Messages 2015 and 2016

The difference between the material mind and the soul mind

October 12th, 2015

Received by: Al Fike

Location: West Vancouver, BC

It is Augustine. I have come to teach a lesson this night for a question was asked about the difference between the mind of the soul and the material mind. And, indeed, these are two distinct entities within one being, within all of you. Many of you are quite familiar and have developed to a great degree the consciousness of the material mind and all its attributes of the intellect and the perceptions of the senses and your mental perceptions of the world around you, making sense of your lives, of the world and functioning within these human conditions. And this is what is predominant in your beings and consciousness.

Yet, there is something else within you that longs to be with God, that longs for something that is indeed different in quality in its aspects from this material perception of the world. And of course, this is your soul, my beloveds, your soul. And the soul is imbued with many qualities and attributes which mostly lie dormant without being ignited and brought to life by God’s Divine Essence. When these attributes, soul perceptions, soul wisdom, the knowing of truth, the understanding of God’s great existence in the world, in the universe and all of His glorious manifestations and the intricacies of this universe cannot be comprehended by the material mind, it requires a deeper understanding, something more expansive, something that is not the result of deduction and analysis. It is a knowing. It is a deep understanding that, in some respects, is a Gift from God, and in some respects it is you receiving this Gift and being able to comprehend it. And this Gift comes on the wings of Love as the Heavenly Father’s Holy Spirit touches your souls, ignites this flame within you and opens your eyes. Eyes that have remained firmly shut without this touch of Love, but are opened gradually so that this new understanding, this new reality, this reality of God becomes real and palpable and powerful.

This is the mind of the soul. And this awakening, this understanding of your true selves and this relationship with your Creator brings about a symbiosis of consciousness that allows you, my beloveds, to comprehend with great and expansive understanding God’s creation, all of His Laws of Creation, all of the beauty and glory of His creation, all of the Love that exists in His creation and this comes about with the soul awakened with Divine Love.

And yes, those upon the Natural path do indeed get glimpses of these realities, but it is not a full and comprehensive understanding and never can be, my beloveds. For with those who walk this path, they seek perfection of the material mind which, in essence, is the spiritual mind. And you, my beloveds, who choose the Divine Path will seek the expansion of your soul and that which is within your soul, the soul mind. This awareness, this consciousness goes on for all eternity, my beloveds, as you progress on your Path to become at one with God.

Two very different perspectives and every soul has this choice to carry on perfecting what God has given them or to seek beyond that, to what God can give, His greatest Gift, His Essence, flowing into your beings, making your soul something different and beautiful and wondrous. The miracle of this transformation of your being is what you all seek and you will continue to receive this blessing for all eternity, and you will know the wonders of God’s creation far beyond what you see at this time. Those little flickers and glimmers of understanding and vision shall grow and grow until you know a great joy that comes with this opening and growing and understanding in consciousness of God.

Beloveds, continue to pray for the Divine Essence and you will truly know what the mind and the soul is and glimpse at its potentials and possibilities that will come inevitably with the Love. You are on a great journey. You are on a journey of Love, fulfilment, joy, deep, deep understanding – it comes to you with this Gift of Love and shall come again and again and again, never ending, always expanding, coming closer to that source, that fountainhead of great Love. Beloved students, I am with you on this journey. Many are with you upon this Path. Continue to seek for Truth and open yourselves to this great Gift and much will be given beyond what you could comprehend at this time. You feel it within your souls, my beloveds, that there is something wondrous happening within you. You know this, you long for this and it shall be given as long as you remain true to this desire and reach for the highest, reach for the highest. And know God is caring for you in every aspect of your lives and beings and touches you deeply, carries you forward, ever loving, ever in His Grace, my beloveds, ever in His Grace. God bless you. God bless you.