Messages 2003

The good that lies hidden.

April 3rd, 2003

Received by H.

Cuenca, Ecuador.


Then Jesus looked up and saw the rich people dropping their gifts into the treasury [of the Temple], and he noticed a poor widow drop in two coppers, and he commented:

“I assure you that this poor widow has put in more than all of them, for they have all put in what they can easily spare, but she in her poverty has given away her whole living.”

Luke 21: 1-4

This is a story that has always been appealing to you. And it is indeed fascinating to see the keen eye of Jesus picking out the good at any time.

The teaching in this account is splendid when you try to see not only the obvious, but when you also feel the incentive to open up your eyes and spot all the good that is surrounding you.

I am aware of the difficulty: Yes, it is not always so easy. At a time when people spend much time in front of their TV sets and have their senses flooded with images of war, crime, fraudulent bankruptcies, etc., it is easy to stay aware of all the evil that is plaguing the world, and it is easy to lose sight of all the good that is still in existence.

Yesterday you saw in the news a report on the terrible landslide in Bolivia, which buried hundreds of people under masses of rock and mud. Once again, the images were terrible. Then the reporter showed the actions of solidarity, the help Bolivians themselves are sending to the families of the victims, and the help that is coming from outside. And you saw a short film snippet, a brief sequence of images, a few seconds that you will never forget in your life:

An old market porter, the poorest amongst the poor, had also left his contribution to help the victims. He had donated his old and trodden-down shoes, so that they could be sent to the site of the catastrophe. Then the old man went away, bowed down and drained of energy — and barefoot.

This was a work of love, which some camera had only caught “by chance.” How many more are there — every day, every minute, every second — which TV watchers never get to notice.

War may fill the news with 24 hours of continuous information. You may watch daily crime reports. But how little space and time is given to tell of people’s goodness — a goodness that still exists, strong and vigorous, and this goodness makes up “God’s news.”

The world is not as bad as the media presents it to be. Keep in mind that the world today is better than it was during the times of Jesus — although you may not believe this. There is no reason for feeling downcast, scared, or horrified.

And I would like to tell you something more: While it is possible that the old man’s deed was triggered “only” by his natural love, yet look how beautiful it was, how heroic and worthy of a human being! His example made your day. It was a most powerful teaching. Perhaps you will understand better now the value of example as a means for spreading Jesus’ message. And perhaps you will comprehend now also the value of natural love, which God has given for the good of mankind.

I will stop now.

Your brother in Heaven,



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