Messages 2001

Homosexuality and soulmates.

August 30th, 2001

Received by H.

Cuenca, Ecuador


Dear H___, yesterday I impressed upon you the topic, which we will treat now, and you did not like it very much. But as a matter of fact, although you don’t show much interest, it is a very important topic, and what is even more, it has never been dealt with in messages so far.

Today’s subject is homosexuality.

If we review humanity’s history, we find that the topic of homosexuality has been treated in diverse ways. We have knowledge of cultures where homosexuality was considered normal and enjoyed common acceptance. This can be observed in the Roman civilization, at least in the period after the Republic, and in Greece. In the state of Sparta, society even encouraged homosexual relationships among warriors, because this contributed to increased courage and cooperation in battle, where the couples gave their life for each other.

In contrast, certain societies had a very restrictive attitude against the homosexuality, as we can read in the Bible in the case of the Hebrews, whose law strictly prohibited that sexual practice under penalty of death. The reason was that reproduction, growth of the tribe, of the people, of the nation, constituted a main factor in people’s consciousness, and in that time, it was also vital for the community’s survival.

We find something similar in aggressive, war-faring societies, for example in Adolf Hitler’s Third Reich, where homosexuality was punished as a human perversion with banishment in concentration camps, or in other words, with slow death. The moral justification was that homosexuals weakened “ethnic health,” that is, they didn’t contribute to the “production of warriors,” who would serve to kill and to die for the well-being of the homeland in the future.

During the child’s development and also partly during adolescence, sexual preference is developed in a complicated process, still not very well known. This is called sexual fixation or stamp. In a large part of the population, sexual preference aims at the opposite sex, but in certain part it aims at the same sex, or may not be clearly defined, which we call bisexuality. It is difficult to set percentages, but the truth lies between the exaggerated extreme of 10% of the population and the other extreme of 0.3%. If we calculate a percentage of 2 to 3 percent for homosexuals and bisexuals, we are on safe terrain.

I mention these numbers to point out to you that, although we deal with a phenomenon of minorities, it is quite a big minority, and for that reason it is a topic of common interest.

In the persecution of homosexuality, many times the idea appears that homosexuality is unnatural because it doesn’t serve the true purpose of sexuality.

Well, it is true that reproduction is only one aspect of human sexuality, which in fact encompasses much more. But even if we look at the animal kingdom, where sexuality exclusively serves the purpose of reproduction, we can observe that homosexuality does exist. It is a phenomenon, then, that for natural reasons develops in a part of the population.

Besides reproduction, sexuality is the expression of love, of enjoying jointly, it has the function to attract two people and to keep them together. As in everything in life, sexuality can be practiced in harmony with God’s laws, that is to say, practiced in love and in seriousness, and one may also abuse it, in the field of heterosexuality as well as in that of homosexuality. One example would be great promiscuity that certainly is out of harmony, degenerating sexuality to pure desire for enjoying without giving love, and this bears serious consequences.

Homosexuality, therefore, is a behavior which develops in a certain part of the population by a process of sexual fixation that one may observe in all social classes, in all societies, and even in the animal kingdom. It is an inclination that doesn’t constitute the norm, because only a minority is affected, but it is not unnatural and can be practiced in harmony with God’s laws, in the same way as heterosexuality.

It is necessary to say that there is no reason whatsoever for prejudices and discriminations, and that it is humanity’s obligation to accept and to love homosexual people as any other person.

It is a conflictive topic, H___, but this has been only the first part. The difficult part comes now.

In the Padgett messages we can read that souls are created in duplex form, that is to say, two halves, sufficient for themselves, but complementary in a certain sense. You can infer, and it is even mentioned, that those halves are distinguished through their sexuality, a male and a female soul.

But I tell you that the soul doesn’t know sexuality, and that sex is only determined with incarnation. Sexuality is merely a material function, and it doesn’t have anything to do with spirituality. In the spirit world, the spirit bodies don’t even have sexual organs. All kinds of love, of which we speak, for example natural love in the spirit world, or soul mate love, have nothing to do with sexuality.

Only in the lowest earth planes can we still find the idea of sexuality and the intent of indulging in it, among the dark spirits still trapped in their lost earthly life. But in the higher levels, the idea of sexuality loses its value, it no longer serves and it doesn’t fit in the spiritual environment. The Love of God doesn’t have a sexual component, His Soul doesn’t have a sexual component, and neither do our souls have any sexual pre-formation, but this is rather a fleeting phenomenon, necessary for adaptation to earth life and the fulfillment of certain functions.

While it is true that the two parts of the complete soul incarnate - in the great majority of cases - in bodies of opposite sex, this is not a rigid rule, and there are cases where this doesn’t happen. But this, you understand, has nothing to do with homosexual inclinations. In consequence, you will understand that in the reuniting of the souls returned to the spirit world, there is not necessarily a union of souls, where one incarnated in a male and the other one in a female. Don’t understand me wrongly, but sexuality no longer exists here, soulmates and homosexuality don’t have anything to do with each other, they are completely different things, at levels separated by a distance of years of light.

What I have told you contradicts in some degree what has been received in that respect in the Padgett messages, but you have to understand that there was never a deepening of the topic, and at that time, with its inherent intolerance, it was not really the appropriate moment for touching on so delicate a matter, which doesn’t really constitute any problem, when you can detach yourself from the idea of sexuality, because, I repeat, sexuality is a purely material phenomenon, which disappears a short time after entering the new world of spirits. The love between soulmates is a highly purified love, a spiritual love, only overpowered in its quality by the Father’s Love. It is the highest form of natural love.

Now, I think the moment has arrived to leave you some time to digest this. It is new and conflicting, but also fascinating. Think it over. It is not important that you understand it, nor even that you accept it, but it was my desire to deliver this information for the benefit of many people who expressed repeatedly their curiosity in this matter.

I had to fight against considerable resistance in you, my dear brother, but I have achieved what I had intended, and the message passed through in an acceptable form.

I am aware that you have many doubts now, but this is natural, when you receive something so surprising and contrary to what you used to believe.

God bless you,

Your brother,



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