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Islam and Mohammed

September 18th, 2001

Received by H.

Cuenca, Ecuador


I am here, Judas.

My dear brother, I see that you are reading the Koran. You have already read it once, and it did not impress you very much. I think that you should dedicate yourself to other things.

[H.: It is true, I read it some years ago, but I remember scarcely anything. What I wanted to find out is if it really states that Muslims should kill unbelievers.]

It doesn’t state exactly that, but it does indicate that they should kill unbelievers who oppress them. Also in the Bible, in the Old Testament, there are many passages indicating that the children of Israel should kill all the other peoples in Canaan, but you understand that those are ideas born out of the human - or not so human - mind, of the authors of these books. God never ordains the killing of other people, rather He condemns killing, but this you know already.

It is necessary to say that Islam is a legitimate way toward the perfect man, which pursues, in its own way, ideals that exist also in Christianity or in Judaism. Logically, it is a religion influenced by the culture where it had developed, but the same thing can be said of Judaism and of Christianity.

There are many legitimate ways to cleanse the soul, to purify natural love, like Buddhism, for example. Men are prone to choose one way and to reject all the other ones, but it is not correct to do so. All these ways finally lead to the same goal.

I want to add however, something that really is worthwhile mentioning. When Israel’s prophets received their messages from God and proclaimed them to the people, Divine Love didn’t exist, or rather, it was not available for humanity. However there were already signs that this Love would be accessible for men some day in the future, and this ability to predict something that was totally out of the reach of the prophet’s perceptions demonstrates the great rapport that they had with the Will of God.

Buddhism does not mention Divine Love either, for the same reasons, because the founder of this religion lived many centuries before the bestowal of Divine Love. But, in a similar way, it constitutes a legitimate path towards natural perfection, a way characterized by the culture in which it had developed.

As for Islam, it is remarkable that when Mohammed received his messages, Divine Love was already available for humanity. However, there is not a single trace of It in his writings.

[H.: Did Mohammed really receive messages, or are these the product of his imaginations?]

He really received messages, but as you may see from their contents and from their objective, they were not messages delivered by Celestial angels, but by spirits on the way toward the perfect man. Mohammed had some susceptibility for receiving this information, mainly because he had already known Judaism and Christianity in Syria, where he arrived as a member of a mercantile caravan. Back in Mecca he retired into a cave, where supposedly the angel Gabriel gave him these messages which eventually would form the Koran.

Mohammed had visions, information from spirits of the spiritual spheres, blended with his own ideas and knowledge. That is why you find many times a twisted version of biblical history in the Koran.

But you have decided to follow the way toward Divinity, and this has been a very wise decision. I understand that now the topic of Islam has gained some interest because of the current events and those that are about to occur. But I tell you that is much better to dedicate your time to your true goal.

I have observed with great joy that you have decided to help Peter Kirby put the book of Alfred Firmin Loisy on the Internet. If you find time to do so, it would be well-used time. Loisy was an exceptional scholar with a great perception as to the beginnings of Christianity. Not all of what is contained in his works is correct, but he found many valid hints. You will learn much by studying his work, and if you contribute so that other people may read the books of Loisy, you will do them a lot of good.

Those books don’t inform about Divine Love either, of course, but they may result in men finally getting an idea that is somewhat less idealized about primitive Christianity. I advise you to continue with this work.

I had planned to continue with my description of the spirit world, and then, when we have finished with this stage, we could use Loisy’s work to clarify the errors contained in his writings and to describe the beginnings of Christianity together with the Master’ s teachings. Those teachings are already well-known, as he already revealed them to Mr. Padgett and Dr. Samuels, but it is worthwhile repeating them. And I want to present these teachings in context with Jesus’ real life. It will be a great experience for you.

For a long time you have looked for these books without success, and suddenly, when you have found somebody who may help you to understand them and to separate the correct things from the false ones, you find them on the Internet, and even more, you collaborate in putting them on the Internet. What coincidence!

[Judas laughs]

Well, my brother, we can even influence a declared atheist so that he collaborates for our purposes.

You are almost falling asleep. It is better to stop now. I say goodbye and I wish you a good night. Tomorrow we will speak of the third sphere, if God allows it.

Sleep well and may God bless you,

Your brother in Christ,



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