Messages 2002

The spiritual hangover.

June 25th, 2002

Received by H.

Cuenca, Ecuador.


[Dear Judas: Yesterday I “received” your message, but it did not come through clearly, as you know well. Perhaps you would be so kind as to repeat the message, because while I can write “more or less” what you wanted to communicate, I am sure that I have missed something.]

My dear H___:

Why don’t you sit down and write what you received, and also the situation in which you received the message, and then we will see what I may add?


Last week, and even now, the Andean region of Ecuador has suffered under a cold front. During the day, the sun never broke through the clouds, and in the nights it was freezing.

Yesterday, finally, the sunlight at noon was able to clear part of the sky, providing some heat to everybody.

Taking advantage of the improved weather, I sat down on the terrace of my house, enjoying the sun, when suddenly I perceived a voice telling me:

“So much cold you felt, but it is a relative cold. Remember when you still lived in Europe, in the icy winters, and the cold was much more intense, even worse because of winds and fog, which almost cut into your skin. Had there occurred a week like this last one, it would have seemed to you like a gift from heaven, like a premonition of spring. But now you are already accustomed to different temperatures.

In my last message, I spoke to you of the relativity of things. When people live in an atmosphere lacking harmony with the Laws of God, and their own soul lacks this same harmony, they don’t realize the sad situation within themselves and in the environment that surrounds them.

But when some harmony enters the soul, the environment that they had considered before as ‘normal’ and quite in order, suddenly becomes unbearable for them, because they are able to see all that is evil and the attempts against the Laws of God. It is like the example of the cold. The body gets used to higher temperatures, and a fall of the thermometer, which years ago would have appeared insignificant, now causes you some irritation.

As to the condition of soul, if you elevate your own condition over that of people who live around you, you feel the same ‘irritation,’ because in some way you become a ‘foreign body’ in an inappropriate environment.”]

Very well. You received the gist of the message, but I would like to clarify one or other point, so that there may be no misunderstandings.

The experience of receiving the Father’s Love for many people is an unforgettable event, a force that enters the chest, that “burns” there and that produces an ecstatic effect beyond the moment of inflowing, a happiness that lasts hours and hours after the happening. Those are hours when the soul reaches the peak of spirituality that the development of its potential allows. But just as after having drunk too much alcohol, a “hang-over” may present itself, so also after the reception of God’s Love, the moment may come when the connection with Divinity diminishes. People return to the so-called reality of life, and when the increase in their souls’ sensitivity lets them see much more clearly the “cold,” or the lack of harmony, in the surroundings where they are living, and frustration takes over.

This “spiritual hang-over” is like the cold wave which you now find unbearable, but which some time ago constituted a part of your normality, without drawing your attention to it. It is as if the Love in the soul has stopped burning and providing warmth, and the soul, feeling abandoned, finds itself amidst a cold and hostile setting. Deception and frustration combine to lower its spirituality, and it is very difficult to get out of the whirlpool that threatens to drag the soul down to the level where it stood before, and the soul defends itself, bringing about conflicts and bitterness.

It is exactly this frustration, the result of the “opening up of the soul’s eye” of the soul that clouds “our sky” and prevents the warmth of God continuing to come to us. But don’t forget that you yourself can clear your soul from the clouds, so that the warm beams of the Father’s sun may enter again.

I write again what I have already written you many months ago:

“When you manage to convert to this attitude, the one of going to the Father, into a part of your life, your spirituality will no longer be like a rollercoaster, with ups and downs. Do you remember what you read yesterday in Mary Magdalene’s message through Amada Reza?

“It is a fortune that you are possessed of the knowledge that your spiritual nature is your true nature; your physical world, always subject to change, will not affect you as much as the one who places his or her confidence in its so-called realities.’

If you seek stability, lean on things that are stable.”

The road towards the Father is a smooth highway, provided you know how to ask for His help. It is not a rubble strewn path, where you fall from pothole into pothole. The potholes are the products of your mind.

It is exactly this dissatisfaction that you are feeling, which constitutes the fuel for progress in the spirit world. Here, on earth, perhaps you get the impression that you are moving in circles, without getting off the spot, but remember: Already now, in this very moment, you are undertaking a parallel voyage in the great world of spirits.

It is fantastic to receive the Father’s Love, but this is only part of the work. It is not enough to be a “consumer,” but you have to activate this Love within you, because only in this way you may keep up your spirituality on a constant level, and your “eyes of frustration” will become “eyes of Love.”

May your day be full of blessings.

Your Celestial brother,



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