Messages 2001

The danger of mediumship.

December 4th, 2001

Received by H.

Cuenca, Ecuador.


This is a message for my dear brother B___.

I know what you are suffering from. I can assure you that your symptoms have nothing to do with any poisoning from the mercury in your tooth fillings. If it were so, everybody of your generation and especially of the previous ones would suffer from the same symptoms.

You have lost your peace. Mediumship can be very dangerous when one doesn’t learn how to recognize his guide and to follow his advice. It is a serious error to open up to all the influences of the spirit world, because here as well as on earth there is also evil. On multiple occasions I have compared the human soul with a radio receiver, able to tune in to different levels of spirits and influences. And this tuning you have to practice consciously and with much care.

Never try to enter into contact with beings from the beyond when you are not at peace with yourself, and never do this when negative emotions dominate you. And when you feel that a certain external influence tries to force its way inside you, deny it the access. You can always do this.

The most appropriate instrument to find peace again is prayer. This we have also indicated on very many occasions. And it is prayer which should stand at the beginning of any mediumship session, because only in that way may you reach higher levels of spirituality. Furthermore in this prayer you may express your desire for protection against negative and undesirable influences.

Besides, mediumship pursues certain purposes. There are personal messages that certainly are intended to give specific help to a person, such as in this case. But there are also messages that are intended for a wider public, and it is the receiving medium’s responsibility to publish these communications.

I know that you don’t like to talk about psychoanalysis, and I won’t bother you with this topic. But in it, there is an expression that encompasses a great truth: Symptoms are words trapped in the body. Yes, this is true. The whole existence of the human being spins around words. Language forms an essential part of their being. And there are things one simply has to speak, to get rid of the effects.

What I want to say with that is that it is not enough to receive truths, but it is necessary to apply them. One of the ways that they can be applied is to communicate them to others. Otherwise, they are trapped within the medium, burning like fire. Lastly, it is the repression of the Truth that causes the deplorable state we have always been able to detect in human society, and which we still can observe. Truth is not a part of the human being, but comes rather from an external source, from God. And Truth has Its own life, trying to shine forth. Men may fight against this, but it is a fight that you will lose in the long run, and which causes great suffering.

Sometimes it is fear that leads men to repress Truth. If somebody for example publishes what he is receiving, he is always exposed to critics. Others may laugh at him, and it is very painful to feel ridiculous. But you should never forget the fact that the others are not your judges. And living the Truth means to enjoy the mighty support of that part of the invisible world where Truth reigns supreme.

This is why, my dear brother, you should not despair. Block the negative influences that try to force their entrance, pray, try to learn to know your guide, feeling his or her kindness, and give yourself over with all the trust you are capable of.

Practice prayer and meditation, and only when you have recovered your balance, try again to receive messages. Don’t try to communicate when you are not OK. We can only help when the mortal wants to. We can never infringe the Law of Free Will, and when the mortal opens up his soul wide to the dark spirits, there is little or nothing we may do. Listen to this advice, and above all, pray.

I hope this short message will be of help to you. When you are troubled by any problem, you know how to contact us. You can do this directly, or through another medium. But be assured that we will never abandon you. Only ask, and you will receive.

Your brother in Christ,



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