Messages 2001

Man’s interference in the Spirit of God

August 28th, 2001

Received by H.

Cuenca, Ecuador


My dear H___, I am Judas, your guide and protector along your way to our Heavenly Father. I am a Celestial Spirit, born anew in God’s Love, and ever ready and willing to fulfill the Will of our Father in Heaven, to lend a helping hand and guidance to the sincere seekers of Truth.

Today I have come to you in order to write another chapter on the Spirit of God. Yesterday we mentioned that, besides the spirit of life, God also emanates His creative spirit. As its name suggests, it happened through this spirit that God created the universe and also us. You also know that the creation of the universe has not ended yet, and hence God’s creative spirit continues to be as active as it was at the dawn of time.

In various messages to Mr. Padgett, the Celestial angels communicated that evolution does exist in fact, but that this evolution is not a line of development chosen at random, but that it follows a line traced by the Father. It is a guided evolution.

God’s spirit moves in its actions strictly within a frame fixed by God, and the perfect network woven by His eternal Laws constitutes this frame. The law, which influences in the first place the activity of the creative spirit, is the Law of Eternal Change.

Many times the Celestial spirits, in their messages, have repeated that man, the soul, was created in the image of God. The created soul does not possess the Divine substance, it owns nothing of Divinity. However, it holds a series of attributes that can be compared to attributes of the Celestial Father. For example its natural love may be compared to God’s unconditional Love, and also its wisdom, mercy, etc. The little men know of God, is what is in themselves as a weak reflection of the perfect principle in our Father in Heaven.

Man, of course, cannot create life, he only can - following natural laws - create receptacles for God’s spirit of life. He can manipulate organisms containing life, he will even come to produce organisms, or material formations, where the spirit of the life may enter and develop its activity, creating in this way new life, whose material base has been created by man.

This activity is a creative work. Man is primarily a creative being, and he also possesses a kind of spirit, which we may call man’s creative spirit. Certainly, its activity moves on other levels than the Spirit of God, however, it does exist.

When I speak of man’s creative spirit, I am not only referring to buildings, cars, bridges, etc., in other words, purely material constructions, but I refer to the world of his thoughts, ideas, intentions, etc.

There are various quotations in the Padgett messages, indicating an immediate effect of human thoughts and actions upon the environment in the spirit world.

What I mean by all this is that man, in a similar way as God, carries out a continuous process of creation and construction, certainly at another level and mostly unconsciously. And man’s attitude on earth interferes with creation in the spirit world, in its lower levels. Their negativity is reflected in the environment, where they will have to live, and equally so is their positive attitude reflected in the environment. This is where the statement of “hells of man’s own creation” refers to. This is what Swedenborg meant when he spoke of man on earth already building his home in the spirit world. For this reason, man will find a custom-tailored home for his soul condition. He himself has “furnished” the home where he has to live. This is a creative process that exceeds humanity’s common awareness.

As I have told you, the Spirit of God performs a perfect work inside the framework of God’s laws. But men should be conscious that they can interfere easily with this work, and the result of this action, we call lack of harmony. I will give you a simple example. If we intervene improperly in an organism, the spirit of life cannot exercise its task thoroughly, and the consequence may be death, a premature death, a result out of harmony.

I can read in your mind what you are thinking. You have already grasped the idea. Man’s interference goes much beyond this example. Man’s creative spirit, when it is not well guided and moves outside the frame of God’s laws - because man indulges in his free will - can interfere with God’s creative spirit in its work. Evolution no longer follows its normal process, and the impact can be felt at all levels. Yes, also in climatologic effects, etc. How this works exactly, still lies outside your perceptions, but you already have some idea of what you couldn’t grasp at all in the beginning.

I previously mentioned that man’s negative attitude causes vibrations in the network of God’s laws, and forcibly falls back onto man. This is true. But it does not necessarily fall back onto this same man and only onto him, but this attitude causes environmental alterations at all levels, in the spiritual, psychological and material environment, and hence it affects many more people, innocent and guilty equally. This is unjust, certainly, but I have already told you that injustice and justice are human creations, but that God is guided by Love, and only by Love. It doesn’t matter what man does, there will always be a happy end for him in the long run, for him and also for the innocent victims of his actions.

You know that soldiers frequently march in step or in cadence, but when they arrive at a bridge, they abandon this “ceremonial” posture, and cross the distance to the opposite bank walking normally. The small force of a single step multiplies when many people take the same step at the same time, and the effect can be devastating, and the bridge may break down. The same happens with thoughts, attitudes, intentions, with negativity and positivism in general.

Humanity as a whole is most powerful, uniting their forces for the same purpose, but they don’t take advantage of it.

No, it is not. The negativity of a group of people at some place on earth does not necessarily cause repercussions at the same place. This “combined” spirit of men, or rather, the resultant of their combined forces, interferes in the natural processes of development, increasing or diminishing intensity, speed, direction or other markers of this process. Since the entire Earth is a cross-trigger system, the effect may appear in another region or in different regions. And the effect is not necessarily immediate. But leave this for now. You won’t understand all the implications at this time, but some day we can discuss them in more detail. The important thing is that you get the idea, that you understand and digest that man’s attitude on the whole has a much greater influence than you have conceived of so far.

You once read a very illustrative article. It described, how a small insect in the Amazon forest moves its tiny wings, causing feeble turbulences in the air, but at the same time unchains a series of events - all of them described in detail - leading to the formation of a Hurricane, which in its fury destroys part of the Florida coast. You liked this article, full of wit and truth, and you could understand it. Please, understand also that - apart from these material causes and effects - there are other causes and effects, in the spiritual environment, much more powerful and of a wider scope. You have to detach yourself from some of your “mental materialism.” I know that these statements would not find much acceptance in the general public, but take it this way: You have now a deeper perspicacity, a sharper perception, which the great majority of people are lacking. You owe this insight and this perception not to more knowledge, but to your greater soul development. They are the products of spirituality. Take it this way, and enjoy this advantage, although many won’t understand you.

I am happy that you have received the essence of my message, and also that part of your doubt has found some answer, at least partially. If we are able to continue along this line, very soon a new world will open up for your understanding.

Pray and follow my advice, and count always on me.

Your brother,



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