Messages 2001


December 6th, 2001

Received by H.

Cuenca, Ecuador.


[At night]

You did not write down what I told you at noon. No, there is nothing missing, you received everything. You think that because a message is short, it is also incomplete. However, just consider, the fundamental message only requires one word: Love.

Go and write it down. In the future, although you may have the impression that something might be missing, write it down. You can add a note on your feeling that the message may be incomplete, but do not simply discard it. Get used to preserving everything in written form.

Now I say goodbye. I wish you a good night.

Your friend in the spirit,


[H.: This is what I received at noon]

I like A___’s question on meditation.

Prayer and meditation are like cousins. Both exercise a deep effect upon our soul. Prayer, as you know, is a conversation with God, in most cases asking something from Him, sometimes simply to tell Him that we love Him.

Meditation is good for other purposes.

For example, if you sit down and take a careful look at a simple leaf of a tree, you notice thousands of shades of green, its structure, like a landscape of mountains and valleys, furrowed by rivers.

What we perceive as something so simple in daily life, a word for a thing that we don’t even take the time to look at well, becomes a wonderful cosmos in meditation.

Even walking through the streets, you can try to see everything as if you saw it for the first time, like a child with eyes full with astonishment and curiosity.

But now I want you to take paper and pencil, and to draw three sets of three points each in a line, thus forming a square with a point in the center of the square. There are nine points, four at the corners of the square, four in the middle of the lines that run from one corner to another, and one point in the center.

Your task is the following: Put the tip of the pencil at any point, and trace four connected lines, without lifting the pencil off the paper, cross all the points that you have drawn.

Many will say that this is impossible. And it is really impossible when you stay inside the limits of the frame. However, when you are daring and get out of the square, breaking those artificial limitations, it turns out to be as easy as a child’s game.

This is what meditation teaches you. Do you understand?


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