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Spiritual Awareness and Perception

August 24th, 2001

Received by H.

Cuenca, Ecuador


Hello, my dear H___. I think time has come to try something more difficult. If you have problems with thought reception, don’t worry. Just write down calmly what you perceive, and if there are grave errors, we will correct them the next time.

We will talk about the topic of awareness. And before starting, I would like to give a definition for this word, in order to avoid misinterpretations. I understand by awareness the knowledge and perceptive range of a person. To make this clear, I will use the following illustration.

When you look at a dandelion flower, you perceive the esthetic, the tenderness of its structure, you even think how people, with all their wisdom and technology, are unable to reproduce just one single petal of the flower.

When a cow looks at the same flower, all it sees is food.

Take for example a nightingale. You love its esthetic, in its form and in its song. But cats see only food in it.

This means, obviously, that the field of perception and knowledge in animals and humans is different. The animal does not perceive esthetic and other things we do feel.

There is also some difference in knowledge and perceptive range between people, of course, and therefore we may state that each and every person has their individual awareness. My concept of awareness therefore goes beyond the common religious concept of conscience.

[Translator’s note: The Spanish translation for conscience and awareness is one and the same word: “consciencia”]

Apart from this material awareness, there is an awareness of the soul, formed by its knowledge or faith, and it determines the range of its perceptions. In other words, the less faith the soul has, or also material knowledge, the smaller is the reach of its perceptions.

The soul’s awareness is the expression of the soul’s development.

Now we will answer a question that you have asked yourself time and time again, and to which you could not really find any solution. And this question requires a deep understanding of what awareness is.

You read that in the spirit world dark spirits may sometimes leave their hells and enter temporarily brighter areas. On the other hand, the inhabitants of the second sphere, for example, cannot enter the third sphere, but those of the third sphere may visit the second sphere. There are, so to say, demarcation lines, penetrable only from above to below, but not the other way around. How so?

Now we will do a small mental experiment. As you know, and as you practice from time to time, there is a relaxation method called the “private island.” You imagine a beautiful place, your small paradise or your private island. You sit down beside a tree, contemplating all the marvels which surround you, and then you notice a splendid staircase of white marble, ascending toward the sky. When you go up some steps, you come to a place where you stay. Looking down, certainly your field of view has been amplified, you can see a lot more of your island or paradise. Your awareness is greater, to put it this way. Now I am at your side, indicating to you a certain point below, and you look at it, and this point seemingly approaches you, as if you saw it through a zoom lens, “drawing” the image closer. And like magic, you are really there, physically. That is, of course, just a mental experiment, an illusion, but you can imagine in that way how we travel. We want to be at certain place inside the range of our perceptions, and like magic, we are already there, at lightning speed. This example is a bit childish, but it is difficult to find something better and more illustrative at the same time.

Well, what I have told you implies that “our world,” that is that part of the universe, in which we may move, consists of the same area as covered by our perceptions. Everything that is outside our perceptions’ reach, is as if it does not exist. And, as I have said, the perceptions only move inside the field of awareness, and awareness is determined by the soul development.

A dark spirit has very little soul development. This is reflected in its awareness, and it lives in a dark environment, a faithful reflection of its soul. It is what it can perceive.

What God has created cannot be all bad, there is always some residual of original kindness, and this small residual of “initial development” allows the perception and, therefore, the accessibility of areas of greater quantities of light. But this is in very limited terms. These spirits don’t stay in the brighter areas because of the Law of Attraction. It simply is not their environment, but they have certain knowledge of the existence of those more pleasant zones.

When their soul finally develops, either through Divine Love, or through the purification of natural love and the elimination of evil, its awareness is enlarged, they can perceive more, they can see farther, and logically, they may move with more liberty. They find an appropriate place for their current state, and there they stay. They don’t have any intention to return, and it is natural, because in their new surroundings they enjoy more happiness.

