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The dynamics of life 2: Love.

March 21st 2003

Received by H.

Cuenca, Ecuador.


I would like to continue my message again.

I am appealing to your fantasy. Imagine an international news chain with their sophisticated equipment filming a report in the Middle East of the first century after Christ. Also imagine that the reporters have no knowledge whatsoever of Jesus.

They describe the vast merciless and cruel Roman Empire, harnessing the whole Mediterranean area, extending its frontiers up to the limits of the known world. They tell of the rebellious province of Judea, where the Roman occuping forces frequently clash with guerilla groups, and where the atmosphere vibrates with tension and insecurity. Even among the province’s very population hatred reigns, because there live two peoples, deadly enemies: One people calls the others heretics and bastards, damned in the eyes of God; and the others reply that they are usurpers who changed the true faith, seducers and renegades, who have fallen in disgrace in the eyes of God. Confrontations were frequent, and it was not safe for members of one people to venture into the territory of the other one.

Perhaps, and only perhaps, the reporters meet a very peculiar preacher, who roams through all of Palestine and preaches a message of Love and peace, one of those barefoot peasants, one who is not able apparently to attract any more than other barefoot peasants. Of course, the reporters will not take him seriously. That Jesus from Galilee is only a wandering preacher among many others, he walks with a small group of followers, and is rejected even by the powerful of his own people. What should one expect from him? Would he be a footnote in a thick history book some day? No, impossible! He will be one of so many ephemeral fleeting stars that enjoy their day, and then end up in nothingness, to be forgotten forever.

However, Jesus had in his soul a piece of Heaven, his presence vibrated with Love, and everybody around him could feel this, and felt attracted, unless they closed themselves to this experience. The power, the energy that Jesus transmitted was so great that a few centuries later, without the use of weapons, the vast and merciless empire would succumb in front of this force, an event that would change the course of history forever.

Much of this initial energy has been lost; the force was deviated and perverted. However, we can still feel it, and if we compare today’s societies with those in the antiquity, we see very clear indications of change, slow and tortuous changes, but changes they are in any event.

This is the “dynamics of love.” Each decision that brings us closer to harmony, makes it easier for us to take correct decisions in the future. The dynamics of love is a counterbalance to the dynamics of evil. And the situations we observe are the results of the power play between both.

Evil nurtures its forces through our drives, which in general serve highly selfish ends. The power of men to plan, their reasoning, adds a terribly dangerous element, because they are no longer content with making sure of their survival, but they want more and ever more, they head from survival to a life of luxury at any expense. Also, instead of giving into their fears and heeding them, they cover them up and try to compensate for them, threatening and intimidating other people with the vain intent of unloading their own fears onto the backs of others.

Love also needs nutrition. It is spirituality that strengthens natural love, so that it may be able to combat evil. But the fight is arduous. One can hardly imagine that Jesus’ work would have been so successful had it been only based on natural love. Yes, of course, you are right, Islam also spread with an astounding speed. But wars of conquest on the wings of religious fanaticism led to those ends. Christianity, however, at least in its beginnings, was impelled by the Supreme Love.

Each one of you is responsible for adding their small contribution, so that the balance of dynamics may eventually lean toward harmony. Each decision weighs, and it is wise to meditate well whether this decision will lead to an increase of harmony, or simply upholds the deplorable state of things, or even worsens it.

There is no use in discussing the justification or illegality of wars or of other pitiful events. None of us is here to judge, but to act and to incline the balance towards good.

You are all powerful, even if you do not know it. All people have access, if they so choose, to the mightiest Force that exists, our Father’s Love. People’s prayers do not only fill their souls with this power, but they contribute to gather a pool of Love in this world, which like a gigantic power plant may flood the earth with its light. Each one of you is a channel, through which the fuel that impels the dynamics of love can descend.

Pray for the Love of God. Pray a lot, the world needs it.

Your brother in Christ,



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