Messages 2001

Love and the heart of flesh.

October 30th, 2001

Received by H.

Cuenca, Ecuador


God is Love. This seems to be a truism, but it is the deepest Truth. It is worthwhile repeating it over a million times, until everyone accepts it, understands it, and makes it his own.

God’s Love is endless. It extends throughout the whole universe, reaching to the remotest corners of creation, from the deepest hells to the Celestial Heavens. It is the measure of all things, and it is the only and absolute Truth.

All that moves within this Love we call harmonious. There is no dualism, as so many religions teach. There is no satanic majesty in opposition to God’s Majesty, there is no world balanced between heavens and hells. All this dualism, as men perceive it, is nothing more than a temporary state in the unfolding of the universe, a state of harmony or lack of harmony, a state of Love or a state without Love, with all intermediate degrees.

We know that in God’s Plans the entire universe, including men, will be guided to a condition of absolute harmony. The apparent dualism will disappear.

Men have their free will, and through the misuse of their will may cause distortions in the appearance of the world, but those are fleeting and not permanent distortions.

We consider God our Father, and some even call Him Mother, and maybe this expression is the better one, because it conveys the Love He has for us better, and it emphasizes less His Authority. God has Authority, of course. He is the Author of the universe, the Creator, and He has also established a system of harmonies wherein everything moves. I have already described this system, but I think it is good to repeat it.

Harmony in the inanimate world is easy to detect. Everything develops according to laws with mathematical precision, permitting us to predict events provided we know the basic laws.

Also in the animate world there are harmonies, and we know that living beings that don’t have a free will live in perfect harmony with God’s Laws, perfectly fulfilling their purpose.

In the case of man, there is the additional factor of his free will. That is why he may interfere with the system, temporarily of course, creating the impression that this harmony doesn’t exist. Free will together with God’s Omniscience has presented serious problems for philosophers and theologians. We can formulate the problem in this way:

  1. God cannot be wrong (because He knows everything).
  2. If man has a free will, he has the option of doing SOMETHING or not doing SOMETHING.
  3. If it is possibly true that man does not do SOMETHING, then God’s knowledge of man doing SOMETHING is possibly wrong.
  4. And as God cannot be wrong, it is impossible that man does not do SOMETHING, because God knows that he will do it.
  5. Hence, man has not the aforementioned option, but HAS TO do SOMETHING.
  6. Consequently, man has no free will.

The word SOMETHING represents any act.

This clever construction unfortunately doesn’t consider the simple fact that God’s foreknowledge of an event doesn’t imply that God forces this event. He just allows it to happen, and He also allows it not to happen. The option is man’s, but God knows how man will act.

And this answers also the question of why God allows certain things to happen. Yes, He allows it, respecting man’s free will. But that doesn’t mean that He forces these events, and it doesn’t imply that He approves of them.

And in this context, there has also been speculation about some contradiction between God’s absolute Benevolence and punishment that man may suffer according to theological teachings.

Once again, it is not God who punishes. He rather proves His Benevolence through His perfect Plan that guides men, all men, to a condition of absolute happiness according to their capacity and their will. Men themselves inflict punishment when they infringe the laws, and those laws react. We know the laws, we know that they encompass punishments, and the decision is ours whether to obey or revolt.

My dear H___, I well know your question in this context: “If God doesn’t punish, and if His Laws take charge of punishments, Laws that God never changes, what effect do our prayers for forgiveness have?” I will address this question in another message. It is not as difficult as it seems.

God, the Creator, does not content Himself with the role of a simple observer, but participates actively in the world’s development. We have all experienced on multiple occasions how He transforms apparent misfortunes into blessings. His interventions are always beneficial.

Through what I have put forth previously, you may deduce that man’s free will is relative. Man has the freedom to commit atrocities on earth but each deed has repercussions. And in the long run, unavoidably, guided by a soft but firm Hand, he arrives at his destination from which he cannot escape. And that destination is the reflection of God’s Personality. It is happiness.

Reality, my dear friend, is God’s Love. And anything outside God’s Love has no permanent existence. Yes, it is correct, this is also true for the spirits in the sixth sphere.

The soul is like a child. He or she has to grow and to develop. They receive guidance and may become adults. For that they need the Love of God. Only then will they live in reality. The spirits of the sixth sphere, despite all their wisdom and perfection on the level of natural love, are like the figure of Oskar Matzerath in the novel “The Tin Drum” by Gunter Grass. Oskar refused to grow when he was three years old, because the adult world with all its violence before and during World War II was incomprehensible to him and infused him with fear. In the novel Oskar ends up in an asylum. One cannot refuse to grow, development is an eternal Law. And true development is only possible in a real world, in the Love of God.

I know that you have already discussed the problem of reality with M___. And I will provide my contribution in a separate message.

Reality is astonishing and is happiness. It is Love. That is why a soul that becomes filled with reality and lives it, doesn’t know fear. Knowledge of this reality we call true faith.

Jesus always participated in reality. He had God’s Love in his soul from his childhood on, and he knew that the world in which he lived was not the real world, but the projection of reality as man perceived it, imperfect, as man himself is imperfect. He knew also that the concept of the Messiah, as he could find it in the Scriptures and in the instructions which his father wanted to give him, was an imperfect projection of the Heavenly Father’s perfect Plan.

The events of the rebellion in 6 AD only confirmed what he already knew. But if this image of the Messiah was wrong, or at least distorted, how should he be in reality?

In that moment, God Himself showed him the way, and he taught him those parts of the Scriptures where for the first time in history, man had a glimpse of reality through a window towards the authentic God. Jesus found the answer in Ezekiel:

“A new heart also will I give you, and a new spirit will I put within you: and I will take away the stony heart out of your flesh, and I will give you a heart of flesh.”

There it was: The new heart, of flesh, and the new spirit. Jesus has already delivered various messages on the subject through Dr. Samuels, and so I will not enlarge on that topic. But I would like to add that Jesus felt this Love of God glowing in his soul all the time. But, as it is natural, what we feel we suppose that also others feel. During that time he realized that this glowing, this warmth, which he bore in his soul, was something others had never known, that it was the heart of flesh which distinguished him from all the rest of humanity, and that it was his mission to proclaim this glad tiding, the availability of God’s Love. But of course, he needed many more years of preparation. Jesus’ soul had not yet been transformed completely, and in order to work as a master in Israel he needed to be of a certain age.

But this knowledge would transform Jesus definitively into the “mystical man,” misunderstood by his family, the object of his brothers’ mockery, and his father’s headache. The boy broke the umbilical cord of dependence; the pupil became the teacher, without his future disciples realizing it.

When a soul sees reality, it does not see the murderer, but it sees another soul, covered with dirt, wallowing in its own world of violence, and deep inside it, there is kindness, love, starving at this moment, screaming desperately for help, but facing a radiant future. When one sees reality, one cannot help loving, yes, loving and helping, never again rejecting. Giving love and receiving Love, the greatest Love in existence, living thus in an unconditional and absolute world, in warmth and tenderness – this is what I call paradise.

I will leave you now. I have tried to give some answers to B, not only to B, but also to many who battle with the same doubts, even you, my headstrong apprentice.

May God bless you all,

Your Celestial brother, Judas, who sees what you are and not what you pretend to be.


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