In the course of time, without much contribution from the mortal, and it may change its character. It may stabilize a little, although it is never really stable. People who are madly in love may find true love, because the previous state was not proper love, and anger may lose its fire.

Now, when you recall these events you no longer feel anger, bitterness, or love. Indifference characterizes your feelings. This temporary boss of yours, he died some time ago, and you do not even remember the episode of impotent anger you felt.

Now, you summarize this teaching in jest with the words: “Understanding between people grows with the square of distance.” This is true, distance in space diminishes frictions, and in the distance of time our memory plays us tricks: we forget bad experiences and retain happy events.

The obvious conclusion is, of course, that in everything you do you should try to avoid negative spontaneous reactions that are dictated by the emotion of the moment. It is better to control yourself, to allow time to pass, and suddenly everything looks different, less tragic.

However, there is a much more important conclusion. Do you remember that the other day you expected a message on how hate becomes compassion in the spirit world? You suspected that it was a message on the purification of natural love.

Well, what I tell you is that when people pass over, and their condition allows them to live in a place of relative light, for example in the superior areas of the earth planes, they can observe people on earth and the less fortunate spirits in the hells. But these mortals or spirits no longer directly affect their lives. Imagine that you die and observe an “enemy” of yours on earth. If you have some soul development, you will no longer feel hate, but at the beginning you will feel pity for him. This pity will become compassion, and in the course of the purification of your love, it will be love that you will feel. That, of course, takes time. However, the conversion of hate into pity or compassion happens pretty quickly through the effect of distance in space. There is no more close contact with your enemy, and with it, enmity ceases to exist, but not so the emotional bond. It loses its negative load, it may pass through indifference, but finally it will become love.

On the other hand, when you come to live in a lower zone of the earth planes, in what you commonly call “hells,” you will continue living with the same kind of people, or spirits in this case, with whom you always suffered confrontations. You will also continue with your hate, and so will they. There is no distance. The fire of the negative load stays ablaze, and it is a very slow, difficult and painful process of progressing and purifying your love.

The advanced spirits who observe lower spirits almost undertake a voyage to their own past. It is as if they returned in their thoughts to a remote time, and they are no longer able to feel the energy of negativity. Is it easier to forgive others than to forgive oneself, and when spirits have forgiven themselves their shortcomings, how should it be possible that they would not forgive others those same shortcomings?

The advanced spirits live in the future. They may return to their past in order to visit their less developed neighbors, and all their feelings will be much more moderate, neutral, positive and even full of love. The dark spirits, however, cannot travel to their future, and they live in their past, torn apart by the vicissitudes of their emotions.

You understand me a little, not entirely, but this does not matter. But you do understand that what I have exposed is the basis of a law: advanced spirits always have to help their less fortunate companions. This does not happen through force or obligation, but is the effect of distancing and of simultaneous purification of their natural love. They can no longer feel hate, neither can they feel hate against their companions on their own level or on a superior level. How could you hate kind people?

And that law, that advanced spirits have to help their companions left behind, you should already apply during your earthly life. It will be much more difficult, but your prize will be great, because your effort, in the first place, will contribute to the purification of your own soul. This is today’s teaching.

It is true, Divine Love purifies, and when It is active, It leads you to do exactly what I have just said. And when it is not active but languishes undernourished in the soul, it will not have the force to carry out its cleansing work either.

Even your pale soul serves as a beacon in the darkness. Therefore, I tell you, hold high your light, which is the light of God, follow your way and show the door through which you see the blue of the sky and the green of the grass.

God bless you,



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