Messages 2003

Thoughts continued.

June 30th, 2003

Received by H.

Cuenca, Ecuador.


[H.: In the context of “thought containers” I had seen, already some days ago, the image of a pink rose, like one of those I have in my garden. And the voice told me: “This is not just the image of some rose; it is not a generic flower, but it is a very specific rose. It is a thought that - besides the image - contains more information: The fragrance of the flower, if the thinker has really smelled its aroma; the silky touch of its petals, if the thinker has really touched them; the hardness of its thorns, if the thinker has really tried them; the green color of its leaves, if the thinker has really paid attention to them. And this thought is connected with other thoughts: it refers to the garden where it grows, to its owner, to the land where it lives. This thought is like a knot in a tissue of thoughts, and starting from this point, you may easily arrive at other points or thoughts, and so you may succeed in penetrating ever deeper into the thinker’s mental world. God also has thoughts. And if you are able to capture one of them, and if you succeed in following their thread and their context, you will come ever closer to Him.”]

My dear brother,

There is not one thought that disappears, and all are accessible to us, and you can access all that are on your level or below. Apart from what you received in the vision of the rose, thoughts also vibrate with emotional content: they instil love, hatred, joy, fear - in short, all those emotions that the thinker felt in the moment of creating it. Therefore, many thoughts are attractive, because of their positive emotional content; others are repulsive.

It is the favorite hobby in the high spheres of the natural heavens to hunt these thoughts and to follow their threads, to travel along this fabric of individual life and to reconstruct or to revive the world of other people. More than a hobby, it is the centerpiece of their lives, their reason for being. They are able to contemplate any event of history from any angle of view. There are spirits who are dedicated - already for thousands of years -to this hunt, and they feel very happy. They have accumulated immense knowledge, on history, on languages and philosophies, and they have contributed their own thoughts in that respect. And there are others who - after thousands of years of such hunt - are saying:

“I have traveled thousands and thousands of miles in my adventures, and I have not moved a single inch from my starting point.” It is then when they no longer want to hunt thoughts, but rather notice what is at the bottom of all creation: this force that is present in the whole universe. For they have realized that the rose of your vision - like all the objects of creation - is crystallized Love. It is then when they look for the Love, and through It they find the essence of things, not only their external vision.

The wisdom of the Celestial Heavens is different. It is not based on scale models, but on Reality; it does not change, but it is; it is not a fan of emotions, but it is pure Love.

God also has thoughts. These eternal Truths are encapsulated in His Love. With each particle of Love that you manage to “hunt,” you will incorporate a particle of Truth.

May God bless you always,

Your brother in Heaven,



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