Messages 2003

Thought Containers.

May 24th, 2003

Received by H.

Cuenca, Ecuador.


Do you know what “thought containers” are?

Well, it is a term I have just come up with.

In the body of the Padgett messages there is mentioned that thoughts are things. It is a statement that surprises many. In fact, many do not know what to think of this: Do thoughts crystallize? Do they float in the air like droplets of mist?

Today I intend to write you a message in order to give you an idea of what this expression means. It cannot be a very accurate message, because once again I will take recourse to analogies for describing the unknown. But it will possibly help you to understand a little bit of what up to now has been a mystery to you.

Imagine thoughts as objects of programming. I will help myself to your limited knowledge of object-oriented programming. So, a thought is like an object. A programming object may contain a lot of different things: Constants, variables, member functions, other objects, etc. And the same is true for thought containers. In the same fashion they contain thoughts, but additionally also “pointers,” which point to certain addresses. [registers?] Those addresses are not necessarily the individuals that have created or held those thoughts, but rather some specific condition, a specific development - soul development, I mean, because the mental development (I am not speaking of intelligence or knowledge, but the quality of thoughts relative to a guideline that is running though all existence: that is to say, Love) depends on the development of the soul. Although the material mind does not form part of the soul, it is the product of the spirit body, which in turn depends, in its composition and aspect, on the soul.

When using words such as “to point” and “address,” you may understand that we are speaking of space. But don’t make a mistake. I am not speaking of a physical space. I will give you an example: On earth, you can find souls of almost all grades of development, from the almost celestial (or even truly celestial) soul to the infernal soul, that is to say, a negative development, an “involution” of the pristine soul. If the pointers of the thought containers indicate their field of influence, you can also imagine that there are all sorts of created thoughts “floating in the air” on earth. But in the spiritual sense, they exist in very different levels of being, and therefore, not all of them are accessible for everybody.

The law of attraction determines that certain soul conditions attract certain kind of thoughts. In fact, the soul condition determines the “spiritual level” where the soul lives, and therefore, it also determines its respective environment of thoughts.

We may access thoughts consciously. In the spirit world we constantly do this to obtain information: this way, together with a “verbal content” we may obtain visual, acoustic, and emotional information, etc. Just imagine thought containers as holding also integrated lists of key words, with whose help we may find what we are looking for.

But what happens in any event is that these thought containers influence us, they “invade” us, if we are within their scope of action. This is the influence they exercise upon us.

Therefore, the poor people in the hells suffer from a bombardment of thoughts that correspond to their level of development - and that is horrible. On the other hand, the blissful souls in the high spheres of the spirit world (or the mortals of a high soul development) enjoy a positive influence. When we say that “we surround you with our love,” we mean that there are our positive thoughts which influence your soul, because you have succeeded in penetrating into those spiritual spheres where these kind of thoughts exercise their function.

Forgiveness is forgetfulness. You have read this. We have not really forgotten, but that sort of negative thought that had held us submerged in a deplorable condition, no longer affects us; that is to say: We have been able to get out of their sphere of influence.

The souls living in the deep hells, as a matter of fact, do not suffer so much from these thoughts, because they correspond exactly to their condition. For them, it is normal to be invaded by this class of ideas. The greatest cause of their suffering are rather their feelings of envy, when they are able to observe how others live in much better conditions. But the moment comes when their own soul development progresses a little, and suddenly the influence of those dark thoughts is felt as annoying, even as painful. Thoughts are sticky things and they tend to exercise a “suction-like” effect, like pulling backward or forward. When the soul is on its way to progression, it feels this “suction” in different directions, like “being torn apart” between two worlds, and this hurts. Call it remorse. And it is exactly when this moment comes that we go there to help, to speed up the process and to mitigate the pain. Yes, you are right, we are like midwives who help to deliver the baby.

I could tell much more on the topic. But I believe that you have understood what I wanted to communicate. Yes, although it is believed that our spirit world is very similar to the earth, it is not so. Certain things, such as the influence of thoughts, appear more tangible in the beyond, creating more happiness - or more pain, depending on where you happen to be.

Yes, I know. You find the message strange. But take it as an allegory.

God bless you.

Your brother,



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