Messages 2001

The One Fat Book!

December 11th, 2001

Received by H.

Cuenca, Ecuador.


Hello, my dear brother. I see that you have received some questions. And I will answer two of them.

Our brother G___ has written you, proposing the following:

“Speaking of a book, ask Judas what he thinks about having a book, somewhat similar to the Bible, but containing all the messages. Let him expand and guide us specifically with that. Also, read what is on the web board what I wrote regarding Goliath and ask Judas to expand a bit more on that.”

My dear brother G___, first allow me to tell you that when reading the messages and interpreting passages that are not very clear, it is always necessary to find the simplest explanation. The text in discussion is the following, written by Goliath through James Padgett:

“I know what Divine Love means and what progress means, as I came from the lowest hells and found no necessity for reincarnation, and you may be assured that if my condition of suffering and darkness could have been gotten rid of by reincarnation, I would have reincarnated centuries before I was relieved of my awful condition. I have met spirits who said they believed in the doctrine, but strange to say, none of them had ever been able to reincarnate though they persisted that they felt assured that other spirits had, who were just in that condition that permitted it, and that they would when they became in a condition that was suitable, but I have noticed that these spirits never got in that suitable condition, but progressed in the spirit world and now say that they were mistaken and are thankful that there is no such thing as reincarnation. Well, the race will die and a new race will arise on earth, but in the new race there will not be any who have been reincarnated.”

What intrigues you is the last sentence, on the new race. But I tell you, the only thing that this phrase is intended to transmit, is the following: “This generation will die and a new generation will arise on earth, but in the same way, in this new generation there will not be any who have been reincarnated.”

If you read the whole message, you will see that it deals with the false belief that some day a great master will present himself in front of humanity, leading them along the way of truth towards heaven. This master has already come; it is not necessary that the same one or another one should come again.

The second part is about the absurdity of the doctrine of reincarnation. And it culminates with the above mentioned sentence. A new generation will come, but in it, there won’t be individuals who have been reincarnated. This is all so simple. It does not refer to any church, to any new humanity, nor to the end of the world, nothing like that. Simply, nobody in this generation (that of James Padgett) had been the product of reincarnation, and so it would be the case in the future generations.

I am sorry to disappoint you; but my friend, do not complicate your life. Now to the second question. Essentially, it deals with the problem, if it is worthwhile compiling all the Padgett messages into one single book.

I am really not sure if I should answer this, because it is a question you can answer for yourself easily. However, I would like to add the following comments:

In the first place, any undertaking that may contribute to the spreading of the messages is worthy of praise and deserves all possible support.

Now you all know that the spreading of the messages (or of the message of Love) implies work and time. Moreover, you also know that all involved people have limited time and energy. Therefore it is necessary to plan well. So, I will ask you some questions, and if you answer them, you will find your solution.

  1. Would a unified book of all the messages increase its usefulness?
  2. Would it be too thick?
  3. And if so, could you help this, by removing duplicated messages and some worthless personal messages in a spiritual or particular sense?
  4. Would this one book be a conglomerate of the four existing volumes or would an arduous work of editing be necessary? I am referring to message sequence, style, incorporating messages unpublished so far, etc.
  5. Would this thick book achieve a greater outreach, would it facilitate message spreading? Alternatively, would it enter into competition with what already exists, without covering a “larger market share”?
  6. Is this project of the highest priority or are there other projects of the same or even higher priority?
  7. If there are such, what are those projects?

And I am sure you can find other pro or con arguments If after responding to these questions you conclude that this book would be advantageous, then put hands to work. If you conclude that another project has a higher priority, then also put hands to work on the other project.

In short, whatever you undertake to foster the spreading of the message of Love will have our blessing and support. Often it is not the problem of which one should be the project of highest priority, but initiating any appropriate project, and leading it to its conclusion is important. In other words, not the plan so much, but to put it into practice. I say so in full recognition and gratefulness that you have already achieved very much. But perhaps it would be good to find a great project, so great that many people would have to take part, strengthening the spirit of union.

Thank you for your interest, dear G___, and let your own intuition guide you. Listen and you will find out the best solution.

God bless you all,

Your brother in Christ,



The single book containing all the messages being proposed at this time, was not along the lines of what we have actually produced many years later. It was simply the inclusion of all the material into one book, instead of four volumes and obviously would compete directly with existing books, saving only a small amount of money by having a single publication. What has been produced, first by Joseph Babinsky and later others, including myself, is a chronological publication. This presents the messages exactly in the sequence that James Padgett received them, and presents a rather different perspective. See this page.


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