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Listening to your Inner Voice

September 21st, 2001

Received by H.

Cuenca, Ecuador


My dear brother H, it has been an enormous pleasure to follow the interchange of ideas you have had with M. She is truly a beautiful soul and the progress she achieved in so short a time is admirable. As you recall, we have spoken several times of the widening of awareness, and she is typical of this process. I would like to take this opportunity to express my comments in this respect.

Your “conversation” dealt with the inner voice. And this is great, because it demonstrates that you both have realized the immense importance this voice has. It is the door for communication between spirits and mortals. It is the door for communication with our Heavenly Father, in other words, for following a straight and safe way. It is absolutely vital to develop this voice, or rather, the perception of this voice.

You suffer from the great fault of doubting everything, and she is quite similar in this regard. I use the word suffer, because this trait really does not contribute to happiness, but even human faults may be exploited for good.

You wondered if this inner voice has ever been studied. And you came up with examples which could indicate that the so-called inner voice does not work in the same way with all people.

On some islands of the South Pacific people used to force their “old” ones to climb up palm-trees, and then they shook those trees. Some fell down and died. They were the people who did not have sufficient strength to sustain themselves. And this has been their solution to prevent those “useless ancients” being a burden to society.

The Eskimos used to send their old ones away from their homes, and they left and perished from cold. In principle, it is the same approach.

And then some questions came to mind. In the society in which you live, this is inconceivable and barbarous. It is obviously a behavior born out of some culture and of needs in extreme conditions, in order to safeguard reduced food resources for the strongest, and for preventing overpopulation. Are culture and education really capable, through the great power they have, of hiding completely this inner voice? Because this voice supposedly teaches all of us the same values, because they are absolute “values”. But in practice, values vary according to culture. People who infringe those absolute values, do they feel that they are doing something wrong? Do they perceive at least some sensation of ill-feeling, but accept this by tradition and through the thoughts of the “material mind” that this is very sad, yet it provides the only practicable solution? Or simply don’t they hear this voice?

Catholic religion speaks of the education or formation of consciousness. But isn’t this a contradiction in itself? Because, as you perceive, if values are absolute, it is not possible to educate this voice, it is only possible to awaken it. And so you wonder if the existence of this universal and uniform consciousness can be proven.

Up to here are your thoughts.

And then comes M___’s response:

“What crossed my mind is that having been created in the image of God, we are His thoughts. Thoughts which require His Substance in order to know themselves. What is this Substance? Yes, I know it is something that transforms our soul from a distant thought of Him into one which is in Him, like something which enters into the loop of understanding all with Him, in Him. I guess it would be like hearing His thoughts as we hear the news, and we would act in accordance with this logic of thought.”

“I thought that he, who believes, creates. I mean, when we believe, we create. How difficult is the expression “to create,” because it is so easy to confuse with “to believe” (translator’s note: In Spanish, to believe and to create are creer and crear). Just look, the reason why we are as we are, no matter what the circumstances may be in which we live, is because we believe that they are so, and so we create them when we believe them. Look, women in a given century, for example, used to be put into a monastery for some motive, which can only be understood in the context of that time. Now this practice is understood differently, it has taken on a different meaning, and hence we women now handle things differently. The same is valid for men. I put forth the example of women because it came up in order to understand what we are discussing.”

“I thought that as things are here, so they are there, nevertheless they are different.”

“Thoughts are creators. I remembered the inner voice and I think that it is a pure and clean desire. Desires we sell for the price of the outer shell, I mean, seeing with our body’s eyes, unfortunately. Because pure and clean desire, without being mixed with our desire to gain recognition by others, and to be loved and to be better than this or that fellow, and to be … etc., which hampers our lives so much, this pure and clean desire does not know passion. It is knowledge in itself, a thought in itself, and that’s it. That thought in itself is neither mine nor his nor hers, it is His thought. Well, this is what I have thought trying to penetrate the ‘depths of the heights’.”

Additionally she remarked:

“No, my opinion is that nothing, absolutely nothing has enough force to cover up such an inner voice. On the contrary, suffering should not exist. One suffers when putting one’s pure desires last.”

She expressed her opinion that if we all hear the inner voice and this voice transmits absolute values, then we all know the truth. And as to differences in cultures, she wrote:

“We all hear this voice. We only prefer the visible to the invisible. We prefer the outer shell to our own truth; we prefer death of life to life itself. We are a bunch of fools.”

And as to the awakening of consciousness, she remarked:

“I think, yes, that is what psychoanalysts, without having gone so far, have come to name the unconscious mind. It is what Carlos Castaeda called the silent knowledge, it is what …. well, I can’t come up with more, but I guess that many, very many have spoken about this, using the terms they have been able to use.”

And here you remembered that you had read about the subconscious mind in the Padgett messages. When Helen explained her husband how she wrote through him, she stated:

“Let go the idea that you are writing things which emanate from what is sometimes called your subconscious mind, for you have no subconscious mind, and the philosophers who teach such an idea are not acquainted with the laws of the mind. The mind is only the spiritual evidence of thoughts that congregate in the brain, but which really are not a part of the material thing which the ‘wise men’ call the subconscious self or mind.”

