Messages 2001

Trance Mediumship.

December 27th, 2001

Received by H.

Cuenca, Ecuador.


My dear brother, let’s talk about trance. I deem it opportune to address this topic since there have been questions in respect of this. Also, there is much confusion as to the nature of trance and its importance for message transmission.

When you lie down or sit down in a comfortable armchair and relax yourself, imagining how the bed or the armchair bears your weight, feeling some region of your body completely relaxed, and how this muscular relaxation spreads from that point all over your body, when you concentrate on your breathing, when you feel somewhat dizzy and suddenly you feel as if a hand is pressed on your forehead, then you are in trance. Right now, when receiving these words, you are in trance. Your eyes are tearing, but you are not weeping from emotion, it is just one of the signs of trance.

As you see, this is not a very special or mysterious state. You are completely awake, but your awareness is very restricted. You no longer perceive the noise around you, and if I would now prick your skin with a needle, you would feel no pain.

Everybody is able to reach this state. And there are many ways to achieve this. What you are using is a self-hypnosis procedure, a quick and sure procedure.

If you imagine somebody watching a football game on television, someone who is completely concentrated on what he is observing, and who no longer perceives what is going on around him, you can understand that this person is also in a state of trance. The same thing happens to people absorbed in the reading of a fascinating book, and to the dreamer who later can no longer explain how the hours vanished.

Trance has many faces, from catalepsy to these so daily and common phases. Perhaps this is not how people imagine trance, but it is reality.

All those phases have something in common. It is the limitation of perception. Several parts of awareness disappear temporarily; it may be the awareness of what is going on around themselves, or it may be the awareness of their own body, losing all sensation of pain. It may also be a loss of a yardstick or judgement, and people become very susceptible to suggestions, as in classic hypnosis.

The great advantage of trance for our purposes is that the loss of annoying external influences allows a clearer perception of the spirit’s “voice,” that is to say, thought impressions, as well as images. Sounds or other kinds of perceptions such as scents or touch are perceived with much more clarity. We could even say that without an appropriate trance state, although it may be very slight, that message transmission is not possible.

From what I have said you may understand that Dr. Samuels also received his messages in a state of trance. However — be careful! — don’t make the mistake of equaling trance depth with precision in message transmission.

It is generally believed that when the medium’s phrases turn out twisted or incorrect in grammar, that means that the medium is in a state of trance and that the rapport with the spirit who is transmitting the message loses strength. I want to remind you that the words that the medium reproduces, are not the selfsame words of the spirit. Rather, they have first undergone a process of transformation in the brain, or in the mind, of the receiving medium. Sometimes it happens that the flow of information exceeds the restricted capacity of the medium. In the case of bad rapport, the phrases turn out mutilated, out of context, etc.

I want to remind you of a sentence that was transmitted in a message through James Padgett:

“This Love comes to men through the workings of the Holy Spirit, causing It to flow into the heart and soul, and filling it so that all sin tends to make them unhappy.”

Of course, this is nonsense. The sentence should read:

“This Love comes to man by the workings of the Holy Spirit, causing this love to flow into the heart and soul, and filling it, so that all sin, which tends to make them unhappy, must be eradicated.”

This does not only happen in automatic writing, but also in dictation when deep concentration prevents the medium from realizing the error. Even later revisions don’t detect the mistake because everybody knows what the phrase is supposed to mean, and you read what is supposed to be on the paper, and not what really is there. How many people will have read this message without detecting the mistake!

H: This message is contained in “Angelic Revelations of the Divine Truth,” volume II (Editors note: And as linked above, in Vol III of True Gospel Revealed Anew by Jesus)

As to the observation that the messages received by Dr. Samuels have a strong Jewish coloring, this is true and very natural. A medium’s beliefs and convictions always exercise an influence on the contents and presentation of the received messages. The same thing can be said of Mr. Padgett’s messages, whose marked anti-Catholicism reflects the beliefs and convictions of his personality. Much of what is criticized there of Catholicism, can also be criticized of Protestant congregations. In addition, a great emphasis is notable on punishment, a relic of his education, something that does not disappear so easily, since it is anchored deeply in people’s personality.

As to the chosen people, it is true what Saul of the Old Testament states in a message received by Mr. Padgett:

“God is not the God of any race, but He is the God of every individual child who comes to Him in true supplication and prayer, seeking His Love and help in his spiritual nature.”

