Messages 2001

Perfection, Self love and the Law of Desire.

October 22nd, 2001

Received by H.

Cuenca, Ecuador


Yes, my dear brother, some days have gone by without messages, but it seems things are coming back to normality.

If you want to know the reasons why you did not receive anything, you must ask yourself if you really wanted to receive. I know that you feel tired at times, and although you did not believe it at first, message reception consumes energy. But, please, don’t tell me that all this happened because you lacked time. This is not true.

For example, this weekend you dedicated so much of your time to 3D graphics programs that you simply did not give me any opportunity. When you go to sleep, as always very late at night, you cannot hope that I will come and give you information, knowing that you will fall asleep a few minutes later. I was with you, you saw me, but it really didn’t make sense to try to convey a message.

If you truly desire to be in contact with me, give me the time, but get ready. It is useless to take messages when you are already tired and when your condition doesn’t allow us to transmit anything of value and substance at all.

I don’t want to reprimand you, because this is your decision. I only want to tell you that message transmission is a task which depends on both the spirit and the mortal. You have to contribute your part; otherwise it will not make sense at all to try.

But changing the topic: What Doug wrote you is true. You should continue with the Portuguese site, and you should also continue with the German translation. Nobody demands perfection, nobody demands you to do this overnight. But if you translate one message per day into Portuguese and German, in one year a volume in both languages would be ready. Do it little by little, there is no hurry, but do it. Don’t assume that others will do it. What you don’t do, nobody will do.

As Jesus said: The harvest is ripe, but the workers are few. All this will change in the future. But you must do the first steps right now. I know that your Portuguese knowledge is insufficient for rendering a perfect and smooth translation; besides, the English style of the messages themselves is really not the best. But do what you can do. Then others will come and correct what you have done. But meanwhile, many people will have the opportunity of being informed and seeing the light in their lives.

I won’t deliver a message today on Jesus or on a spiritual topic. I only wanted you to know that everything is OK, and that just some discipline on your side is missing, and then we may continue. You already know that you may always count on me.

Remember what I said about perfection. Our Father in the Heavens doesn’t expect perfection, but He does indeed expect dedication. It is your will, your dedication, your intention that counts. It is not the result. And with good intentions, the results will also be edifying.

Yes, it is true, you received an impression of Luke, and what characterizes his face more than anything else is his nose. It won’t be very difficult to draw. But take your time, don’t do everything at the very instant when it crosses your mind.

What I said about the Law of Desire is true. Logically, all the teachings of positive thinking etc. are based on this law, but the law goes beyond that. You have already understood this. It is very important that men come to love themselves. Without this self-love the Law of Desire won’t benefit them. Rather it will harm them. You can think of positive images, you can want positive things, but that doesn’t mean that in the depths of your soul you really desire positive things. When you lack self-love, your true desires very probably won’t be positive and profitable for you. You will remember that in the course of the last years many messages about self-love have been delivered. And this is the reason. It is very important; it is the base for success. But I speak of true self-love, which has nothing to do with narcissism or selfishness. It is the awareness that God loves us. He created us; He gave us some personality, which we may form later on according to our free will. And God likes what He has created. You should also like it. You have to accept that you are God’s beloved children. He certainly doesn’t love sin, but He loves the sinner. We can repeat this sentence a hundred thousand times, and it continues being true.

You remember that you have read: Thoughts are things. And this sentence looked strange to you. But it is really so. Thoughts, or to express it more clearly, desires, always materialize.

The soul’s emptiness often expresses itself through very characteristic signs: Wanting more money, more power, more land, more fame, more publicity, etc. All those things don’t constitute true desires; they are attitudes to substitute or to compensate for lack that people feel unconsciously. It is a vain acquisition that doesn’t lead anywhere, even if those supposed “desires” are fulfilled. The defect persists. And what I call a defect is not necessarily a defect.

But, as I have told you, this is really not the moment for sounding the depth of the soul.

I am glad that we have talked again. Put aside a little of your time for me, but not when you are worn out. Reserve me a good moment during the day, and everything will be all right.

God bless you,



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