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Stand up and be counted (3).

April 17th, 2002

Received by H.

Cuenca, Ecuador.


Let’s see, my dear brother, if we are luckier today in our undertaking.

One day in the year 28, when Jesus was being attacked and provoked by different Jewish groups, especially in Judea, we were gathered with the Master in Bethany. In the course of a discussion with him we addressed the topic of Pharisee doctrines which agreed with what Jesus preached in some aspects, but in other aspects were quite different.

The Pharisees were the Jewish doctrinal group of highest influence in Judea, and, what is not very well-known today, they even sent missionary delegations abroad to preach among Jews and Gentiles, succeeding in converting many heathens halfway to Judaism. That is to say, they adopted basic Jewish precepts, such as Sabbath observance, without taking the final step of becoming circumcised. Those people were known as “Godfearers.” Incidentally, they would form in the future the “cultural broth” for the diffusion of Christianity amongst the heathens.

Jesus explained to us that doctrines in themselves do not cause damage, because each man has enough criteria for distinguishing between what is true and what is not true.

Comparing doctrines with food, Jesus explained:

“Don’t you see that whatever goes into the mouth passes into the stomach and then out of the body altogether? But the things that come out of a man’s mouth come from his heart and mind, and it is they that really make a man unclean.”

Deepening on the topic, he pointed out to us that there is a superior law, the Law of Love, and that all people have this law burned into their souls. This law serves us as a guideline. Without knowledge of this law it would be impossible for men to find their way. And in each instance, when men break that law, deep inside in their hearts they know it.

When listening to diverse doctrines, we all have the capacity of discernment of what is or may be the truth, and of what certainly is not the truth simply by evaluating their love content. This way, false doctrines pass through us without causing damage, because we discard them. But truth stays in us, we incorporate it, and we convert it into a part of us. As a matter of fact, human doctrines are false because of the human lack of actual knowledge. However, although they may be false, when they are loving, they undoubtedly have much value.

And Jesus was right, of course. Decades later, when Bar Nebi and Sha’ul, better known as Barnabas and the apostle Paul, undertook their mission amongst the heathens, the pharisaical doctrine had opened up the way for them to a large extent.

But it is also true that false and noxious doctrines very easily find a place in people’s hearts. How is this possible, if we have that built-in guideline?

Well, if we compare that innate guideline with a seed, then it needs appropriate conditions for developing. If we don’t provide those conditions, it will never develop, and the “weeds” will easily suffocate it.

This is a shared responsibility. When the child grows up in an atmosphere filled with perversion and crime, of course, this seed will not find any opportunity for developing. It is more than probable that the child will adopt those attitudes that it observes in its surroundings. Nevertheless, more than once in people’s lives, they will have the opportunity for discovering this truth in their souls, with the help of other people, but it depends on them. As I have said, this is a shared responsibility, a responsibility of society.

Instigation to violence or evil in general, through words or through example, is the expression of the extreme poverty in the condition of the instigator’s soul. Sadly, they will find many who will follow their advice, especially when opposing voices are absent.

And now I wish to return to the message I delivered two days ago. I mentioned that you were silent, and you felt that I did not like this at all.

There are thousands of religions in the world, and the great majority of them preach love. I will not start a discussion on the differences between natural love and Divine Love now, but you understand also that natural love and the efforts to develop it constitute a valuable means to improve the situation of the world.

So often we witness discussions on the differences between religions, that one is superior to the others, and men never get tired of highlighting the virtues of their own religion, stressing the flaws in those of other people. But they forget that they all contribute to humanity’s development in a positive way.

When, on the other hand, evil presents itself in its undisguised and naked form, suddenly they lack the bravery to pronounce themselves decisively and vigorously in opposition. But, my friend, this is not simply the expression of opinion; it is the intent of opening the eyes of those whose souls are completely covered by that “weed.”

Create opportunities. Your ideas, correct or false, at least may get other people to meditate on them. If they reject them, it is their responsibility. If they accept them, congratulations! Moreover, if your ideas and thoughts contain some love, they cannot be so bad, don’t you think?

Don’t waste your energy trying to make people change their way and follow yours, if the other way also leads to the same goal, perhaps with a few more twists and turns. There are so many who walk around blindly and without direction. Would it not be better to help them to also find their way? And their way will not necessarily be your way, but it will be a way of love.

Evil will perish, and false teachings will disappear. “Every plant which my Heavenly Father did not plant will be pulled up by the roots,” said Jesus. However, silence will not achieve this objective.

Very well, I think we have succeeded in putting to paper a good part of what I intended to say. Remember the message that states:

“I will use the example of a choir of voices. Individually, when your voice is raised in song, it is small when it is released into the air. But, if your voice was only one among hundreds, the song you sing would take on a power and influence that could be heard as a mighty sound.”

It expresses very well what I have in mind.

Now I will say good-bye. I wish you a day full of blessings.

Your friend and brother,



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