Messages 2001

The Efficacy of Prayer

August 22nd, 2001

Received by H.

Cuenca, Ecuador


H.: Dear God, please allow me to enter into contact with my guide Judas. I would like to receive what he wishes to tell me, without interference of my own thoughts. And also, please protect me from the influence of dark spirits. Yes, I want from all of my heart to enjoy the company of my friend Judas…

…more than a friend, I am your brother, and I love you more than you can imagine.

Yes, I am Judas, and you can visualize me. Don’t worry over what happened last night. You felt my presence, but our rapport broke. You were too sleepy, and we need you to be in good condition, so we might communicate. Don’t worry about that, and if some day you cannot talk to me directly, you need not to despair either, we do not need to undertake a forced march, we have time, and we want things to be done well.

Your major worry is your own thoughts, which can possibly sneak into our messages. And so it is in truth, and there is no way to prevent this. But I wish to tell you that your own thoughts are not necessarily wrong. You received a good training in the messages, and your way of thinking, in general terms, moves along the right lines.

Message transmission is an accumulative work. It has been very difficult to deliver the foundations. We needed a high quality medium, like Padgett, because the interposition of preconceived ideas would have been fatal. And despite all, it also happened. But any error can be corrected. And if you receive something wrong, we’ll straighten it out the next time, what do you think? So, don’t worry.

Today you have read the Law of Activation. It is true, people’s sincere prayers, both from mortals and spirits, activate God’s Great Soul, which in turn activates spirits or mortals to give the appropriate answer. In the case of spiritual prayers, the Father Himself takes care of the response.

Despite this knowledge there were always doubts in your mind as to the efficacy of prayer for other people. You could understand that these prayers, in case they were material, could activate favorable reactions, but in the case of prayers for another person’s spiritual progress, you thought that they would not achieve any effect. You also wondered, what good are those prayers for, if God knows everything. And what happens with those people who have nobody who prays for them?

So then, let’s start with the last question, because it is not true. There is nobody who doesn’t have anybody to pray for him or her. And if there really should be someone who has no friends on earth, certainly s/he has them in the spirit world. And everybody has their guardian angels, the best friends you can imagine. And they, yes, they can activate God’s Great Soul. It never did occur to you that this could be the job of a guardian angel, did it? So you understand that this thought has not been your own?

God offers everything, but He demands in turn that it shall be asked for. Simply because He has granted us our free will, and He will never “bless us forcibly” with His gifts. Ask and you will be given. But ask!

In this chain of activations, prayer – God – spirit or mortal, the last link is not mentioned in the message received by David, a link that is so logical, but you didn’t take it into account. It is the person himself who prays or on whose behalf others pray. Because that person also has to be activated! God’s blessings, as also material ones, are not delivered on a silver tray, ready to be used. You must recognize them first, and then take advantage of them! In other words, God gives us opportunities. He won’t give you a million dollars. But He will give you the opportunity to earn your living, or other benefits, whatever He deems convenient for you.

This entails certain consequences. A person can also benefit from the prayers of other people, if those prayers are for spiritual progress, because s/he will receive opportunities to progress, and s/he will receive help and advice. But it is the person’s job to take advantage of the occasion. So you see, prayers for other people are useful and beneficial at any level, both material and spiritual.

When the person thus favored does not recognize the opportunity, the prayers are without effect. Of course, some kind of will is always required, some kind of push from the beneficiary’s side. It is the same in health. If people don’t have any intention of improving, if they don’t contribute anything, for example changing lifestyle, the effect of prayers will be doubtful.

You know what soul perceptions mean, but you never thought that these perceptions serve not only the purpose of acquiring spiritual knowledge, but serve also for a better orientation in “real life”, as you now live it here on earth. They serve exactly for recognizing and distinguishing actual opportunities, and for thus being able to take advantage of them, and to avoid imminent dangers.

Today you have replied to an embittered woman, who complains about everything and accuses God of all injustice. And her only thought is: “When will these evil ones be punished?” She wants to escape from her country to leave materialism, as she calls it, and she wants to work in a third world country as an assistant in development.

You wrote to her correctly, if her motivation was only to escape, she will suffer great deception, because materialism reigns everywhere, but if her motivation was an impulse she feels inside, she should follow it.

This is correct. If this impulse comes from inside, or in other words, if it is a spirit prompting, it means that God is showing her a way towards an opportunity. But it also means that she has to open up to this opportunity, and to recognize it. And for this, she has to change her attitude, and to not look for happiness where she is looking for it now. She sees everything through a negative filter, and we want to teach humanity to see the positive side, because life is positive, full of opportunities.

I give you a piece of advice: Never expect gratefulness from your neighbor. If they thank you, be happy, if not, don’t be sad. There is always someone who is thankful: We are, and so is God. Imagine, God created you, He could make whatever He wishes with you, but He is grateful because you do what increases your own happiness. This is humility, this it is greatness, and David’s perception is very good to recognize this. And this great development of soul you can even perceive reading his letters.

It is your work to give other people, who need it, this initial impulse. To do this, you must try to attain to a certain development, opening up your soul to Divinity. But you cannot do more than be an example and no more than give impulses. The work itself has to be carried out by the person who requests help. And this is true even in the material environment.

First you must give, in order to receive. You must ask, and you must learn humility. You must always underline this.

We have a wonderful connection today, and I am so glad.

Will we respond now to your following question: “Does the Law of Compensation only act on the current condition of a soul or also on misdeeds committed in the past?”

Well, the answer is that the Law of Compensation always takes care of the current state of the soul. But the effect of the Law doesn’t start only with the soul’s entrance in the spirit world.

It is possible that an evil person has improved his or her behavior, and his or her misdeeds of the past are as if they had never happened. This means that the soul, the ego, of the person, has changed. But this change always comes accompanied by or it is started by painful experiences, caused by the Law of Compensation, so that nothing and nobody escapes.

It is impossible that a perverse person becomes a saint overnight. It is a process which it is necessary to undergo, to suffer and to experience, and it is a painful process. I believe that you have already got the point. You can expiate right now on earth. And the person purified this way need not fear additional unpleasant consequences through the Law of Compensation. But still, it is a process of atonement, possible on earth or in the spirit.

Each evil deed causes vibrations in the network of God’s Laws, and those vibrations rebound onto the transgressor. This is a Law. Nobody escapes. When this happens depends on many factors, but it is not something necessarily reserved for the beyond.

We will also deal with the problem of evil’s influence on climate, earthquakes, etc., but not today, and not tomorrow. Our current rapport is wonderful, but the topic is quite difficult, and we will deal with it in the future, when you will have developed a little more.

Now go and write what I have told you. And remember, although you don’t see me, I am with you, and also in writing the message, you won’t lack my guidance.

[H.: Are you my guide because we are similar in our character?]

(Judas laughs) Yes and no, because character changes. But it is true, my character on earth was a little bit like yours, as it seems. Very impulsive, impatient, even irritable, little humility, knowing everything better, even better than the Master… but I had better not list all the negatives, I don’t want you to be scared off. Men have their flaws, but look where you may get to, if you really want to work on your perfection.

I love you and I will take care of you,

Your brother,



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