Messages 2001

Celestial and other spirit communications

August 29th, 2001

Received by H.

Cuenca, Ecuador


My dear H___,

After our meeting yesterday in the morning, I did not communicate with you. You did not receive impressions, either, from my part. I thought it better so, because you were not in condition to receive a message in calmness and mental steadiness.

I know sometimes people’s reaction when reading the Padgett messages is difficult to understand. They are messages of Love, messages pointing out an easy way to follow, and even if people don’t believe in them and follow only one single advice, prayer in general, not even prayer for Divine Love, the world would be better off than it is now.

You live in a world off balance, in every sense, and this imbalance is reflected by people’s way of thinking. But you have to learn not to take everything personally. You have to attain to a state, where your spirituality no longer depends on other people. As we always say, live in this world, but be not of this world. Work on this.

That man ridiculed the messages of the Celestials, not you, nor Doug, he doesn’t know you personally; for him, you are nothing more than points of focus for his internal frustration. If you remember the image of the river, he is like one of those rivers that seemingly have gone astray in their course, getting lost in the nothing, but which will find their way to God somehow, sooner or later.

I have also followed with interest your discussion on how to distinguish whether a message comes from the Celestials or not, and I saw many correct ideas in this discussion.

In fact it is not so difficult. When Alfredo, at the beginning of his contact with us had that very problem, it caused him a lot of insecurity, even anguish, and there was a message from Jesus for him, where the Master put forth useful approaches to evaluate messages. Messages from Celestial angels intend to transmit love, they don’t criticize simply for the sake of criticizing, they don’t judge, but they rather try to advise and guide. They are positive and constructive.

But what is most important, they are full of love for humanity. If a message complies with those criteria, you can assume safely that it is a message from a Celestial angel. I am repeating this, although Jesus has already explained it, because it seems that there continues to be some confusion in that respect.

But of course, spirits who communicate daily with humanity come from all levels, and when they are not inhabitants of the Celestial Heavens, it does not mean that they are bad. No, there are millions of spirits along the way to soul purification who communicate their counsel to humanity, guiding it on the path towards the perfect man. That is not bad, and each and every man, in the exercise of their free will, can opt for the direction that they personally wish to choose.

But, as you will understand, I want to remind you of the expression in the Bible, “but seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.” Divine Love purifies the soul and its natural love. This is the start of Its work, but there is much more to It. Thereafter It transforms the soul into God’s Substance, it transforms it into a Divine soul. So why be satisfied with the minor thing, if the major thing is right in reach?

You remember also what we spoke about justice. Therefore you should say, “but seek ye first the kingdom of God, and His Love; and all these things shall be added unto you,” and so you will express everything correctly.

There are many people in the world who receive messages, and some of them receive messages from Celestial angels. The principle of the New Birth, of Divine Love, is also transmitted through them, but sometimes clarity is lacking, which is due to the medium’s receptivity and his or her pattern of thinking. The word “Divine Love” is only one of the possible expressions to describe this part of Divinity, which escapes human understanding, and for which there is no adequate vocabulary. At times, It is called simply the Love of God, the Light, or Sanctity; sometimes It is even confused with the Holy Spirit. But those messages always emphasize the necessity of prayer in order to be able to arrive at God and become a “joyful witness of God’s Love.”

Prayer itself on occasions receives the name of “rosary,” although the spirit who transmits the message doesn’t refer specifically to the rosary, but to prayer in general. But since the rosary is the most popular prayer in Catholicism, it is not surprising that there are confusions also in this case. Many times not “the whole Truth” is transmitted, because of intrinsic deficiencies in the communication mode or in the medium. But, as we have stated, part of the Truth is better than no Truth at all. And that part, which is received, is sufficient to start sincere people on the pathway toward Divinity.

Each part of the work of diffusing the messages is important, each achievement multiplies in its effect, although you cannot see and understand it right now. For that reason, don’t worry about negative reactions. They will always happen. You could be a saint and despite it, you will have enemies. There are always people who look for flaws, for the “dirty thing,” something where they can hook in and criticize. But don’t put yourself on that level, having faith, all this should not affect you. You have chosen a way, and it is the right way. You have experienced how God answers your prayers, and you have even experienced something that you had never before thought possible: That prayer is joyful, cheerful, fulfilling, is not an obligation you have to comply with, but rather is a strong and beautiful desire we want to put into practice.

I will stop now. I will come back later and we will talk about a different subject.

I leave you my love and say goodbye – see you soon.

Your brother,



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