Messages 2001


November 26th, 2001

Received by H.

Cuenca, Ecuador.


Hello, my dear brother H___. I am glad you are better now. I didn’t contact you, by the way, because with your sore toe you didn’t want to receive messages very much. This is understandable. Pain can be fatal for people’s spiritual condition. And I say “can be,” because it is possible to attain a level of spirituality where pain no longer exists and where diseases of the physical body no longer exist.

But today we won’t speak of this topic, although it is a fascinating one, I am sure. Today we will dedicate ourselves to the problem of mediumship.

Is mediumship dangerous? Is it possible that a spirit may take possession of people, be they mediums or not, against the will of the mortal?

To respond categorically, it is possible that a spirit can take possession of mortals, but this is not possible against their will.

We have already talked about the subject that our soul is like an antenna, receiving and transmitting at the same time. Therefore we are continually in contact with other souls. I say we, because this principle is valid for mortals as well as for spirits. As a matter of fact, the only difference between spirits and mortals is that the former no longer possess physical bodies. Spirits don’t necessarily have a superior soul development. They may have it, but many mortals who are now living on earth are much superior in the development of that central part of their existence, the soul, than millions of spirits.

The transmission and reception of thoughts, desires, feelings, emotions, etc., used to be carried out unconsciously. I will give you a few examples. You have often perceived that somebody behind you was staring at you. You did notice it, but how is that possible? The staring certainly didn’t cause a kind of pressure on your back, but instead you received the thoughts and impressions of the person who was looking at you. You could “read their thoughts.” This is commonly called telepathy. Hence, it is quite an ordinary phenomenon, at least in its rudimentary and nebulous form. But people don’t associate it with the mystic word of “telepathy.” But ask a scientist how he would explain this. Or if you wish to spare him an embarrassing situation, you’d better not ask him.

You also know those moments when a flash of genius overcomes you. You solve a problem so easily, one that you didn’t know how to solve for a long time. This is an example that you have received something from the “beyond” without being aware of it. But take care! I certainly don’t want to say that all your ideas come from outside. This is not true. But whatever you perceive as persistent impulses for doing something, for devoting yourself to something, which won’t leave you in peace if you don’t pursue that direction, this is almost always of an exterior nature.

Now, the question is, if so many extremely diverse “messages” may come to us, do we live flooded by external ideas? For example, if good and bad spirits surround us, and some tell us to help another person, and others suggest that we should leave that person alone, don’t we live in a permanent conflict?

No. Here is where spirituality enters. We could simplify this by saying that spirituality is the level of tuning we have to the external, invisible world. We are like radio receivers, and therefore, we can filter frequencies that come to us, and we may tune in exactly to what we want to become tuned to.

What I have said entails two important consequences:

Firstly, when we ignore this principle, we are adrift in a spiritual sense, that is to say, we don’t tune in consciously, but we allow momentary desires to determine our tuning, for good or for evil.

Secondly, when we are not able to maintain a constant and continuous level of high spirituality, we also run the risk of entering into contact with beings, with whom we don’t want to be in contact with.

Now, the best advice one may give is constant prayer. We know that prayer elevates our spirituality, and if we are able to fill our days with prayers, we are the winners. The conventional prayers, the senseless recitation of preconceived formulas, has always bothered you, but in the last years you have learned that prayer is really something pleasant, full of happiness, something you are already enjoying. And so it should be.

Another very important point is man’s free will. Men or spirits choose the kind of companions they will have in the spirit. In the case of so-called possessed people, they only suffer from this possession because they sought it. They invite these wicked spirits, not consciously of course, but they leave their souls’ door wide open, blocking good spirits who want to help them, such as their guardian angels, and allowing the dark spirits to enter, so that they may take control and manage the mortal’s affairs at their whim. In other words, the mortals have the same desires as the spirits have who manipulate them. Frequently they lack only the courage to materialize their desires, a courage the spirits provide them with diabolical pleasure.

Each moment of anger, of bitterness, of negativity in general, opens the soul’s doors to evil. Negativity and spirituality are completely incompatible things. So remember, every time you feel negativity, it is when you lower your defenses, when your spiritual “antivirus program” fails, and when you may fall victim to the attack, losing part or the totality of control over yourselves.

When a medium suddenly fails to establish contact with high spirits with whom he or she was accustomed to communicate, something is terribly wrong. The high spirits as well as the dark spirits are subject to free will. It is the medium’s free will that gives us the power to help or to communicate, or it ties our hands. We won’t be defenseless, but our charge suddenly no longer enjoys our protection, as a result of his or her choice.

It is the work of spirit guides to try to ensure that their charges’ spirituality stays on a high level. But you understand that this is a work that requires the medium’s collaboration.

In your case, we have flooded you with a deluge of messages. You wondered how it is possible that you receive so much, while others receive a message per week, per month, or even at a lower frequency. Well, I will tell you that the purpose of my insistence has been to give you security. You had a tremendous insecurity at the beginning, but through the quantity of messages you have received, you already feel very sure of yourself, and you no longer doubt. Now receiving messages for you is quite a normal thing, such as eating or sleeping. It is invaluable to be able to count on the medium’s self-confidence. You know already that the messages don’t pass through you 100% as we would like it, but you also know that there is no perfect medium. But you may work to come ever closer to perfection. You may improve, but you may only improve that of which you are already sure.

Besides, through my insistence, it has become quite difficult for you to forget to pray. Yes, when you forget to pray, then things really are bad. Then spirituality no longer constitutes the center of your life, and what is not in the center, only achieves fringe effects.

An attack of lower spirits, who are not necessarily bad, may have pitiable consequences. In their persistent molestation they definitely may encumber the task of recovering a high spirituality. It is easy to fall; it is more difficult to stand up. Spirituality requires discipline, never forget this.

This is why I want you to remember that each moment of negativity means vulnerability. When you feel pride, arrogance, fear, anger, bitterness, hate, gloating, envy, etc., the one who gets harmed is yourself.

So keep your “antivirus” always on guard, and always upgrade it [Judas laughs]. You know already where you may download it.

I believe it is important for you to keep this in mind. Each time negativity invades you, remember that your defenses are low. Try to see the positive side, try to get rid of the negative thing, try to recover your good tuning. Feelings such as fear, aggressiveness, etc., should lead you to meditate over your condition, they should lead you to prayer. And if you do so, everything will be OK.

I have directed this message to you and to all who may read it. Many will feel alluded to, or maybe all? It does not matter. All mortals have their imperfections. All fall, and all may rise again, continuing ahead. But when there are methods to avoid the falls, you should apply them.

I send all my love to my sisters and brothers on earth. Strive that love may be the only motive in your lives; and as to negativity, tell it good-bye, and no longer give it the slightest chance.

Judas Iscariot,

A spirit who preceded you on the way, on which we sow thorns, but which God has covered with rose petals.


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