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Do Celestials lose their individuality?

September 2nd, 2001

Received by H.

Cuenca, Ecuador


Hello, my dear H___. It is an enormous pleasure to be able to talk with you again. In your studies of the messages, you always found interesting questions, and we are going to continue clarifying them one by one.

Today I intend to deal with your doubts as to the development of souls in the Celestial Heavens. We could outline the question in the following way:

If souls in the Celestial Heavens are only constituted of the Substance of God, and if they become filled more and more with the same Substance, would they not eventually lose their individuality? In other words, would they not lose their personal and individual character in the same measure as they become more and more like unto the Father? What would the difference be, then, between the spirits A and B, if in their attributes and substance they are the same, like unto the Father?

In this way of thinking, it seems, there has been certain influence of what you have read about Buddhism. You are thinking that this way the souls will come always closer and become always more similar to the Father, until one day they will fuse with Him. They would not only be part of Divinity through their possession of the Divine Substance, but through their complete dissolution in this Substance, entering into a nirvana-like state.

Good. First I want you to remember that God is much more than that part of His Substance which we call Divine Love. The Celestial spirits always become more like unto God in this characteristic, but not in all His characteristics.

But to deepen a little bit more on the topic of soul transformation and its consequences, I want to use an image, an example.

Let us suppose that your soul is like a wooden cottage. Little by little, you are able to replace part of the wood with bricks. The bricks, of course, in this case symbolize Divine Love. And some day, this cottage will be a small brick house. What has happened is a substantial change in the construction, a transformation in the substance, the “New Birth”, so to say. But it is still a small house, reflecting your options and your taste. Then you can remove a wall here and add another wall there, add a room or two, and so the house grows little by little, as the soul grows in Divine Love. But this growth is not a uniform growth, but is carried out according to your ideas, according to your taste, that is, the remodeling of the house reflects exactly your taste, your character, as the small cottage did, only that now you have more possibilities, more material. This growth may continue throughout all eternity. Your house will always become more beautiful, always more functional, a dream palace, but still, it will be your house, and it will reflect your personality, forever.

So you see, all Celestial beings are different, as all mortals are different. Additionally, all souls created are also constituted of the same material. But you cannot say that all souls, all egos, are alike. I think you can see now the flaw in your reasoning.

I wish to talk a little bit more about individuality. It is not only based on our spiritual bodies. A decisive factor for individuality is the free will. And I cannot imagine that we would some day lose our free will. We are personalities and individuals, and as far as we know, we will always be. We are not just like small satellites of the Father, similar to Him, just in miniature format, so to speak. No, we are separate beings, unique and with our own character, interests and formation.

We live in an indescribable happiness, and I want to mention now, although you won’t understand this at the moment, that we are creators, yes, creators.

But, yes, one thing is true. There is a wonderful union here in our Heavens. But how can I explain this to you? Imagine a city, where architects, urban planners, gardeners, in short, all the people responsible for the aspect, quality, atmosphere, etc., join their forces to launch some project, without considering their own profit, because they will anyway receive their fair recompense. They put up their hands to do the work, on an altruistic basis for the welfare of the entire society. It is a utopian idea you think, but just imagine it. Unselfish help, cooperation, understanding - it would be like a dream. In some way, in some way even more perfect, this exists in the sixth spiritual sphere. It is paradise, as mortals always imagined it. And all this exists in the Celestial Heavens, raised to a much higher degree. I cannot explain it to you better, but at least you have some inkling now of how it is in reality.

Although we live in this indescribable paradise, we always return to earth in order to help mortals. It is not because God orders us to do this, or because we think that we have to repay the help we ourselves received in some form, but because we love you, we simply love you. Love is a powerful attraction.

Looking at the paradises and marvels of earth, they seem to us like aged pictures with pale colors and lacking life. But we are here to help and to serve. Take advantage of our presence, call us, we are here because of love, and so many times to no avail.

Love attracts us, and in this material world of little light, it is the Divine Love in the mortals’ souls which exercises the strongest attraction. It is the people already started along the Celestial path who receive our greatest attention.

Negativity repulses us. Negative people, and there are many of them, also receive help, but it is usually not the help from the Celestial angels, but from good spirits of the spiritual spheres. Why? You remember what your professor told you, that he wanted to work in Africa, to contribute to the development of the continent? He told you the following story:

In the southern region of Sudan, people used to go naked and to relieve themselves on the banks of the river Nile. To fetch drinking water, they went into the river, far enough, and there they filled buckets or hollow pumpkins with water. That water, at a considerable distance from the bank, had nearly the quality of drinking water.

But one day those missionaries came, Christians as well as Muslims, and they convinced people to dress decently. People continued with their customs, soiling the bank of the river, but in order to get water, they no longer went so far into the river, because they did not want to soak their clothes. But the water near the bank was polluted with salmonella, cholera, etc., and from that time on, problems became serious.

Now governments look for help, but they demand people of substantial qualification, graduates from Harvard and the Sorbonne, specialists in high precision liquid chromatography, etc. But this is not the appropriate help. The solution to the problem doesn’t lie in high tech or in the latest advances of science. It is a very simple problem, requiring a very simple solution, improving hygiene.

For similar reasons Celestial spirits usually are not in charge of people or spirits of high negativity. The good spirits from the spiritual spheres can offer them all the help they need, and they can start them so that they may get out of their condition. When this has happened, then the moment arrives when we enter into action.

Therefore I repeat over and over again: Pray, increase the Father’s Love in your souls. We will be attracted to you infallibly, and your efforts will be rewarded a thousandfold. More Love means more help and more blessings. And not to mention your own happiness and realization…

I believe that I have answered today’s question sufficiently, and the time has come to say goodbye. It has been a very successful transmission, and I am looking forward to continuing so, in order to clarify little by little all your questions.

I love you. I want you to remember that I am always with you, and that I will always come to you, following your call, to help you in all your worries. May God bless you always.

Your brother,



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