Messages 2001

The Spirit of Life

August 27th, 2001

Received by H.

Cuenca, Ecuador


Dear God,

Thank you for all the opportunities that You have given me, and for the blessings that I receive each and every day. I know that my brother Judas wants to deliver a message, and as he has already announced it will be a message about life. Please allow that our connection be good, and that my thoughts do not mix with his own, so that I may receive everything as he wants to transmit it. Also, protect me from the influence of dark spirits, so that they cannot interfere. I desire to elevate my spirituality and to serve you in the little that my forces permit. Amen.

I am here, Judas, and I am a Celestial spirit, born anew in the Divine Love of our Father. I am happy that you try to receive this message by dictation, because I am sure that it will be a new and pleasant experience for you.

As you already perceived, yesterday and also today, I shall transmit a message on the topic of life. It really surprises me that you never meditated on this, and also that this topic has never been the subject of discussions amongst you and your friends, who strive to continue in the pathway toward Divinity.

In a previous message, I have already mentioned the Spirit of God, the active energy of His soul. The spirit, therefore, is an emanation of God, and does not strictly form part of Him. I repeat this, so that it is clear that Divine Love is not a kind of spirit, but part of the Father’s Own Substance, and that this special energy of the Father we call the Holy Spirit, performs the in-flowing of God’s Love into the human souls.

Jesus already mentioned in several messages that the Holy Spirit is the Father’s only active force, which deals with the human soul, transferring His Love. But the Soul of God irradiates other classes of energies, other classes of spirit, for example the creative spirit, the spirit of life, and many more, which we may discuss little by little in the future.

What does life mean? There is a definition of the World Health Organization, stating that life is characterized by attributes like growth, metabolism, reproduction and movement. With these characteristics, the WHO wants to make clear that certain forms of existence do not constitute life although they may possess part of these attributes. To give you an example, a crystal has no life. A crystal grows, it even reproduces in some way, but it doesn’t move and it doesn’t have metabolism. In the same way, a virus, according to this definition, has no life, although it moves, it reproduces, in some way it grows, but it doesn’t have metabolism.

As you understand very well, this definition facilitates a satisfactory orientation in the material world, but it is of a doubtful value when we speak of “life after death.”

The spirit of life needs matter for its activity. If it finds adequate matter to confer life upon it, it enters and launches a process, which science doesn’t understand so far, the miracle of life. On the other hand, if the matter, which we might call an organism in our discourse, no longer provides proper conditions for the activity of the spirit of life, it retires, and the organism dies. That is very important to know, because the spirit of life always depends on the operation of matter. Life, therefore, as we know it on the planet Earth, “material” life, is not an attribute of matter, but it is something external, an energy emanating from God’s Soul, an energy which comes and which leaves.

If we take the example of the soul, things are different. The soul survives the physical death, that is to say, it continues living when the spirit of life abandons the material body. The soul contains an intrinsic vital force, and it doesn’t depend on the aforementioned spirit. This intrinsic force is the object of studies in the spirit world; rather fruitless studies so far. And therefore the question, whether man’s soul will continue to live through all eternity, still lacks an answer. Nor can I answer this question.

Divinity, on the other hand, also entails a characteristic which we call life, but it is of a completely different nature, because it belongs to the Divine Kingdom. It is life, as the Father owns it, which doesn’t know a beginning nor an end, because it is eternal. When man’s soul acquires the Substance of God little by little, it also acquires simultaneously the corresponding attributes, and among them is life “eternal.” I put the word eternal between quotation marks, because in the case of God it is so, but we know that our life has a beginning, therefore it is not eternal. But incorporating Divine Love, the human soul acquires this endless life, the same as God is endless. In the moment of the total transformation of the soul, there remains nothing more of the original substance, and there remains nothing of its original life, there is only eternal Divine life.

The old philosophical question about the continuity of life after death, therefore, is not a valid query, considering that material life is of a completely different quality from the soul’s life. It is external and not intrinsic in matter. Only beings who have a soul, that is, the human beings, can “survive” the body’s physical death, in other words, the life of the soul is some sort of separate life, apart from the “organic” life of matter. And following this line of thought, the life of the Divine soul is of still another category than the life of the purely human soul. It is not true, therefore, that the transformed soul simply acquires true immortality like a continuation of the human soul’s life, but rather it is a completely new quality, only possible through the transformation into the Divine.

You were also wondering about the creation of animals in the spirit world on the part of spirits, who love animals and want them or need them to complete their happiness. They create animals, their bodies, of the matter of the spiritual universe, like they can create the most diverse things, provided that they have obtained a certain degree of development and progress, of course, and as I have explained, the spirit of life, that spirit of God, penetrates this creation and gives it life. It is the same phenomenon of material life, as you may observe it on earth. This phenomenon does not explain the character and other characteristics of the animal so created, but today we shall not talk about this topic, but shall do this some other day.

The spirit body does not require the spirit of life, because it is like a “material extension” of the soul. It is always under construction, if this expression is admitted, and for that reason reflects the condition of soul. The mind and the senses, which have their seat in the spiritual body, are also subject to this continuous change. In the non-Divine soul, these functions continue strongly, because the soul continues using and trusting these functions of the spiritual body, while in the case of the Divine soul, the ascendance of this soul is so strong that the mind and the senses of the spiritual body wither, since the soul no longer uses them nor needs them. The spiritual body, in the Celestial world, eventually “degenerates” to a simple appendix of the soul, which practically no longer exercises any other function than that of maintaining individuality. That is one of the reasons why I have told you that we cannot present ourselves as we really are, because you could not perceive us so, but rather we create the form in which we want you to see us.

Well, my dear brother, the message was not very fluent and smooth, but I am happy with the fruit of our endeavor. It has been our first attempt, and you received well what I wanted to communicate. For you it has also been a pleasant experience, and although your fingers didn’t fly “automatically” over the keyboard, we have avoided the danger of omitting parts.

We will use this method more frequently, when you are willing and our connection permits it.

Now the moment has arrived for saying goodbye. Continue with your work, and continue with your prayers. God watches you, and your effort will be rewarded a thousand-fold. As I have told you, there are no limits to His blessings, and you are only savoring a small sample of what you may receive.

We shall meet again soon, and do not ever forget, if you need anything, just call me. And I shall be with you immediately.

Your brother,



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