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September 24th, 2001

Received by H.

Cuenca, Ecuador


My dear brother H___, the moment has arrived to go a little deeper into the topic of soulmates. I will do this in one message, but there will surely be more questions because most of you do not have the capacity to understand everything.

First I want to repeat that soulmate love doesn’t have anything to do with sexuality, a fact which many can accept, although they may not understand this. Second, so that there may be no confusion or ambiguity I want to repeat that the soul doesn’t have sex, it doesn’t have gender. The soul is neither female nor male. And this affirmation, as you know, contradicts several statements in the Padgett messages.

Let’s analyze a little bit the message which Josephus Flavius, the Jewish historian, wrote to Mr. Padgett. He said:

“Therefore, the man and the woman are equal in their dignity, and in the relationship which they bear to God, and the one is of just as much importance in the sight of God as is the other. One was created stronger, physically, than the other, and also was given a stronger mentality, for the exercise of the reasoning powers, and the workings of the physical organs of the body. And the other, while weaker in these particulars, yet was given more of the spiritual and emotional nature and also, an intuition by which she could understand the existence of things just as accurately and more quickly than could the man by the exercise of his reasoning power. One was just as the other as respects the gifts bestowed, and together, they were the perfect pair - male and female were they created, with divers functions and duties to perform in the perfect workings of the laws of God.”

Very well. Without entering right now into a discussion about the scarcely justified affirmation that women’s intellectual power is inferior, it is clear that this passage refers to men and women as they exist on earth. It tells of man’s stronger body, of his stronger mentality, etc., and speaks of the women’s superior spirituality. Well, we all know that man and woman are different, not only in their body, but also in their mind. The question is why? Is it because of the difference in their souls, and does Josephus’ explanation describe therefore properties of the soul? Or does it describe differences in the body and in what we call the material mind?

I think it is obvious to everybody that this passage deals with the last statement.

The formation of the material mind, which in fact is very different between man and woman, is determined by a multitude of factors, amongst others education and hormones. It is an ingenious system that permits mankind’s survival and which permits the execution of functions to be distributed between man and woman. It also, of course, causes a series of problems. A great part of the mental difference between man and woman is due directly or indirectly to sexuality.

In the spirit world hormones don’t exist. The spirit body doesn’t need them. Sexual desire continues to exist during the first stages of spirit life, but no longer in the same form as on earth, where it is largely incited by hormonal activity and the desire for pleasure. It continues to exist because sexuality during the earth life has become a habit, a form of stereotypical expression. But all that, little by little, disappears in the spirit world.

Human sexuality is also different from pure animal sexuality through the additional factor of love. That love does survive. It is one of the forms of natural love, such as the love men feel for their children, their parents, even the love that they feel for their friends. And even those forms of love, in the earth life, are dominated or at least influenced by sexuality, although people may not be aware of this.

But in spirit life, sexuality disappears. Sexuality is one of the main factors determining the bonds with earth, and as I have already said, it is precisely in the fourth sphere where these bonds disappear. This disappearance is one of the preconditions for additional spiritual progress. What remains is pure love. There still remain some encrustments of the soul, too, and certain negative tendencies, but even they will disappear.

The love more or less purified after this loss of material bonds, puts its most powerful component, soulmate love, into the foreground. There is a “fraternal” love for all humanity, without distinctions, but the attraction between soulmates is incomparable with that.

You have also heard that the soul condition determines the appearance of the spirit body. Therefore you can imagine that the inhabitants of the high planes of the fourth sphere and of the even higher spheres logically have no longer a marked appearance of virility or femininity. They are beautiful, simply beautiful. Earth life becomes ever more a distant memory of minor importance, and it is of no import whether somebody was born male or female. They are simply happy souls.

Hence everybody wonders what then is this soulmate love? What determines that attraction? This is more difficult to answer, but I will try to.

You surely remember the image in which I compared the soul to a wooden cabin, which little by little, through the acquisition of Divine Love, becomes a brick house, changing in substance but maintaining its structure. It is exactly this resemblance in structure that determines this attraction. It is the same principle which governs the scope of the Law of Attraction, but of course, it is not this law, but a different group of laws that operate on natural love.

When somebody says that it may be like the attraction that exists among friends, it is not exactly correct, because it goes much beyond that, but the example is well chosen, because it takes away the sexual component which causes so much confusion.

The reason is that some spiritualists, like Swedenborg, described scenes like “celestial weddings” between soulmates, suggesting relationships similar to the matrimonial relationships on earth, only “purer.” But that is what they wanted to see. Didn’t they also see spirits who provided those recently arrived ones, or recently deceased ones, with food etc.? What food, may I ask?

It is a serious error to make wholesale transpositions of earth life situations into spirit life. Certain things here really are similar, because we need them for our well-being, like houses, landscapes, stimuli in general. But we all agree that it is not sexuality. What then is the life of a couple like without having to raise children, without having a sexual relationship? Is it like an intimate friendship? Well, something of like that, but very much stronger and more intense.

The appearance of highly developed spirits, where sexual features are no longer observed, is described as androgynous, but this word, in this context, is a double error in itself. It means male-female, but the appearance of which I am speaking is neither masculine, nor feminine, and definitely not a combination of both.

Man and woman’s sexuality, at the core, serves reproduction, and it has superimposed a layer of spirituality, but the purpose of sexuality no longer exists in the spirit world. We don’t need to eat in this life, so why should we have digestive organs? For what is the sex of the soul for when the very name “sex” already indicates its intimate relationship with sexuality?

