Messages 2001

Mind versus Soul, and current models of the mind.

November 4th, 2001

Received by H.

Cuenca, Ecuador.


My dear brother H____,

It has been some time since we last met. Once again you have fallen into the habit of not devoting enough time to me in order to deliver my messages. I understand very well that you want to know everything thoroughly, but it is my duty to inform you that you are making an error.

I am referring to your recent interest in psychology and psychoanalysis. You think that you will be able to find many answers on mediumship, or rather, on message reception, and how these messages are processed in the brain, which are the influences that may lead to a distortion of the same, and if there is some hidden value in them, formulated in a symbolic form, not visible at first glance.

I would like to tell you that you are certainly right in much of that. Psychology and psychoanalysis may provide you with instruments for a better understanding of message transmission, but you should not forget the fact that they are only instruments and not purposes. They are not objectives, but possibly the means which may help you to reach your objectives. They should not hamper your receptivity; they deserve a certain attention, there is no doubt about it, but they certainly don’t deserve all of your attention.

In the little that you have read up to now, you have obtained a superficial view of several schools of thought in that respect. There are a multitude of different approaches used to gain a view of the human mind, and you have surely noticed that these approaches, or schools, not only formulate theoretical ideas, but also use them in practice, in therapy, and with success. But they are mutually contradictory. They are like day and night in comparison, but despite this fact, they do work.

This is a good example that human knowledge is not knowledge at all. They are models, capable of explaining reality, or what is real, by building their own reality. That reality is not truth, but a means to explain truth, which is incomprehensible for man anyway.

All these theories are models, and they all are wrong in the sense that they are not truth, but only models of truth. That is why there may be an enormous number of models with some capacity to give explanations which may satisfy the human mind without being correct.

Therefore you may choose any of these models and study them, because all are reflections of truth, and at the same time all are far from being true. Choose that one which adjusts best to your way of thinking.

It is good to study these things. It may broaden your horizon a little. But you have to be aware of the fact that none of these models can bring you closer to truth. Truth, authentic truth or the real thing, escapes their grasp.

It is also useless to look for answers to certain questions in these models, for example on what we call the material mind and the soul’s mind, because these models have not been made to deal with those things. I would like to put forward that all these models of the human mind and of the perception of truth are about the material mind. Nothing contained in them deals with the soul’s mind. It is useless for you to look for it in them.

The soul’s mind is something completely separate and of a completely different basis. It exchanges with the material mind, thus influencing each other mutually, and in the great majority of cases it is under the absolute dominance of the material mind. The inner voice is part of the soul’s mind, but normally you don’t perceive it as such. You only perceive it when it works its way into the material mind and into the conscious mind, thus submitting to the laws which govern that mind, the laws of symbolization. That is why many times the messages we want to transmit, and I refer to any type of message, don’t pass through as we would like it to. I said normally, and I will explain how the inner voice becomes perceptible, but I won’t do this today.

It is a very complex topic. I only want to remind you once more that the soul’s mind is not the object of psychological investigation; in fact, it is an unknown term to psychology, in the sense as we apply it.

In the messages, we have repeated many times that the spiritual contents that we try to communicate cannot be understood by your material mind - only the soul can assimilate them. Therefore you should understand that any intention of integrating spirituality into a conventional system of investigation will fail hopelessly.

I hope in the future that you will keep to your commitment of dedicating more time to me. It is not a game, neither is it an investigation of the depths of the human soul. It is about help and advice for everyday life that we want to transmit. Never forget this, never confuse instruments with objectives.

God bless you.

Your brother in Christ,



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