Messages 2001

The uniqueness of perception and the goal of harmony.

October 14th, 2001

Received by H.

Cuenca, Ecuador


My dear brother H___, once again I will not talk about Galilee in the first century, and I won’t talk about Jesus’ history and development. I have not cancelled this topic, because it is indeed interesting and important, but I feel that today we have a very good connection, and I want to take advantage of this occasion in order to speak of another topic.

You remember that some time ago you dedicated yourself a lot to music, especially to a program which allows you to write music in MIDI format. You listened to disks, you extracted the notes and wrote your arrangements, assigning instruments etc. And you liked the result. But something was missing, as you realized.

In a newer version of this program, you could even add certain “human flaws,” for example one note not being played at the exact moment when it should be played, but with some delay or advance, as happens in reality when a human plays an instrument. This way you could remove some of the “mechanical” impression from the music. Nevertheless, it was not the same as the music played by human beings.

So, with this example I think it is very simple to understand that perfection offered by technique doesn’t give us the same sensation of harmony as those apparent imperfections a human performance does.

Paul wrote in a message that perfection is relative, and this is true. I even want to go further, saying that perfection is not even our goal - our goal is harmony, and that it is not the same as perfection.

When you observe snow crystals under a microscope you realize that all these crystals follow certain rules of symmetry, obeying laws, but that no crystal is identical to another. Imagine that! How many snow crystals exist, and there are no two which are identical! And so it is with souls. There no two souls which are the same. And hence, there are no two equal perceptions.

When you read messages of different content on the same topic, you must have in mind that those messages are only the expression of diverse human perceptions, or also of diverse spirit perceptions. If the truth is in the middle, then one message strays a little to the right, and another one to the left, but they always maintain the common topic. And with that, they are in harmony with truth, although they are not perfect. The universe of God is a universe of harmonies. And we have to stay inside those harmonies, but we have much freedom in doing so.

You have always liked painting. You could feel a lot of pleasure and happiness admiring a painting of van Gogh, with those wonderful movements in which he painted the sky and the clouds, the fields of golden wheat, the cypresses which rose toward the sky like flames. All those are reflections of the painter’s restless mind. They are not perfect reproductions of nature, of course, but they have life, they have harmony. This joy that you perceive when admiring these works of art is a joy that originates in the soul, it is a product of the soul’s mind. The mind of the soul doesn’t seek perfection, it seeks harmony.

The mind of the soul is that mind which God uses for thinking. He doesn’t seek perfection. When He observes us, He seeks harmony, and when we stray a little to the left or to the right, without leaving harmony, it causes pleasure to God, it is aesthetic, it is diversity in the universe, and He looks at us with an approving smile.

Artists have this part of their souls’ mind very well developed, but in fact, everybody has this part, they just have to develop it. The soul’s mind is multifaceted, unfathomable, and often dormant.

Today you wrote that we are like a radio receiver, which receives thoughts from the external world. This is true. You took that idea from a message which you received previously. But I would like to enlarge upon that a little. It is not only a radio receiver, but also a transmitter. And it is a part of the soul which is always active, although people may not be aware of the fact. We receive and send “thoughts,” and in fact, not only thoughts, but impressions, desires, all kinds of spiritual activity. Those are not always positive impulses, which leave or enter this way. That door towards the exterior, that transmitter / receiver is also a part of what we call the soul’s mind. And that mechanism has the possibility of being tuned for reception, as well as for transmission. It is very advantageous to be aware of that, because you may tune in to those sources where positive and beneficial impulses come from, mainly from God, but also from the Celestial angels who serve as “amplifier antennas” for the waves God emits. That principle has already been formulated in the Law of Activation.

We can also send our desires, which come from deep inside us, towards God, and so we establish some communication from soul to soul.

But from what I have put forth, and as you have already understood, it is clear that all men are mediums in their innate soul potential. They only fail to cultivate this tuning in, by means of spirituality, and to arrive at the awareness of that part of what we think and of what crosses our minds which doesn’t originate in us, but comes rather from outside.

This transmission or reception from soul to soul doesn’t only work between spirits and mortals, or between men and God, but also between mortals on earth. Those are the moments when you “feel” that somebody behind you is watching you, when you feel that something is happening in a place that you cannot see, etc.

It is important that you know that you are participating, if you like it or not, in an open world of information, of multiple levels, and that it will be extremely beneficial to tune in to the superior levels, in order to on the one hand block the influence of evil, and on the other hand to receive the benefit which the higher developed beings may offer.

