Messages 2003

Grow in My Love.

April 24th, 2003

Received by H.

Cuenca, Ecuador.


Excuse me for intruding into your idle hours. But I have something at heart that I wish to tell you right away.

Now that we are writing the book and together are calling back those events of times long past, it is amazing to see again how the thread of imperfection was woven into the tissue of life, and how, nevertheless, that tissue turned out to be a perfect piece of art.

“Be perfect as your Heavenly Father is perfect,” so Jesus taught us. Yes, I know, we are not perfect as He is, and we cannot be. But at least, let us try to be.

And I hear the Father’s voice saying:

“I have set you into this world naked and helpless, with your eyes open, but they could not really see. But in your souls, I have plied you fully: I have given you love to feel it, to live it, and to share it. I have given you aspirations and freedom of decision. I have given you knowledge and I have even given you a roadmap that will tell you which way is good to follow and which is not.

You speak of perfection, but you are not perfect. Perfection means completeness; it means the absolute, where no outer standard may be applied to measure it. Perfection is unique and alone. But you, my children, are like a river that flows in an ever-changing course towards that deep and immeasurable ocean of happiness and peace. Now, I know, you are bumping against stones, and at times, when obstacles seem too big to overcome them, you have to find your way around. And when you cannot find such a way, you will seemingly stagnate. But your energies will pile up and the moment will come when you will break through with greater force than ever. There is no stagnation in your lives; there cannot be stagnation, only steady progress or accrual of energies.

You are not perfect. But you do not need perfection. I do not need your perfection. What I want is your aspirations, your effort, and most of all, your love, which is the fuel that keeps your motor running. Whenever perfection is needed, I will add that touch for you.

Like a child that is learning to walk, I want you to get up and try again every time you fall. And I will reach out my hand to help you to stand up again.

You have been born naked and helpless, your open eyes could see but not distinguish. But in your souls, you could feel love, give love, and receive love. I am flooding you with My Love. What a wonderful transformation: To die in My Love and to be born again in My Nature! Suckle in My Love like a child who suckles in its mother’s milk. Grow in My Love, and die in My Love — to become Love as I am, one with Me in the perfection of My Love.”

Well, my brother, this is a kind of message I want to get across in the book. Do not fight Love; do not resist; do not float in God’s Ocean struggling to stay on the surface, but dive deep into it. Deep down there, the waters are calm. The surface is rough, and the struggle is fierce: This is the agony of life, an agony that even persists after man’s physical death.

I am happy that you can feel how constant my presence is with you. I am also very happy that it has become so easy to communicate with each other. Thank you.



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