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The Faith of little Children.

January 22nd, 2002

Received by H.

Cuenca, Ecuador.


My, oh my, my dear brother. Last night you left me alone. I came to deliver a message, and you fell asleep.

H.: I am sorry.

No need to apologize. However, I advise you that, if you really want to dedicate time to me, do this when your mind is fresh and creative. It is not the first time that you have fallen asleep. Moreover, I think it may be frustrating, more so for you than for me.

But I will repeat what I had begun to inform you, because you only remember that it dealt with the expression:

“Verily I say unto you, except ye become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven.”

The reason why I intend to deliver a discourse on this subject is the opinion that you expressed, that children have a much more natural contact with spirits, but that this innate mediumship gets lost, or is repressed, through the influence of adult society.

This is true, you are right. Children eventually adopt the attitudes of adults, and it is exactly this attitude which breaks the contact. In the message you have just read the simplicity of the soul is mentioned, and this simplicity is changed by an intellectual and “rational” development. That is why in cultures where people put less emphasis on this kind of development, conscious contact between mortals and spirits is much more common. Perhaps I should say that this contact is also common in modern society, but it is no longer conscious, as a rule.

Now, the question is whether Jesus referred to this with his famous words.

I can answer that if you interpret it this way, you are not wrong, although this was not what Jesus had in mind.

Actually, it is about what you have read in the message through M___, and what you surely remember of the Padgett messages. Find Ann Rollins’ message about this passage of the Bible, and write it down here.

H.: I suppose that yourefer to this one:

And the sixth sphere is a more prolific one of probation, in the sense that many of these spirits are awakened to the necessity of seeking this soul development, because after some of these spirits have been there for a long time, they commence to realize this limitation to their mental happiness. And, strange as it may seem to you, they frequently make their first start by calling up the recollections of their childhood days, when they were taught and believed that God loved them, and that His Love was the greatest thing in all the world. So you see here illustrated, in a way you probably never have thought of, the saying of Jesus that, “except ye become as little children ye can in no wise enter the Kingdom of Heaven.”

Correct. I am referring to exactly this one.

Children conceive God to be their Heavenly Father, filled with Love, who always extends His Hand of support and protection to them. In a similar way they also believe that all adults are good and helping. After many warnings and bad experiences, they realize that it is not so. These bad experiences, and this resulting distrust, are also projected onto God. The image of God disappears with the childlike faith. A few people manage to distinguish between both things, and they keep up an absolute faith, full of trust, a faith we call “blind faith.” Your wife has it, my dear brother, and she is blessed through it.

Faith and trust are not the same thing, but they are like cousins. They walk hand in hand, but I will not analyze their relationship today, since the quality of our rapport does not allow this.

That faith which we call childlike, but which is true faith, suffers through our process of maturation that actually is a process of estrangement and alienation, where concepts become supposed realities, where we learn how to open our eyes without seeing. Do you remember the meditation technique, walking slowly and trying to see things as if you saw them for the very first time, like a child?

This supposed process of maturation is a process of freezing, tearing us away from the shelter of our families, and exposing us to the cold wind that others blow against us. And as good citizens do, we learn to copy that behavior and blow in the same way. The child’s faith wastes away, becoming the embryo of what it once used to be, waiting for the warmth of love to grow again. And it is the Father’s Love that incubates it.

Although distrust may be a vital attitude for survival amongst men, it is an absurd attitude in front of the Heavenly Father. We can only win, we cannot lose anything. It is that lack of trust that raises up barriers of ice around the soul, and it may be the reason why the warm Love of God needs so much time to open up a way to our heart.

This has been a short message. However, I conveyed all I had intended.

Have a nice day, and please, listen to me and wait for me when you still can keep your eyes open.

God bless you,



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