Messages 2002


May 28th, 2002

Received by H.

Cuenca, Ecuador.


My dear H___, today is not the day for delivering a long message. You have caught a cold, and your headache does not allow us a pleasant meeting.

I am only communicating in order to clarify the question of the identity of “Salomé” in our last message.

You are right that this name was very common among the Jews of the first century. But in our case, she is a very well-known person: Zebedee’s wife.

She accompanied Jesus on many of his journeys through Palestine. Although the Master irradiated an irresistible charisma and his messages raised much interest in that woman, in the beginning she joined the group of disciples simply to be near her two sons. James and John were not her only children, but she knew that the others were safe in their home in Bethsaida, together with their father. But the preaching journeys bore dangers. And motivated by the love of a mother, Salomé decided to ask her husband to give her permission to accompany her sons, which Zebedee granted with much pleasure.

Salomé, therefore, was a direct witness of the Master’s teachings, and her quick understanding would transform her into a member of the intimate circle around Jesus. In future messages we will meet her character many more times, she whom the Bible story refused to give the distinction she deserved.

Yes, this is true. I have tried to impress you, in last days, with information about slavery. But I have not found the opportunity to convey a message. And today is not an appropriate day either. I hope that tomorrow we may talk about your question: “Why did Jesus never express himself on slavery?” So, I will only tell you that he did. And I will also explain to you why these teachings of the Master did not find entrance into the writings of the evangelists.

But now, take care of yourself and cure your cold. Perhaps tomorrow we may be luckier.

See you soon.

Your brother,



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