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The Alchemist.

November 9th, 2001

Received by H.

Cuenca, Ecuador


Hello, my brother. I won’t occupy much of your time, because you are already very sleepy.

I am happy that you like the book your wife has given you. She certainly did feel the impulse to buy it for you. It is always good to react when a mortal feels those impulses. We very frequently communicate this way.

[H.: My wife had bought the book “The Alchemist” by the Brazilian author Paulo Coelho.]

But as to the book, you read:

“When people really desire something, the whole Universe conspires so that they may achieve their dream. It is sufficient when they learn to listen to the dictations of their hearts and to decipher a language that is beyond words, showing that which the eyes cannot see.”

How striking is this quotation! Do you remember what Amada Reza wrote on the universal language?1 She knows.

The author tells:

“There are three kinds of Alchemists,” said my Master. “Those who are imprecise, because they don’t know what they are talking about; those who are so, because they know what they are talking about, but they also know that the language of Alchemy is a language addressing the heart, and not the mind.”

“And the third kind?” I asked.

“Those who have never heard about Alchemy, but who have uncovered, through their lives, the Philosophers’ Stone.”

And so, my Master (who pertained to the second class) decided to give me lessons in Alchemy. I discovered then that the symbolic language, which so much irritated and disoriented me, was the only way to reach the Soul of the World, or what Jung called the «collective unconscious». I discovered the Personal Legend and the Signs of God, truths that my intellectual mind refused to accept because of their simplicity. I discovered that it is not the task of just a few ones to achieve the Great Work, but of all human beings on the face of Earth. It is evident that the Great Work doesn’t always present Itself in the form of an egg [the Philosophers’ Stone] or of a flask of liquid [the Quintessence], but all we may undoubtedly dive into the Soul of the World.”

There are so many people in the world who have reached deep wisdom, who know the Love of God, without having ever seen the Padgett messages or the Urantia Book, etc. They come to this wisdom because they seek it. And we help them in their quest, and we guide them as we guide all those who are willing to let themselves be guided.

If you open your eyes you will see how God’s Love has found a home in many souls in this world, and how It works through them, with another vocabulary, with other means, but in the same direction.

Enjoy this book, and have a good night.

Your brother in Christ,



1 The message was most likely this one a few days earlier, but a much later one actually contains the words “universal language of love”


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