Messages 2002

The Sound of His Voice.

March 13th, 2002

Received by H.

Cuenca, Ecuador.


Yesterday I announced that I wished to speak about certain important events in the year 26. However, today, for a certain reason I have changed my mind and want to address the subject of “the Name of God.”

Today you have read an interesting statement. I want you to reproduce it here.

«All this folderol about the “name” of God is a tempest in a teapot. The Hebrew word for “name” is SHEM and is an ancient root from Akkadian and Ugaritic for “sound” and “to hear” as is the morning prayer “shema.” It is also the root for the “heavens” and the cosmos because God CREATED all things with the SOUND of his voice. Just as a child did not come into existence, even after birth, until the father held him/her to the heavens and SOUNDED the name, the act of naming is the act of creation. Everything with a name was created. God was not created, He is the CreaTOR. God does not have a NAME and never did. Why do you think he shuffled his feet, hemmed and hawed and hedged about when Moses asked his name and all he said was “I am what I am” and “Will be what I will be?? [written by Jack Kilmon]”»

All this, my friend, is absolutely correct. In addition, it is only a partial aspect. I would like to go deeper into the subject, and although I fear that you will not be able to understand fully what I will tell you now, I will try to do so. Perhaps you and others may draw some advantage from this information.

God has no name. And as the Bible described in its picturesque way, God created all things by pronouncing them, by “sounding” them. All things created have names, but He who never was created has no name. He could not have a name. So, He expressed to Moses the very nature of His existence: He simply WAS, IS, and always WILL BE.

Jesus had a very special form to address God. He called Him “Father,” and as you know this was most revolutionary for us, because we had never thought of Him in that way. And when you have been asked how Jesus found his unique and true way of praying, you certainly are right that he received help from the Father, but the most important point was that he had recognized God as the “Father,” our absolute Father and not a distant nebulous Almighty Being, but a true Father who is close to us and watching over us.

When we talked about God, we used to call him Ha-Shem, the name. Nevertheless, this word, as Jack Kilmon correctly points out, has much more implications than this simple translation leads you to assume. Shem was and is the universal sound, the voice of creation. When in those ancient times the father lifted his newborn child towards the heavens and pronounced its name, he “created” it in that very moment. Before, it simply did not exist. He could kill the child, because it did not “exist” for society. This practice was widely spread in antiquity, from Greece to Rome to Palestine, a perverted understanding of the “creative sound.” In another example, think of the magical meaning of the sound “OM” in oriental religions.

It is not a coincidence that the Hebrew word for “heavens” or “cosmos” is based on the same root, SHM. And when you think a little and let play your fantasy, you could find other words that translate the word SHEM perhaps in a more attractive way. New Age people would call it “vibration,” I think.

So, God is this eternal and almighty entity, which emanates vibrations, the sound of creation, in a continuous flow. Creation has not ended; it is an ongoing process that will never end, as far as we know.

Maybe you remember that I told you once that “we are creators.” This is true, and when you read that you may create your own universe and serve in it, you should not smile and shake your head. All this depends on your soul development, and this image is not distant from Truth.

You could say that all things “vibrate,” and please understand that I use this word only to give you some idea. Consider it a parable. All things vibrate reflecting God’s creative sound, at the frequency intended by the Father. But there is one creation that is able to produce its own vibrations, because it is made in the image of God. It is the human soul.

You understand, producing vibrations means to create. In other words, every thought, every word, every deed is an act of creation.

You will also remember that you have read that “hell is a place and a condition” and “heaven is a place and a condition.” God has provided the place, the condition is manmade. On earth, you live in an environment that is neither hell nor heaven. However, you may create the condition of either hell or heaven. When you start to see things that way, you will realize that you, even as a mortal, are very powerful. The problem is that you have not learnt to control the vibrations you produce. You only learn to control them when you develop your soul.

I can remember as if it had happened yesterday when Jesus sent us out to preach. People, having heard of the Master’s spectacular healings, brought many sick people to us to heal. And we could not. And so, we stood there, humiliated, looking at the maliciously grinning faces of our detractors or the eyes of those who had put their trust in us, showing they felt deceived. And then we returned to the Master, subdued and discouraged. The Bible shows this clearly.