The relationship between soulmates, being a strong attraction, has a very great importance in the higher spheres of natural love. But how are things in the spheres of Divine Love?

You have read that all forms of natural love disappear in the Celestial spheres. It is logical, because natural love is an attribute of the natural soul. But in the Celestial Heavens there is no trace at all of the natural soul. The last remains have already been transformed in the seventh sphere. But does soulmate love, which is a form of natural love, survive? How? I will try to explain it.

I have already mentioned that the strong attraction between soulmates is due to the resemblance of their soul’s structure. Even with the soul’s transformation, this attraction continues to exist, because the change has not been structural, but substantial. And this statement has validity during the first stages of Celestial life. Of course, Celestial spirits try to help their soulmates in the spiritual spheres, so that they may also reach this Kingdom of happiness and share their happiness with them. And the innate attraction contributes to the great success of this undertaking. But, as we know, all spirits have their free will. And at times these efforts are in vain. Although Celestial spirits may interrupt their own development in order to await the mates they have left behind, the day comes when they will no longer do this and they dedicate themselves more to their own development. And as I have described previously, the transformed soul in substance also begins with an endless transformation in structure. The small brick house becomes a glass palace. And as it changes in structure, the attraction will decrease. This love disappears.

I have also said that the day will come when this separation will be definitive. But what will happen then with the poor separate couples? Will they weep their sorrow throughout eternity? You have also read that the union of separate soulmates is not necessary for enjoying full happiness. How is that possible? And if this is so, what are soulmates good for?

Well, first I wish to tell you frankly that we ignore why the Father created or continues creating souls in pairs. But in fact, the happiness, with or without finding the second half of oneself, is absolute. The union of a couple simply gives some additional touch of happiness, which seems a contradiction with the word “absolute,” but I will give you an illustration: The Father is so good that we feel like we are already supremely happy children who suddenly find themselves in front of an enormous table, heaped with chocolates and candies of all kinds. Our bright eyes open up wide, and we want to try this and that, but no, that one over there looks even more tempting, and we are really flabbergasted by the enormous quantity of sweets, which are all first class, and we would like so much to try them all, but we simply lack the capacity. It is a delirium of happiness. The relationship between soulmates is but one of these candies, there are thousands more that you don’t even know of or may imagine. It is an additional touch of happiness, without substantial weight.

It is a pity that mortals focus so much on this question, and there are many more questions of much greater importance. But I believe that you now understand the problem a little more.

But let’s continue. The question whether homosexuals have to suffer in the spirit world for their homosexuality. OK, I will answer directly: Definitively not! I say this if we speak of the sole fact of being homosexual.

The explanation is as follows: In a previous message I have already explained that homosexuality is not the norm, but neither is it unnatural, in the sense that, by reasons of psychology, in any culture and form of society there are a certain number of homosexuals. Homosexuality is the product of the sexual stamp, of sexual fixation. Like heterosexuality, the sexual attraction simply goes for the same sex, for one or other reason. Homosexuals suffer, but they suffer on earth, because of intolerances. But let’s have a look at the situation in the spirit world.

We said once that God’s laws develop at different levels. There are material laws, spiritual laws, laws that govern Divinity, in fact, there are many more levels, but what I have mentioned is good enough for your understanding.

Sexuality, heterosexuality as well as homosexuality, in their basic physical form, is governed according to material laws. The spiritual part is the one which is governed according to spiritual laws. In other words, the superimposed love is what determines the favorable or unfavorable consequences in the spirit world. And the criteria are the same for homosexuals as for heterosexuals. In principle there is no difference.

As for soulmates, I already enlarged on the topic, but I repeat: Sexuality has nothing to do with soulmates. This is an idea based on earthly notions, which cannot be transposed so simply into the situation of the spirit world.

It is a fact that sexual abuse does exist among homosexuals as well as heterosexuals, and those are of course deeds out of harmony with God’s laws, because the spiritual laws are basically laws of love. All of them, in principle, serve loving purposes. Abuse is never a form of love. The pleasure of sexuality, in the case of human beings, has changed its value in comparison to animals. It is no longer only a stimulus to foster reproduction, but you may consider it as an additional prize, an instrument for intensifying a relationship. But it should never be the sole purpose.

Although there are people who justify their tremendous promiscuity with their inability to find true love, I want to state that it is more certain and more sincere to say that they don’t look for love.What they are looking for is sex. He or she who searches, will find. Not all relationships are necessarily based on true love, and the consequence is divorce. But I will dedicate a separate message to this topic, which interests and concerns so many, including you, my dear brother, as you have already passed through this horrible experience.

In concluding this already very long message, I want to speak of AIDS. Homosexuality is not the cause of AIDS. Its explosive spreading is a consequence of inharmony, which exists in mankind’s life, on all levels.

It is time now to stop. I will leave you now with my love and my blessings.

Yes, you are right, it is a pretty important message, but as I fear, not all will like it. But I am happy that you have received it well. There will be many questions, many doubts, and more messages will come on the topic. But I repeat that the topic of soulmates has no relevance at all for you on earth. There are other and much more important things you should worry about than this, and you should do it right now.

Well, H___, I will say good-bye. I want to extend my blessings to all mankind, and I pray that they may come to reason.

Your brother in the spirit,



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