Messages 2002

On Faith.

January 11th, 2002

Received by H.

Cuenca, Ecuador.


Judas: Hello, my boy! I see you are very happy today with your music.

H.: Yes, I love the music of “Los Nocheros,” their arrangements are marvelous.

Judas: And it touches every fiber of your soul and makes it vibrate. You have the same problems as yesterday, but now you are happy. Yes, true happiness comes from inside, from the soul.

Yesterday and the day before, I saw you were concerned.

H.: I was thinking a lot about your latest message, and how I didn’t grasp everything.

Judas: Don’t worry about that. We will deliver everything, little by little. But you did not even write down all that you received.

H.: I wrote down all I believed I understood. Yes I know, we also spoke of Medjugorje, but I I don’t know, I didn’t understand you, everything seemed so confused…

Judas: And it was so simple. You asked in the context of prayer. The Father wants all prayers directed to Him, but the pilgrims pray to the Virgin Mary. In spite of this, there occur many healings.

It is a matter of faith. Those people have faith, and it is because of this faith that they head for all these places of Mary’s appearance, with their heart full of hopes and desires. Actually, these desires produce their healing. People who experience God have faith, and this faith attracts Love.

H.: Does the Pope have God’s Love?

Judas: He and the Archbishop of Canterbury, and many more. And many clergymen who do not experience God, whose supposed vocation is only an occupation, do not have it. To possess the Love of God does not automatically mean to lose all false beliefs. You have some this Love and a world of false beliefs.

I think the time has come to speak about faith. We will not cover the entire subject in this message, only some basic questions. There are some statements in the Padgett messages that have caused confusion.

Jesus told Mr. Padgett that nobody could claim to have faith unless they have Divine Love. On the other hand, he also said that it is Divine Love that produces faith, that results in faith. How is this possible? In order to have faith, you need Divine Love, and in order to obtain Divine Love, you need faith.

And things go even further. In another message, Jesus assured Mr. Padgett that he could have the same wonderful faith that Elijah possessed. But we also know that in Elijah’s time, Divine Love was not available to men, that is to say, Elijah did not possess it. Then, how could he have had faith?

You remember that this question was actually presented to you a long time ago, and how you fought to explain this, with mediocre success, and how you struggled to find a definition of what is faith.

Faith belongs to the soul, and like the soul, it is part of the Real. Beliefs are of the mind, as you know. They can be described. In fact, the basic beliefs are defined in the diverse creeds of the churches. Faith, however, does not know creeds. Faith is not formulated in words. You have to experience and live it.

Nevertheless, I will try the impossible and clothe in words what cannot be expressed through words. This is why I tell you that some people who may read this message will only see in it senseless gibberish, but many will understand it, provided they have already experienced in flesh and blood what faith is.

All souls are created with some innate knowledge. They do not need to learn it, it is simply there. In many cases, this primitive knowledge, for example, that God exists, He awaits us, that He offers us His Love, becomes covered up in the later development of people, concealed by what we call encrustments of the soul. However, it is always present, only waiting for an awakening of the soul to manifest its power.

In saying power, I mean that this knowledge, of course, causes longings and desires in the soul, desires to be with God and to receive His Love. Without this knowledge and desire, the Father’s Love would be as if it did not exist.

Elijah had these desires, and they propelled his amazing spiritual development, but Love was outside his reach. However, you will understand that had Elijah lived on earth in Jesus’ time or later, he certainly would have obtained a great amount of Love.

Therefore, Elijah had faith, and what is more, an active and fervent faith. That in his time the Love of God was not available for humanity, that is to say, that men had no possibility at all of achieving the transformation of their souls into Divine souls, is not Elijah’s fault. And we cannot say that he did not have faith.

H.: So, even the soul without Divine Love can have faith?

Judas: I will answer you with another question. Is the created soul, having none of God’s Love, able to perceive?

H.: I think so, but those perceptions will be quite blurred.

Judas: You remember having read,

“Faith is the perception of the soul, much like sight and hearing are the perceptions of our material bodies. When we were created in the Image of God’s Soul, we were also created with the ability to perceive things spiritual, even without receiving the Divine Love. This is so because were it not for these spiritual perceptions, we would be unable to turn to God in prayer.”

If we define faith as our knowledge of the Real, the window into the Real, Elijah had opened this window and developed his soul perceptions. He experienced the presence of God. You can experience the presence of God, and therefore, we can say that you have faith.

Faith is knowledge and experience of the Real. All men can have faith, some faith, provided they activate their souls. God’s entire universe is activity. It is true that you can receive, for example, the Love of God, but to do so you have to activate yourself. This is a fundamental law. That is why Jesus said that we have to ask in order to receive; we have to seek in order to find. We speak of a way. You cannot travel along a way sitting in an armchair, waiting for marvels to happen.

What I have said so far is not a complete definition of faith. These are words to describe some aspects. There will follow more words, describing the indescribable. Next time we will speak of faith and understanding.

However, before saying goodbye, I will answer another question you bear in mind.

H.: Is it about God’s Omniscience?

Judas: Yes. The discussion on the message board has impressed you.

H.: What happened is that the idea of why God created souls which will never seek Divine Love is fascinating. God knows that some of His creatures will never turn to Him, or rather, they will not seek His Love. He knows this beforehand. Why did He create them? In some way, due to their own decision, these souls will suffer. In addition, if God loves them so much, why doesn’t He spare them their suffering? I understand that He is not the one who causes this suffering, but He knows that it will happen. Why did He create them?

Judas: Foreknowledge does not mean intervention. God knows that many souls will suffer, but their suffering is the product of their living, the product of their free will. Well, there are conditions allowing that these souls seek God’s Love, and if they do not, it is not His fault.

But what is more important, we always speak of free will. However, it is not so absolutely free. Let us say that we move inside a guided process, with some freedom. And this guidance, constituted by the Laws of God, leads us to one or another form of happiness. Then, even knowing that some creatures will offer resistance, they will arrive at their goal. Definitely, God bestows happiness upon them.

And when I say that man’s free will is actually restricted, more so in the spirit world than on earth, I want you to understand that it is not necessary to feel these limits, that the wide field of free will is not even taken advantage of by men.

H.: What do you refer to?

Judas: When you say that you want to fly, freely, but that there are natural laws impeding this, and that there your freedom ends, you utter a half-truth. You know some cases of men who did fly.

H.: Do you refer to levitations?

Judas: Exactly. You know that miracles are the products of the normal operation of natural laws. Then, if there is such a thing as levitation, then there should be laws that allow this to happen, don’t you think? But you spend your time so concerned over your material affairs that you invest very little time into the true adventure, which is inside, and which gives fruit in a spectacular way. It is clear, to levitate and to see the house from above cannot be the great objective of life. It is only an example of what is possible. Faith, my dear friend, can open up the door to worlds undreamed of. The power God has conferred on men is enormous. Think about it.

H.: But I understand that these people who know how to levitate are not necessarily people of some tremendous soul development.

Judas: This is true. They found something through “coincidence,” and their lack of development prevents them from controlling the phenomenon. They ignore it, they do not understand it, it is not the product of their will, but “it simply happens to them.” But it could be different.

You are exhausted. However, we have already come to the end. I repeat, there is much more I have to say about faith, and I will do it. But now, we have to finish. I say goodbye.

God bless you,



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