Messages 2002

Focus on Love.

June 19th, 2002

Received by H.

Cuenca, Ecuador.


Lukewarm… yes you heard me well. I said lukewarm. The world is lukewarm, men are lukewarm, you are lukewarm.

You see the Celestial angels, radiant with light and warmth, are like red hot iron, but you are lukewarm. And we, compared with God, are like fireflies in comparison with the sun. God is the “warmth of the world.”

We do not reproach you because we cannot expect you to emit more warmth. Would you expect a six year-old child to master the integral calculus? When children draw their first portrait, a simple circle with two points for the eyes, a line for the nose and another one for the mouth, with legs and arms protruding directly from the head, without reproducing a body, they find it wonderful and well done. But as they develop, they no longer like it. They learn to see more details, and they learn to handle the pencil better.

So it is with love. What today is your lukewarm attitude, tomorrow will not meet with your approval anymore, and you will try to add more warmth to your life.

Consider the discussion on “justified violence” that you started. It is not true that we beat around the bush. Very clearly and repeatedly, we have established that we never justify violence under any circumstance. It is the ideal to which we should aspire. But you are a child, and your soul development does not allow you to live an ideal for which one needs much love, much more than you have.

You are not perfect, in the absolute sense. In the relative sense, you are perfect when you act according to your soul condition, without losing sight of the fact that there is more still beyond your horizon. And when you try to develop yourself and finally incorporate that which a short time ago was still outside your reach, then you will act in greater harmony.

Keep in mind that you are on a journey that you have just started, and that there is so much further to travel.

When we criticize, we don’t do so for reprehending or reproaching, we do so for guiding you. And we have to present the ideal as the goal, even knowing that you are still not able to reach it. But some day you will.

The sentence — that everything we do in love it is good — is true. And if you use violence to defend your loved ones, out of love for them, then you obey what your natural love dictates. Then you are faithful to yourself. But consider that you are not perfect, and therefore your answer will not be perfect, but only the reflection of your condition, and some day in the future, your present answer will appear to you far from perfect.

Do you remember the story in Luke, where a sinner knelt down in front of Jesus, letting drop her tears on his feet, drying them with her hair, kissing them and anointing them with perfume?

Do you believe that after this encounter with Jesus she became a saint? Certainly not. She fell and she got up, and she fell again and got up. But she had much love. This is what counts: the love in the life of people.

Recently you insinuated that we should fix “rules” for living. We have done so already: To love. Depending on the quality of love that each one has, so their answer will be to any situation. Therefore, if you want to give answers in harmony with the laws of God, care about your love. Try to obtain more of the Love of God that will purify you. “Set your heart first on his kingdom and his goodness, and all these things will come to you as a matter of course.”

But don’t worry. If you were perfect, you could already live in the Celestial Heavens. This is not the case, however, you have a place reserved there, as all men do. But you have to make an effort to fulfill the demands. You will not be able to do this overnight. It takes time, effort and sweat. You have to travel the road. We will not take you upon our shoulders and carry you, but we will give you our hand, and we will guide you.

I now give you some advice: Don’t waste your time meditating over fictitious situations that may present themselves or may not. Dedicate your time to better develop your love and to obtain more of the Love of God. As I have said, your answers to all possible situations will only be a reflection of your condition. If you want to give good answers, improve your condition.

Have a happy day.



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