In their new home their soul keeps developing, and their perceptions, with their experiences, become keener, until they can really feel all that the new environment may offer them. This development is a guided development, and the interests of the spirit determine its direction, and according to his/her interest and preferences, it receives all the help that it may need. The development depends, therefore, upon the free will.

When this sphere can no longer offer more, that is to say, when the soul, and with it, its perceptions, have been developed to such a degree that everything which its current environment can provide for its progress has been “digested”, then the moment arrives when its awareness no longer experiences a gradual increase, but a substantial jump, and its perceptions are able to visualize a new world with new opportunities, a new sphere. This process repeats in that way and the spirit develops in the direction chosen by itself.

[H.: Why a “substantial jump”?]

It may be useful to compare it with the breaking of a dam. The water accumulates little by little, but finally there comes the moment when the dike can no longer resist and breaks, and the water suddenly extends its surface, until it finds a new obstacle. And in a similar way, the soul expands, or rather, its awareness expands.

This new world simply did not exist for the spirit before its expansion of awareness. It is not that the spirit wanders throughout the second sphere, and finally finds a wall, indicating the limit of its sphere and the beginning of third sphere. No, the third sphere is totally out of reach, visible limits don’t exist for it, the third sphere simply doesn’t exist for this spirit.

This new environment is so welcoming and filled with happiness that the spirit only returns to the previous spheres for two reasons: to help its loved ones, so that they may also enjoy the happiness that it now feels, or because it has to complete a work, an atonement work or a work of love, as we do when we visit the inferior spheres of the spiritual heavens, or even, like now, the earth planes.

The range of perception increases and covers new territories. This is why the more advanced spirits may return to the inferior areas, but the less developed spirits cannot enter what they cannot even see.

Awareness, and hence perception, is also selective. This is the reason why there are spheres which offer many stimuli for a certain class of spirits, while others don’t spend much time there, because the little that can capture their attention is “digested” in a short time, and they advance.

Once you wondered how it was possible that spirits on the Celestial pathway and other spirits of moral or ethical orientation could live together in the same sphere, and the latter would not notice the much greater happiness of the Celestial pathway spirits. The reason is the selective perception, or the different range of their awareness.

We know that the natural development of the soul, that is to say, the development without Divine Love, ends in the sixth sphere, and there ends also the development of the field of perception, of awareness. They never end up seeing the Celestial Heavens, not even the seventh sphere, where the last preparatory step is performed, the soul’s complete transformation.

The different perceptive range explains also why higher developed spirits may discern the soul condition of less developed spirits, but this is not possible the other way round.

And now I want you to remember what I told you about your brother Karl. Who has not seen true light, does not miss it. The sixth sphere inhabitants have not seen the splendor of the Celestial Heavens. They do not know the joy the Father’s Love can provide. They live in true happiness, but in some kind of happiness of a different nature and of different origin. But they do not suffer because of this, because they have lost nothing that they have ever found. They do not know what they are missing, and hence, this lack does not cause pain. Don’t see this like a punishment or an “injustice”. Remember what I told you about justice, and besides, yes, they live in paradise, although they lack the most important thing, but they are not aware of it.

This really has been difficult. You did not comprehend everything, but I think I could convey to you some idea.

Now, to conclude, a more relaxing subject. You asked if spirits could travel through time, or rather, if they could visit the past.

They cannot, strictly speaking, but in some way they can.

You know that we, when we attain to a certain level of development, can “read” thoughts and recollections of mortals and also of spirits. Therefore we can reproduce accurately any event in mankind’s history. We can write thick history books containing all points of view on any occurrence. But in reality, we cannot travel back into the past. And so, we cannot influence events which happened in the past.

Humanity’s awareness and mankind’s memories began with the implantation of the first souls into Amon and Aman. If we want to go back beyond that date, all knowledge ends, there is no memory at all. This is why we know so little about the creation of man. If the Father does not reveal it to us, we will never know.

Now it is time to stop. I am satisfied with the outcome of our small trial. We are advancing well. Rest and think that I am always with you.

Your brother,



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