Messages 2001

The Urantia Book and the Trinity, and channelling.

October 12th, 2001

Received by H.

Cuenca, Ecuador


My dear brother, yesterday I announced that today we would talk about another phase in Jesus’ youth. I have not forgotten it, but I want to postpone this subject, because another topic has arisen which deserves our attention. I wish to speak about the trinity.

You have read a message which informs you that the Urantia Book was inspired by Celestial angels. And that is true. But studying that book you find some points that don’t coincide with what you have read in the Padgett messages or what you have received yourself. For example, Jesus’ life is described in a different way, it tells of his father Joseph’s premature death, and there are many other differences. However, you could also verify that it tells about Divine Love, and many ideas and principles are put forth in this voluminous book in quite a similar way to the Padgett messages.

Now, taking a look at the problem of the trinity, which is described in the Urantia Book, although in a different way than this doctrine is presented by the orthodox churches, I would like to remind you that I already mentioned once that this is a belief of little importance. If somebody seeks the Father’s Love, if somebody yearns for at-onement with Him, it doesn’t matter if they believe in the trinity, just as it does not matter either if they believe that Jesus is God, having pre-existence, etc. All those are beliefs which can interfere marginally with soul development, but in fact, they don’t bear much weight. The Urantia Book certainly contains valuable information, and it is worthwhile reading it, and reading it with an open heart and with keen perceptions.

There was a phase in ancient church history when a branch of Christianity, which finally turned out victorious, had to fight along several fronts against what they called heresies. The problem was caused by Jesus’ nature, and to express it more accurately, by the confusion between Jesus and Christ.

There were groups, mainly of Judeo-Christians, who claimed that Jesus was a mere man, the same as anyone else, but that through certain spiritual development he was able to incorporate some part of divinity - and he became a divine being. Practically they stated what the Padgett messages also express.

We will call the group of Christians who finally won the battle the orthodox, which means “those of the right opinion.” And nowadays, the Catholics are not the only orthodox, but also the so-called Russian, Serbian and Greek orthodox, the Lutherans, in short, a great part of the so-called Protestants form part of them, because the separation between these groups happened centuries after this controversy.

Well, as I have said, the orthodox defended their position and affirmed that Jesus was God. But then, there came others saying that this was true instead: Jesus was God the Father incarnated to suffer for humanity.

But the orthodox could not accept that, and they replied that Jesus was not God the Father, but the Son. And they got into real trouble, because they were accused of ditheism, that is, of worshipping two Gods.

But there were yet others who said that it was true that Jesus was God the Son, but not a man. His condition as a man was only an illusion, as God cannot suffer pain. The orthodox were forced to say that that was wrong. Jesus was a man, but at the same time he was God. But in order to defend themselves against the accusation of polytheism, they said that God the Father and God the Son were the same person, and they integrated the Holy Spirit as the third person.

I have already explained all this in a previous message. And so, the doctrine of the trinity took shape, but not all at once. It was a development over centuries, when even some of the first teachers of this teaching were accused of heresy, because their “primitive” opinion no longer coincided with the more sophisticated version in later times. This happened, for example, to the wise Origen.

Unfortunately, this teaching has been and still is so complicated and unfathomable that the church got into serious problems when trying to explain this doctrine, because what is simply absurd cannot be explained, and so they declared the “mystery” of the trinity. Very well, without or with the trinity there is no obstacle for progress, as we have told you.

But teachings may have the very negative effect of conditioning the mind to interpret things according to these teachings, and of losing sight of what is real. In the Padgett messages the example of Swedenborg was mentioned, who tried hopelessly to reconcile what he had seen with what he believed in. And something similar happened in the case of the Urantia book. Beliefs are sticky.

But in your reasoning, once again you took a step too far, an unnecessary step, if you allow me to say so. I will formulate your doubts in a blunt but descriptive way.

  1. What is mediumship good for, if mediums receive such contradictory information? Oh my, my brother, you know very well that if you want to receive the information from the spirit world along the lines that whatever the gentlemen Hitler, Stalin, Idi Amin and Saddam Hussein have done is marvelous, you will receive it. Only tune in to a dark spirit, and you have a good chance of being successful. But don’t forget that everybody has the possibility of finding truth. Everybody knows, inside their hearts, what is good or what is bad. That criterion may be buried deep inside, covered by beliefs, by fanaticism, but it is there. And being too lazy to uncover this criterion, blindness and fanaticism won’t liberate anybody of their obligation of seeking truth, and of applying the same in their lives.
  2. Why don’t the Celestial spirits materialize, grasp a pencil and write down the truth, without the interference of a medium’s mind?

This would be marvelous, wouldn’t it? Just imagine that you wake up one morning, and find on your night table an authentic writing by Jesus in person, explaining all his teachings. Do you believe the whole world would accept this? In spite of the many imperfections of mediums, we have been able to communicate the most important principles of Truth, and not only once, but many times. Even in the messages which you reject, because of their strong flavor of a certain religious denomination, there is this spark of Truth, the teaching of the Love of God and It’s availability for all mankind. This transmission method has served wonderfully, and although there may be errors in the messages, in this basic message there is no error. And that is what counts. And if you have to think and to meditate, and to try to really find the pearls in these writings, that is not bad at all. This will help you in your spiritual development and it contributes to your formation.

Did you think for a moment whether Jesus could write down for you the whole Truth? He certainly could not do this. Every time we try to communicate messages of a high spiritual content, we have to take recourse to an inadequate vocabulary, one prone to misunderstandings. Jesus described soul transformation in various ways, for example, the leaven fermenting the batch of dough, the tiny mustard seed growing high like a tree. I have used the example of the wooden shack that transforms into a brick house or into a palace of steel and glass. I could say that the soul is like a beautiful composition of balanced substances, but when the catalyst, Divine Love, comes, it lowers the initial level of energies necessary to trigger a reaction, and new compounds form, never seen before, and they transform the old soul into a new substance with new properties. I could say that the soul is like a caterpillar, functional, multicolored, but when a certain hormone comes along, it becomes a chrysalis, giving place to a continuous transformation process, until some day the goal, the New Birth, is reached and the caterpillar has become a wonderful butterfly, living happily in a garden abundant with flowers. But all those are images, symbols, projections of Truth. You are not capable of understanding everything, and so we take recourse to this kind of “parable” that is always subject to interpretation. But, as I have said, you have the gift of interpreting. Hence, use it.

I wish to repeat once again that rather than letting things like the trinity form obstacles to you which you maybe cannot accept, rather try to really find the pearls amidst all the rest. It will be more productive. Be open, and see the Hand of God that so arduously works on earth. You need eyes of love to see that, and that message, yes, you did receive.

With that, I will finish this short excursion. Listen to my advice, and don’t transform your search into an autopsy. Look, listen, simply enjoy. Accept what you receive with gratefulness, yearn for more, but never lose heart. And do not transform your search into a race. It should be a pleasant walk through a splendid garden where each step leads you to discover new marvels.

It is time to say good-bye. Pray and learn how to enjoy your spiritual trip. Live and don’t make plans. And in the first place, love.

With much love, your brother in Christ,



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