As to information, I wish to add a little. It has been a very good idea to establish different media for people who are striving for development in Divine Love. On TV, you can see an hour of news, an endless series of cruelties, lies that nobody believes and that nobody dares to contradict, political maneuvers, in short, all kinds of negativity. If you are lucky, you may also see once or twice per week a two minute report on a good event.

But in fact, the world is not so. It is true, the world is not perfect, those cruelties happen, but so many positive things which simply don’t awake enough interest in journalists also happen and they are never presented as they should be presented for balancing information.

But you can do this in your own circle. Tell without fear or shame your experiences, your impressions, and you will be surprised by the rich diversity of those positive experiences, and of the already reached achievements. Be like a family with good communication. And so, also give some light to this world, because the light must be put on high, and should not be hidden under the table.

As I tried to explain, this universe of God is a world of diversity, and this diversity contributes to harmony. It is something God wants and in which He enjoys His children, imperfect indeed, but souls as He is Soul.

It is also a world of reciprocity. Give in order to receive. Send your soul longings, from deep inside, to God, and He will give you His Great Love. When you pray to God, many times these longings do not get out, and many times, when you are not praying, these longings force their way and they break through, rising to God, to move Him to respond through His Holy Spirit. Sometimes, a simple conversation, when you feel happy and grateful, serves as a catalyst to liberate your longings, and also your gratefulness to God, and it is then when you can perceive the inflowing of Love, the sensation of warmth, of pressure, of alteration in your chest and a happiness which makes you weep. Reciprocity is not only demonstrated in the operation of the Law of Compensation, it is a universal principle.

I have written a lot on the widening of the awareness in men and spirits. But what does this mean in fact? How can you check if this is happening with you?

You can check the widening of your awareness by comparing what you were able to perceive a few years ago with what you are able to perceive now. Some already perceive the presence of spirits, they can feel them, smell them, see them, hear them, they can feel the hand when the spirit touches their shoulder, and all these are new sensations, new perceptions. You may feel when impressions enter your mind, and you may suspect that those impressions have an external origin. You may see God’s Hand, where previously you only saw emptiness. You may see a human being, a soul, where previously you only saw a criminal; all these are forms of widening of perceptions, humble and feeble, as things happen on earth, but they are real, the reflection of soul development, which has increased its perceptions beyond the visible world. You may find answers to problems that recently seemed enigmatic. And there are many more examples. See all this and realize that something is moving, that you are not stuck in the same place, but rather that you have covered a good distance towards a reality which just a few years ago simply didn’t exist to you.

And your faith? If you compare it with the faith you had before, what can you say?

When you move inside the network of God’s harmonies, you will be led or guided to a positive result, more than positive, a happy result. This means that you must understand that it is God who stretches out His hand to us, and that He knows how to do things better than anyone else in the world. If we cannot trust Him, whom can we trust? Then it is necessary to take this hand, and it is necessary to allow oneself to be guided along a safe way, which is not always easy, but never insurmountable. As several spirits said in previous messages, it is necessary to lose fear, it is necessary to trust, it is necessary to understand that men cannot control everything, but that God can do this, and that He in His guidance gives us more security and certainty than we could ever achieve with our own efforts. This is why it is necessary to remove this mistake of thinking that everything depends on us, that we have to worry about everything, that we cannot trust in anybody or anything. We have to understand that we are entitled to lean back and to trust that God will take care of us.

Life can be beautiful and full of realization. But you won’t find fulfillment in the materialism of this world. You can only find it in God, in following His guidance. And it will be a fulfillment of which you don’t have the least imagination.

You are unique, each and every one. You have unique perceptions, you can give unique explanations, and all this is in accord with God’s purposes. All this gives life and color to the planet. Enjoy your differences, respect them, and try to attain to your personal realization, each one in their own way, each one in their religion, that is to say, in their individual relationship to God.

Work on your development, become filled with the Love of God, and with that Love faith and knowledge will come. Be keen observers, observing the visible and the invisible world. Be aware of this fabulous network of communication, where you may choose the channel that you want to tune in to, from the blackest and most perverted pit up to the infinite heights of the Father Himself. Take advantage of this, tune in, there is so much help for you in store, and there are so few who are aware of this, so open up, yes, open up this door of communication, without fear, because you are the ones who choose the level of tuning. You have the possibility to close this door to the undesirable, opening it up at the same time for Heaven Itself.

With these thoughts I will say good-bye. I am glad that you have received my message well. It has been long, but it has been worthwhile.

God bless you always and all your fellow souls along the way toward the Heavens of God. You are pre-celestial apprentices, if I may express myself this way, but it is the apprenticeship that leads to mastery with certainty.

Your brother in Christ,



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