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The popularity of absurd “revelations.”

August 20th, 2002

Received by H.

Cuenca, Ecuador.


[Dear Judas, following the advice I received in my last message, I read parts of Lorber’s writings, and it is really amazing what I have found, but amazing in the negative sense. Partly, these writings cling slavishly to the gospel according to John. They present a Jesus that I do not recognize as true. On the other hand, one of the writings describes oceans, trees, gigantic men on the planet of Saturn, things that catch my eye as absurd, the products of the fantasy of Jule Verne’s epoch.

These messages talk about transplanetary reincarnation conditioned on certain factors, and many other things I had already discarded a long time ago…

However, scanning for some information on the Internet, I found that these writings have attracted a great number of followers, by the thousands and all over the globe. They highlight that the works of Lorber contain a huge number of incredible prophecies, such as the structure of atoms. Of course, they highlight those “prophecies” that can be interpreted as right guesses, omitting the numerous absurdities.

I wonder, what are we doing wrong? How is it possible that these writings raise so much interest, that they are accepted so eagerly, while Padgett’s writings, much more reasonable in my humble opinion, do not achieve similar success? The movement of Lorber and the “New Revelation” maintains its own publishing house, selling their books by the thousands, and is apparently prospering. It is not envy that motivates me to ask, but I rather really would like to know how our work of spreading the Padgett messages could be done more efficiently.]


My dear H___, I will answer your question with another question.

But first, as you know, Jesus has tried, and is still trying, to communicate his message of Love to humanity through various mediums. And experience has taught us the following:

There are mediums who can receive the message, but whose soul condition does not allow the message to pass through unaltered. These are the ones who speak about the anger of God, the mortification of flesh, and say that people have to punish themselves in order to expiate their sins, or mitigate the effects of other people’s sins. These mediums are lacking self-love to such an extent that they become convinced of their own unworthiness and expect to be punished. And of course, they believe that all humanity deserves only punishment too. H___, you know about this kind of “revelation,” and you know who some of these characters are—who believe, or have believed, that the only way to happiness is through whiplashes, and fasting for extended periods of time. These “guilt-mongers” have done a thorough job over the centuries, and continue up to today, to convince many others to adopt the same attitude. And so for a very long time, great numbers of people, lacking self-love, have considered themselves unworthy, and candidates for “hell.”

Then there are other mediums that, when they receive our message, subordinate it to their own ideas. In these cases the Master’s thoughts flow like a river emptying into an immense ocean of preconceived notions. And the rudiments of what the Master is communicating, as it leaves the pen of these writers, becomes so diluted as to scarcely permit one to make out the original intended meaning.

But then there are others: mediums who serve as, more or less, clear channels for the message we wish to communicate. Jesus is not the only one trying to communicate his gospel. Many other Celestials are doing this also. And the result? Of course, the results are not always what we would like them to be. But then, we are well aware of the obstacles we face and, in spite of them, we continue ahead in our work without slackening.


Now it is my turn to ask you to tell me: What is it we are doing wrong?


My dear H___, the truth of a teaching cannot be measured through the number of its followers. Keep in mind that modern day people sometimes laugh at the credulity of men in antiquity—who believed uncritically in prognostications of prophets and the “miracles” of charlatans. Although many may believe otherwise, in fact attitudes have not changed that much. People are just as gullible as ever.

Prophecies of every kind continue to attract the masses, and one-sided blindness allows them to zoom in on successes of these “prophets,” and ignore the failures behind a veil of silence. The question is: are people seeking God and at-onement with Him? Or do they seek prophets and charlatans in order to satisfy their curiosity? We should also ask the question: do people who are looking for punishment (because in their inner self they believe they deserve such sanction) have the capacity to seek and find the true God—our Father who is so loving? No, they do not. They have to find [love in their heart for] themselves, before they can take a step beyond their own confines [to find the Love of their Father].

We have already talked many times about false beliefs, and I have told you that many beliefs, such as reincarnation or the trinity, are actually innocuous. However, beliefs that take away from men the knowledge of their own worthiness: such beliefs also block the door to an awareness of the greater world. These poor people, chained in their feelings of guilt, are in the darkness of their own negativity. They will remain there until they recognize their own value. They have to understand that God does not want their dignity. He, Himself, has already given them that. He wants their free will desire to join with Him in the Love that unites, all in all.

Now with regard to marketing, that really doesn’t require Celestial advice, don’t you think?

I wish you a happy day,



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