There are many more messages on the topic, all of them indicating that God does not have a chosen people. The “chosen ones” are those who choose to be with God.

Jesus was born a Jew. Nevertheless, I imagine that it was also possible that he could have been born an Indian or in any other country. That was God’s decision. All humanity has received on multiple occasions and in many ways the revelations of God. Some people preserved them, although not in their pure form, for example the Jews, in whose Scriptures you may learn much about God’s nature. However, much of what they contain is also false, such as the image of the avenging God. In a similar way, other peoples received divine revelations, as in the case of the Bhagavad-Gita of India, which also contains a mixture truth and falsehood. Other peoples did not preserve anything in their traditions.

The concept of a chosen people is completely incompatible with the concept of the individuality of man’s relationship to God. Dr. Samuels knew this, and, even so, his unconscious left deep prints in his messages.

[H.: I am seeing Dr. Samuels. Are you projecting this image to me or is he really present?]

I am reproducing his image in your mind, but he is really here, and he wants to speak with you.

[H.: I am really trying, but I cannot grasp anything. It does not come through… I only perceive the word “pressure”… ???]

Don’t worry. He will come again. You are still in your development, and there is still much to do for you. There are affinities between spirits and mortals, and your affinity to me is very great. However, it will be very difficult for you to tune in to Dr. Samuels since you are not on the same “wavelength.” But you will learn. This is why I am your guide, and not he.

But I want to make it very clear that Dr. Samuels’ messages, in general, are first class. Especially when they deal with historical topics, they can be accepted with great confidence. Always remember that an isolated message is never very reliable. It is the body of messages that produces reliability.

The medium’s beliefs and convictions may influence that message. They are like filters. Imagine a filter in front of the lens of a camera allowing only the passing of red light. All objects of other colors simply are not perceived. And now, when we want to transmit “objects of red, green, blue and yellow color” to the mind with the prefixed filter, a good part of information gets lost. Moreover, what is worse, the medium sometimes fills in the holes in the information with his own ideas, unconsciously deforming what we really want to say. Therefore, we have to carefully select the receivers of our messages.

Some kinds of information are very difficult to convey, such as names, dates, places, etc. And in these cases, it is a great help if we can have recourse to what the medium already knows. Trance allows us an easy access to the medium’s memory and recollections, where all that information is stored with incredible precision. Unfortunately, there is also the danger that the medium himself accesses incorrect parts of this information and interpolates them into the message unconsciously. However this can be controlled provided the medium has the will and disposition to cooperate and to develop.

In my last message, for example, you were not sure if the year of my birth was the year 2 or 3. You wrote down the correct year, year 2. I advise you that when you are not completely sure, follow your “intuition.” Write what you are perceiving, do not simply omit things. If you make a mistake, there will always be the opportunity for corrections.

Previously I have mentioned that trance depth does not guarantee precision in message transmission. This is true. And I will explain this to you using an example.

When the hypnotist commands a hypnotized person to kill someone, they will not obey if in their totally awake state they would not normally do this. Or remember what you read on the experiment where the hypnotist suggests to the hypnotized person that a room is empty, when in fact the room is full of furniture and stuff. Then the hypnotist tells the person to cross the room and the hypnotized person obeys, avoiding all obstacles. When the hypnotist asks why the person did not cross in a straight line but by zigzagging, the hypnotized person will invent a series of excuses, for example that he wanted to look out of the window, that a stain on the floor caught his interest, etc. In spite of the strong external influence on the part of the hypnotist, or on the part of the spirit in the case of message transmission, it is the receiving persons’ beliefs and internal perceptions that govern their behavior and resulting action. Therefore, my dear friend, perfect transmission does not exist.

In our case, I recommend that you continue practicing. The method of projecting the image of the spirit and your visualization has contributed much to your progress and your concentration on the contents of what we want to communicate. I am happy with what we have achieved so far. God willing, next year will be a prosperous year in this sense. We have come to the most important part of Jesus’ life, and in the first place I want to tell how he taught us his message of God’s Love.

Now I will conclude this long message.

My dear D___, I hope I may have provided you with some clues for your undertaking, which we watch with much happiness. Be assured that you have all our backing. I would also like to tell you that you may trust in your perceptions and in your guidance to select the pertinent passages for your book. It is a wise decision to select and rearrange. In order to convey a concept, it is certainly not necessary to reproduce all the messages phrase by phrase, word by word.

But now, I am really through. I say good-bye, with all my love to you.

Your brother in Heaven,



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