Messages 2002

The Global Vision.

January 28th, 2002

Received by H.

Cuenca, Ecuador.


Hello, my dear brother H___.

On Saturday when you talked with your guest you undertook in your mind a journey back through a few decades, to when you were ten years old. It was a year of great changes for you. You left elementary school, and from then on you had to go every day to the grammar school in the nearby town, where your parents had enrolled you. Your horizon widened. It no longer only encompassed the small village where you lived. Along with the school, your friendships also changed, and you found a new “best friend.”

He was an interesting boy, a “genius” in his own way, an excellent pianist and a surprising music composer. He gave you the basic information which enabled you to appreciate music. He introduced you in the works of Mozart, Beethoven, Bach, Brahms, and above all, Bruckner and the symphonic poetry of Sibelius, Grieg, Debussy, Mussorgski, Ravel, etc. And you remember very well when he told you that atonal music, twelve-tone music, had no value at all, because it lacked aesthetics. In some way, the boy’s declaration still has validity for you, but when you spent an evening with him once again many years later, when he was already a physician, he told you that he had been wrong. He had since studied further, and he now knew how to appreciate the hidden beauty and aesthetics of twelve-tone music. You have still not discovered them.

You made this journey through time when your guest told you of the Jesuits, who a long time ago left for India in order to convert the pagans to Catholicism. As he expressed it, for them man only had validity “from the neck upwards,” that is, his head, but from the neck downwards things belonged to the animal world, the worthless world.

When the decades passed, and they were able to penetrate ever more into the depths of that strange and foreign culture, their desire was no longer so much that of converting pagans, and their understanding of the world suffered unfathomable changes. They understood that the purely human and animal natures are in continuous exchange, as men themselves are in continuous exchange with the rest of humanity and with all of nature. There are flows coming and going from one to the other, and that nothing or nobody is isolated.

Not even stones remain unchanged, but they constantly change. Likewise, we constantly change, through that flow of exchange, a change of personality going hand in hand with the change of personal reality. This is a teaching of life that you learned about many years ago, as a boy, but which you have only come to understand now, little by little.

In order to appreciate, it is necessary to grow and to learn. The example of music is very good. The more you study it, the more you appreciate it, and only with your development in music are you able to discover all its mystic and beauty. The inhabitant of the second sphere of the spirit world, even if he could enter the fourth sphere, would not feel happy because he would not know how to appreciate all the delicate beauty there. The inhabitant of the fourth sphere would know how to appreciate all the beauty of the second sphere, but he would miss the subtleties that he left behind in the fourth.

This is why I tell you, when you meet people who do not share your opinion, and who put forth ideas you find strange or false, do not reject them beforehand. Converse with and talk to them.

It may well be that these ideas are nearer to God’s Truth, but you still lack the development to understand them. It may well be that these ideas are more distant from God’s Truth than yours, but those people still lack the development in order to understand your thoughts.

You cannot convince. You cannot be convinced. You can only give and receive impulses to get your development started or directed. And you will be the one who will determine your own reality through your growth, just as spirits determine their own place of living.

Ideas that do not change, such as dogmas, are like lumps of the past frozen in time. We may appreciate them for the function they had in their time, but we should not cling to them, because that will always cause ever more tensions between our mental vision frozen in the past, and our live perception of a very different reality.

Only God does not change. He is the unalterable and eternal Reality. If you seek Reality, seek God. If you look for it in another place, you will find only static pictures of a given moment, pictures that will fade away in the flow of time. Truth does not move in time, but time moves in Truth.

H.: Then, the example I always use that Truth is like a beautiful diamond, and that we can only see one of its facets, is not so good after all. In fact, we are in Truth, and we have a restricted vision from inside, but we lack the global vision from outside, which encompasses everything.

So it is, my friend. The global vision is God’s vision. And our faith is our share of it. You have received the message well. I would like to write more on some teachings of life. God bless you, and we’ll meet soon again.

Your brother in the spirit,



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