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Parallels between Galilee at the time of Jesus, and today.

October 3rd, 2001

Received by H.

Cuenca, Ecuador


Hello, H___, I am really glad that we have found the opportunity for delivering another message. It is not an account of Jesus’ history, but I would like to use this occasion to discuss in more detail the happenings in Galilee at the time when Mary and Joseph fled, and to trace some parallels to the present situation.

Galilee is called in Hebrew “gelil ha goyim,” meaning “district of the peoples” or “district of the Gentiles”. And it is true, most of the population was not Jewish, but Gentile. There were people from all corners of the world, Jews, of course, and Phoenicians, Syrians, Arabs, Babylonians, Greek, Celts, Romans and many more. In fact this region had only belonged to Israel for 200 years.

Hence Judaism in Galilee was very liberal, and the bonds with the Temple in Jerusalem, although they did exist, didn’t have the same strength as in Judea.

The fertile soil and the prosperous trade in this transit area between Asia, Mesopotamia, Palestine and Egypt attracted a multitude of merchants from all over the world. And there were also many rich people who built their houses in this area of favorable climate, in order to escape from the torrid heat of the Mediterranean.

As it usually happens, circulating money eventually accumulated into the hands of a few, who took advantage of their fortunes to acquire ever more land, in order to finally acquire extensive properties. The result was they created a large class of peasants without land, who worked for little money in the other people’s fields. Many also had debts which were impossible to repay, and they sold themselves as slaves for a certain time, ten years or more, in order to cancel in this way, their financial commitments.

A vast army of poor people, beggars and peasants stripped of their belongings populated the region. And with them came anger. Many flocked together in bandit gangs and sowed terror and death.

When young Herod came, he applied an iron fisted policy and put an end to these criminals. But he didn’t put an end to the sad social situation. With the years the gangs returned, repeated the assaults and the murders, and the antisocial activity acquired even a certain political and religious tint that saw the Roman power in the region as their principal enemy.

And it is here, where we may trace certain parallels to the present time. What is happening now, what in fact has been happening already for many years, terrorism and its terrible consequences, is born of a social and political situation, which is in tremendous inharmony with God’s Laws. Of course, everybody who suffers from terrorism feels it is their right to ask for justice, to demand justice, and to put an end to these antisocial elements, just as Herod did in his days.

But taking a good look, seeing the basis of the situation, things are no longer quite so clear. Those who are terrorists to some, are heroes for others. Those who clamor for justice, are terrorists for others. In fact, one may wonder, who is who?

Dear brother B___, when I asked you to meditate on where your position is in all this complicated situation, I didn’t insinuate that you didn’t love peace, but in order to find solutions to humanity’s complicated and sad condition, everybody has to wonder what their position is relative to harmony with God’s Laws. And the answer should be honest and straightforward. And then we may ask, what would be the solutions that we can provide.

When those who clamor for justice apply their own justice’s criteria to themselves, suddenly they no longer appear so pure, suddenly they no longer find their own justice so fair. And the heroes of religion, the fundamentalists who saw death and destruction for the greater glory of God, by declaring a “Holy War,” suddenly will realize that they are not even entitled to pronounce the word “Holy” with their lips, because they don’t even understand what this means. They will recognize that they are called agents of evil not without reason.

I call this phase the phase of truth. It is necessary to call all things by their name. It is necessary to be true. If it is too much to ask love, then truth may form a foundation for improvement in the future.

It is true, this is a dangerous undertaking. There are many countries where the expression of truth bears high risks, where it may cost one’s life. Yes, if humanity wants to improve their situation, they need valor, of a lot of valor. It means washing one’s dirty laundry in the light of the public. It will cause shame, yes; it will demand character and greatness, more greatness than that poor attitude of instigating war and slaughter. All this will be a long and painful process, and it only constitutes the first step. Humanity already has lived thousands of years in inharmony, and this is not going to be resolved overnight. It takes time, it demands strength and it will cause victims.

The politicians and soldiers, who want to kill terrorists, obviously don’t see or don’t want to see that the second generation of terrorists is already growing up. It is an old and not very often applied wisdom: Violence causes violence, or as the prophet Hosea expressed it: “For they have sown the wind, and they shall reap the whirlwind.”

It is necessary to break this cycle of violence, and it is necessary to break it now. It is said that the swamps of the corruption must be dried. This is true. I want to amplify this even more, it is necessary to dry the swamps of inharmony. And to do this, it is essential first to see these swamps, to admit of their existence and to tell the truth, this is the first step.

Well, my brother, this is all for now. I will write much more on the subject, because it is so important. You know a medium who has predicted the coming of great changes, years ago, and she even gave the date, this year. Yes, it is true; the first signs are already here. There will be changes, and there will be much weeping. In fact, they are already here, the changes and the tears. But as in the case of Jesus, God has the power and the will to transform each calamity into an opportunity. Joseph had to escape from Galilee; he had to escape from Bethlehem, he returned from Egypt to Galilee, to find himself there in one of the worst situations, and all that meant was opportunities, opportunities which are necessary to see in order to take advantage of them. All this I will tell you.

I pray that humanity may open their eyes and that they may see this hope, which truly is within their reach. And you, pray also, be true, and don’t fear. Whoever walks with God, need not be afraid. Fear is the emptiness of the soul, emptiness you have to fill with Love and faith.

I will say goodbye now. May God bless all mankind, and may mankind see the good and may they forgive evil. And may they learn, little by little, in the future, how to love with true love.


a disciple of Jesus


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