Messages 2001

The Face of Love.

November 4th, 2001

Aptos, California

Received by A.R.


I am here now. I am your sister in Christ, Mary Magdalene, a true follower of my Master, Jesus. I would like to take this opportunity to give you who have chosen to follow Jesus in the way of Divine Love my own encouragement.

These dangerous times you find yourselves in, where there is fear of physical harm, may be an effective catalyst for you to pray and exert your faith in the power of God’s Love to protect and guide you. It is a fortune that you are possessed of the knowledge that your spiritual nature is your true nature; your physical world, always subject to change, will not affect you as much as the one who places his or her confidence in its so-called realities.

The truth of your spiritual life is a pearl which will lead you to peace and joy. How you cultivate this pearl is through your prayer to God for His Love, which in turn helps you build your faith. Faith is the foundation upon which your knowledge of truth may grow, and this knowledge must begin within your own soul, as you recognize its reality.

When you look in the mirror, you see a face you have lived with for many years, familiar, but ever changing as the years go by. Let God be your mirror as He holds up for you an image of pure love and goodness. He wants you to ask for His Love so that He can help you make that beautiful image into a thing of substance. As you begin to believe in this soul life you possess, you also begin to give it life and fullness, as your love demonstrates itself through your unique skills and desires.

When you look into the face of the world, you see that many abandon the beautiful image of the soul, and assume the countenance those earthly pleasures and promises serve or fail to bring them. You find that they are unable to see your soul nature, judging you by such things as skin color, lifestyle, and your status as a citizen of the world.

Do you believe them when they demonstrate hatred and violence toward you and your fellow human beings? No, you understand that they have not wakened that powerful soul that can see goodness in others. Often, this requires that you stand up alone against your family and friends. Perhaps in their fear, they retreat to a physical reality that everyone finds comfort in: Trust nothing but what is familiar.

When you can believe the truth of your soul, you can believe the truth of every soul - you can see the image God put there. Yes, some may turn away from the mirror of love that God holds up for them, but they are who they are – God’s own children.

Each step you take in your daily life to manifest your love is a step toward the greater truth that this world is only a temporary home. You also contribute to this world becoming a reflection of the paradise that God created for all His children.

Be brave with your love. Do not shrink away from it. Give your voice and your dreams a chance to thrive. You make your life what it is by accepting what is true, or by succumbing to false beliefs.

I want to relay my Master’s love for each of you. He thanks you, his disciples on earth, for your faith in the power of prayer, and he asks that you stand beside him and love this world into peace.

I love you, my family. I am your sister who needs your love, and I am grateful for the goodness that you are.

Mary Magdalene