Messages 2001

Guides, Guardian Angels and Automatic Writing

August 23rd, 2001

Received by H.

Cuenca, Ecuador


Hello, H___. I see you are better now. And so is our rapport. Let’s proceed.

Yesterday in the chat-room you talked about guardian angels and guides. It is an interesting topic. Well, first I will comment upon what you already know. All men have a guardian angel, at least one, but many have more. The guardian angel may be a spirit on the Celestial pathway or not, his development may vary, but he is always a good spirit. He always has access to his charge, but that mortal may make the angel’s job pretty difficult. The mortal can maintain extensive contacts to dark spirits, even very evil ones, without the angel being able to do anything in that respect. He can only warn and advise, but he cannot intervene actively. This would interfere with free will.

When the mortal really seeks spiritual development, s/he attracts a guide. This spirit guide has slightly different tasks to perform. His work is not any more that of warning against dangers, etc., but, as the name indicates, that of giving guidance, direction, education. We can say the guide is in charge of the mortal’s spiritual education. He is a teacher.

Any mortal who strives for Divine Love receives a guide who possesses the Love of God, and who through his own experience, may best direct his charge.

[H.: Always a Celestial angel?]

Not necessarily. But they are always very advanced and capable spirits.

[H.: Like from the seventh sphere?]

Yes, exactly. I think the tasks of both groups of angels is quite clear to you now. Their functions differ, but logically, they also overlap partially. It is even possible that a guardian angel is the mortal’s guide at the same time, if the situation and the angel’s development permit it. But normally, the guardian angel stays with the mortal from the time of his incarnation until his passing over. The guide only comes with the desire of his charge for spiritual development.

Mortals perceive their instructions or warnings in the same way. They are those impressions, impulses, thoughts of the inner voice, of the mortal’s soul, and it is the mortal’s development that allows this voice to gain clarity. But it is always perceptible and sufficiently clear.

[Alfredo wrote me today. Among others, he remarks:

“… Reading your last message, I was thinking that perhaps you should try automatic writing.

You can ask your guide (Judas), if you can do automatic writing, maybe you can do it, and then you could receive messages more clearly and your doubts would disappear, although doubts are normal and you should not worry about them…”

How do you like this idea? Is it possible?]

We can try it. Would you feel more comfortable? I’m going to tell you a little bit more about automatic writing.

Usually we understand under automatic writing that a spirit transmits his thoughts to a medium, and additionally moves the medium’s hand in order to write the same thoughts on paper, or in modern times, via the keyboard. It is also common to imagine that the hand’s automatic movement is so independent, that the medium may engage in a conversation with another person, while s/he is writing.

There is the extreme case, where the medium’s hand moves automatically, but in reality it is not the spirit who is writing, but the medium himself or herself, although totally without him/her being aware of it. In other words, this kind of medium possesses a high degree of dissociative power, in the sense that his or her conscious actions may disconnect completely from his/her unconscious actions. Hence the impression that the hand really moves automatically. Something similar, though not exactly the same, occurs when an experienced pianist reads and plays a sheet of music new to him/her, and his/her fingers fly automatically over the keys in order to play the corresponding notes s/he is reading, and only in complicated passages has to concentrate really in what his/her hands are doing.

There is the other extreme where the medium perceives clear thoughts, and writes them down on paper or on the computer. It is like a dictation received by a secretary.

Between both extremes there is a wide scale of different degrees of dissociation, as we have described it earlier. But all shades of writing mediumship have in common that they fix thoughts formed in the medium’s brain.

I have already written how information transmitted by spirits is transformed into thoughts of the mortal, his/her own thoughts, and that is where the danger lies, that the medium’s own thoughts and ideas may sneak in unnoticed.

In this sense, writing mediumship is not superior to other forms of mediumship. But we may try it. You will need time and patience, and if your dissociative power is strong enough, you may receive “automatically”, if not, you will receive messages through dictation, which is equally good.

The automatic reception of messages has certain psychological effect, giving the medium more confidence in the outcome achieved. I donÂ’t tell you all this to decrease your confidence, but to tell you that what we have achieved so far is very satisfactory as it is. But Alfredo is right though, because it may be a beautiful experience for you. And in fact, there is one great advantage: Everything is set out immediately. You simply cannot forget anything. Although I also like your practice of repeating all the information obtained before I leave.

Now I will leave you. You are worn out psychologically. Yes, the process of receiving information requires strength and energy, and lately you have drawn too much on your force. But you will recover soon.

God bless you,

Your brother,



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