“Then the disciples came to Jesus privately and asked Him, “Why could not we expel the demon?” “Because your faith is so small,” He replied; “for I solemnly declare to you that if you have faith like a mustard-seed, you shall say to this mountain, ‘Remove from this place to that,’ and it will remove; and nothing shall be impossible to you.”

Yes, it is faith which develops your souls, because through faith you are able to obtain ever more of God’s Substance, “vibrating at the same frequency as He does.”

You understand that there are billions of people living presently on earth, and there are billions of creative impulses, aiming in the most diverse directions, producing the chaos and the lack of harmony you can observe on earth. Your own impulses are like a drop of water in a turbulent ocean. But, as you know, as you obtain more faith, your creative impulses become stronger and more in harmony with the Father’s Will, His “vibrations.” And so you may comprehend easily that your obtaining Divine Love is a valuable contribution to the world’s harmony. Each and every one who obtains and activates Divine Love in their souls, fosters common welfare and peace, even if they are not aware of their part in the cosmic power play.

And then you think, “What are we doing here? We talk about so many insignificant things, we do so many insignificant things, and on TV, I can watch how Palestinians blow Israeli children apart, and how Israelis blow Palestinian children apart. What’s the use of what I am doing?”

Now, my dear friend, your influence in what is happening over there is practically zero. But your influence in your own environment is great. Why don’t you concentrate on your own surroundings? As you have your influence here, Palestinians and Israelis have their influence there, and it is their responsibility to put their affairs in order. As long as the “sound of hatred” prevails, and the “sound of peace” does not find its way out of so many people’s souls, they will throw ever more fuel into the fire of revenge, a fire that will consume them all. But if you let out your cry for peace, several thousands of miles away, they won’t hear you. People over there who really want peace, and they are the majority, have their own voice. Can’t you hear it? Well, this is not because your ears have turned deaf, but because they are not prepared to assume their own responsibility and seriously counter those conditions they abhor.

But I will tell you something: When you look at a globe on your desk, and a fly sits down right on the spot representing Palestine, it will cover all areas Jesus had visited and preached in. Yes, Jesus was the Messiah, and his task was to spread the Glad Tidings of God’s Divine Love. But he could do so only in his own reduced environment. He did not become discouraged, thinking that there were so many more places in the known world in those ancient times, no, he carried on and succeeded. Do the same in your surroundings. There, your “vibrations” may have a very great effect, for you and for others.

Now, coming to the end of my message, I want to address the problems of your friend, who feels so despondent and discouraged. I have told him once that at the beginning of any attempt to improve your situation must be prayer. And I repeat this now. Prayer is the emission of creative vibrations, building a channel to God, a private, toll-free phone line, so to say. Of course transmission quality depends on the conveying agent, on the phone line, which you must build. And so, you may understand that what you receive in the beginning may be incomprehensible and blurred, full of background noise. But quality will improve when you really try. A hostile environment is an environment which people create for themselves, or at least, contribute to its creation. Hostility is often more a matter of perception than of reality.

Prayer is like physical training. In the beginning it is wearisome, then you become used to it, but after some time, when progress seems so small and you are still so far away from your goals, you may even despair. However, when you manage to overcome this and carry on, you will be greatly rewarded, and prayer will be like an addiction, a cheerful moment you may enjoy at any time of the day.

You must learn to accept yourself, and even more, to love yourself. If you don’t love yourself, how can you love others? Try to discover the beauty inside you, and then you will learn to discover the beauty in others. Try to be kind to yourself, and then you will be kind to others. Try to forgive yourself, and then you will forgive others.

Always remember, the small world you live in is a world of your creation. It is not the great events on earth which make you happy. The inauguration of a new power plant in Pakistan will not make you happy, but those small things in your personal life will, even if someone just smiles at you saying “thank you!”

You have built a solid brick wall around you, and now you are hammering with your fists and kicking with your feet against it. However it would be so easy to penetrate it, not with the fierce blows of your fists, but with smooth movements of your arms, as spirits smoothly go through walls. It is not material brute force, but spiritual soft energy which finds its way through any obstacle.

You have more energy than most people have. Try to channel it to a different, higher level, and you will see that on that level there are no walls.

My dear brother H___, as I had anticipated, you did not catch all I have transmitted. But I hope that the little that did come through may serve you and others as a guideline. I admit it has been a difficult topic.

God bless you,



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