Messages 2001

The Death Wish.

December 9th, 2001

Received by H.

Cuenca, Ecuador.


The death wish.

Yes, this is the subject of my message. I refer to the concern expressed lately, that with the discourse transmitted through the messages, people think that they will be better off in the spirit world than on earth, and would like to die soon.

Well, perhaps that attitude may be justified, but only when one does not read all that the messages state. We will detail some key points.

In the first place, we have repeated on many occasions that neither the mental state nor the soul condition of the mortal suffers change with physical death. In other words, if people do not know how to face difficult situations on earth, they will not know how to do it in the spirit world. They have to learn it, either on earth or in the beyond, but nobody will relieve them of this task.

Secondly, the spirit world is not paradise. Paradise is one part of this world, but not all its parts are paradisiacal. We have explained that there are extensive areas of darkness, areas of twilight and areas of more light than on earth. In fact, the soul conditions of novice spirits determine the place where they will begin their journey of progression through the spheres of the world of spirits.

Thirdly, life is a series of challenges. We have to face these challenges. I don’t want to suggest that mortals or spirits can solve all their problems. But at least they should present themselves before any challenge, facing up to them and trying to do their best in each situation. The chain of challenges does not end with earth life, but it continues in the spirit world. Here, as well as on earth, there is courage and cowardice, confrontation and flight. Here, as well as on earth, progress is based on a ripening process which requires courage, which leads to changes, and which does not allow eternal escape. For each and everyone comes the moment of truth when there will be nowhere to escape.

The best moment for learning how to live with the challenges of life is always the present. Escaping? Where to?

We all need help. Moreover, we all receive help, on earth as well as here in the spirit world. It is necessary to ask for help, it is necessary to seek it, and it is necessary to accept it. And you can do this just as well on earth; you need not die for that reason. It is a universal law that people only receive what they ask for.

In short, life in the spirit world is not necessarily easier than life on earth. The unchanged soul condition of spirits recently passed over implies that there are societies in the lower spheres of the spirit world which can easily be compared with existing societies on earth, with the same prejudices, with the same traps and pressures. If people feel lost on earth because they cannot put up with that pressure, they will feel similarly in the spirit world.

Only maturation, spiritual progress, can afford a privileged place for the spirit. And if this process has not been started on earth, it is necessary to start it here. When people do not know how to ask for help on earth, they will not know how to do this here. They have to learn it, here or there.

The purpose of the messages, where we describe progress in the spirit world, and the possible happiness, but achieved through effort, is not intended to seduce people to give up their earthly life. On the contrary. We want people to live their lives more intensely, but free of fears. People fear what they do not know. This is why we inform.

Together with this information, we always repeat that the here and now is the appropriate time to work on each one’s spirituality. Yes, earth life is like an elementary school. However, whoever is unable to overcome the challenges of this kind of school, will hardly be able to attend university.

We say that life on earth is only a fleeting moment in eternity. Nevertheless, that does not mean that it is worth nothing, that we may discard it as I did.

It means that you need not fear. All men can gather enough courage to find their very personal expression in their lives, to stand forth, firm as a rock, in the storm-beaten ocean of life. Life on earth is the best moment to learn how to be faithful to yourselves.

I hope this message contributes a little to clarify our intentions. We don’t want your escape, we want your courage, and we want it now. We want you to know that failures won’t destroy your lives, that they perhaps only retard your advance a little, but that even failures, as an expression of confrontations with challenges, are steps towards maturation, that they teach you at least that it is always worthwhile asking for help, and that the lesson of humility perhaps is the best lesson in life. Humility is the key to heaven, the foundation of love, of spiritual growth beyond individual limits.

With this, I will say good-bye. God bless all humanity, and may they learn the lesson of humility, which is a lesson of Truth.

Your brother in Christ,



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