Mr. Riddle, a friend of Mr. Padgett’s, wrote him:

“There is no such thing as the subconscious mind, the only mind that you have is the one that enables you to express what you really know of your own thoughts which do not depend upon what others may infuse into your brain as I am doing now, but which have their origination in your brain and which do not result from exterior minds. What is called the subconscious mind is merely an imaginary thing used by the scientist to denote that which they have no better name to call it by. It is not a part of yourself or your brain, but only the image that these wise men use for what they are not able to explain.”

Very well. Now I will put forth my impressions.

First, M___’s answer is worthy of an angel. I was supremely happy when I saw how she found this explanation through her own comprehension, without our contribution implanting our thoughts into her brain. It is the product of her increased awareness.

As she expressed it, men, or human souls, are living thoughts of the Father, gifted with countless attributes and liberties such as free will and man’s own capacity of reasoning.

God’s pure thought is still present. I will give you an example. You read that scientists detected a background radiation, which astronomy interprets as a feeble remainder of the radiation produced at the moment of the “Big Bang”. In other words, this radiation is like a footprint left behind in the moment of our universe’s creation, and it allows us to follow back the development until the very moment of creation.

Something similar happens with us. Our souls possess this “background radiation”, in form of a minimum awareness, which is very weak and may be covered over quite easily. Part of this awareness is that God does exist, that God loves us, and the knowledge of good and evil. In short it is a trace which allows us, provided we pay attention to it, to find a straight and safe way to our destiny: At-onement with God. This “background radiation” forms part of what scientists call the subconscious mind.

But the situation becomes complicated when we consider that there are other influences which act upon our subconscious mind. Those are the ideas and the guidance of spirits. And they, too, form part of our so-called inner voice. Some ideas and guidance comes from Celestial spirits or from higher spirits of the spiritual realm and they are in complete harmony with God’s original thought. But there is the possibility that dark spirits may convey their thoughts, and then some conflict will arise. In other words, there may be a conflict in the subconscious mind itself. And to this potential conflict, the conflict between the material mind and the subconscious mind adds further confusion. Someday we will analyze exactly what the material mind is.

As always, we come back to the same subject. From what I have put forth previously, we can conclude that listening to their inner voice does not constitute a priori a reliable guidance for men, due to the possible negative spirit influence. So it is necessary to tune in to a reliable source for guidance and information. The instrument is, of course, prayer. Besides the many benefits prayer brings to us, it also elevates our spirituality. To raise spirituality means to block the access of spirits of little spirituality to our soul, and to open up the access for bright spirits. This is the only way that we may transform our inner voice into a reliable compass showing the right course. Additionally, there is the effect that just as we eventually will perceive the good spirits’ voice more clearly; we can also listen to the far-away echo of the very Voice of the Heavenly Father Himself, His Thought, which lives in us like the delicate whisper of absolute Truth.

And as M___ clearly understood, when we obtain God’s Substance, this whisper becomes a clear thought, our own thought, for our soul’s mind moves toward, with, and in the Father. The thought which one day left God, returns to its source, unites with its source, and lives in absolute harmony.

Those thoughts are things. This sounds strange, but if we reformulate it to say “all thoughts materialize in tangible things”, it will be easier to understand.

This happens also with mortals’ thoughts. They materialize individually or as a whole, on earth or in the spirit world. We are co-creators; you are still unconscious creators but we are fully conscious creators.

Perhaps you may now better comprehend the significance of the phrase “the mind is only the spiritual evidence of thoughts that congregate in the brain, but which really are not a part of the material thing which the ‘wise men’ call the subconscious self or mind.” And besides, as the word ego is mentioned, take note that we will soon analyze more thoroughly the question of individuality.

Today’s message has been very difficult, but you received it well. Tell M___, who always sends me her greetings, that I thank her deeply for her devotion. It is always a pleasure to answer the questions and doubts of my sisters and brothers on earth.

Yes, Jesus is here; you have seen him, haven’t you? He is here because the subject is very important; I would even dare to say that it is the fundamental topic of soul development.

First, try to achieve harmony in your “subconscious”, tuning in with adequate sources. Luke wrote these wise words:

“While the personal Satan does not exist, yet the idea conveyed by the necessity of binding him in order to bring about this millennium is a true one, and applies to the actual relationship of men to these evil spirits, except this, that in the case of the latter it is not necessary or even possible to bind them, but to loosen them - that is to loosen their rapport with or influence over men, for when that is done, men become, as it were, free, and these evil spirits are as if they were not.”

To do this, you have to pray.

Then, you must try to resolve the conflict between the material mind and the soul’s mind together with your inner voice.

Soul development begins with raising spirituality. The most efficient way is by obtaining the Father’s Love, His own Substance. “But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and all these things shall be added unto you.”

I love you all. The time has come to say good-bye.

With my love, I am


a Celestial spirit


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