Messages 2017 and 2018

Taming the Mind

November 8th, 2017

Gibsons, B. C.

Received by A.F.


I am Martin Luther and I have come to address those conditions of the mind that vex you so often in this material world. Within your brain are attached various scales or nodes of conditions to the complex structures of the brain. This is how information is processed within the brain. I cannot go into further detail,1 but I wish to point out to you that when various thoughts and reactions that you have during your daily activities are reinforced constantly within your mind and as this information flows into your brain they are caught, so to speak, by these nodules of thought and reactions within your brain. This makes it difficult for you to side-step the almost reflexive response to those conditions that prevail within your experience on Earth. So many think that it is almost impossible to counteract these conditions that are so prevalent within your mind. I say that you may indeed neutralize negative thoughts, those reactions that are so predominant within your thinking that is not positive nor loving but it does take some effort, my beloveds. The Divine Love within your soul certainly creates an atmosphere, an environment of Love within you, its Light shining always within your being. The mind is independent of the soul however, and so often has dominance, so very often. So how must you neutralize these negative conditions, those unwanted thought patterns?

We have encouraged you to pray, to ask for assistance in this dilemma regarding your thoughts and this indeed is a helpful measure, but not always an effective one if the mind continues to hold on to these patterns. Isn’t it interesting that the mind often feels justified in these reactions that are unloving and not altogether true in terms of its perception of the reality of the situation? For the mind continues to create its own perceptions and views of the world, projecting upon those around you certain conditions and thought realities that are not truly representative of that individual but represent your own thought condition and reality. This is an important realization, beloved souls, that much of what you assume is within the thinking of another is merely your own thinking and perceptions. When one comes to this realization and considers closely how you view the world through this filter of your own perceptions, one then comes a little closer to liberation from these conditions.

The Divine Love, in time, will indeed neutralize these conditions but often you are impatient. You wish to remove yourselves from this condition immediately, as soon as you recognize it for what it is and you want it to be done and over and gone. I must say that this would be a difficult task indeed, to do so with immediacy, but you are all aware that you are able to change the patterns of your thoughts with discipline and exertion, awareness and desire, enlisting the power of the Love within your soul and the blessings of the angels that surround you. It is indeed feasible to change these conditions quickly. Like learning a task, one must repeat those steps over and over and as the repetition takes hold in your mind, one becomes successful in repeating the task. So it must be with your minds beloved souls. In order to let go, you must not give those parts, those nodules of thoughts within your brain, its power to influence. In some respects, you must starve these places of their power and to shift towards a different route of thought. The power that you require, the impetus, can come from the Love within your soul. You may enlist the power of Love to neutralize the power of negativity within your thought patterns but you must have the desire to do so and make the appropriate efforts for this to be successful if you wish it to be so in short order. At this time of your development and your efforts together, it is most beneficial if you put these efforts forward and bring a quick resolution to these conditions within you. You have indeed many avenues of support, many angels helping you, not only to see these conditions within you but to help you to neutralize them. Very few in this world have such support, beloved souls. I would suggest that you make every effort to utilize what is given at this time and though we do not spend much time counselling you on the conditions of your mind and these particular patterns of the mind, they are a determining factor in the success of your efforts to develop Direct Voice. For the mind is a great instrument that influences all parts of your being. It is very powerful indeed and in this world it has the utmost powerful in determining many things in this world, many things within you. Though you are determined to make great effort to turn the tides within your own being so that your soul has dominance within your being and that your soul is enlivened by the Father’s Love. This is what is desired is it not?

We suggest that you practice these procedures in dealing with your mind so that you may not struggle so greatly with this connection between the mind and the soul, in order to help you to allow the soul dominance and to help the mind to acquiesce to this dominance and in time to be absorbed by the soul’s mind, as it is a great leap forward to walk in this world utilizing the mind of the soul in overt ways. In this way, the thinking that you are so familiar with, those patterns so entrenched within you dissolve into a new way of understanding the world, a way that has a greater capacity to understand many things, a way that is in harmony with Love, a way that perceives the world in what you might call a multi-dimensional frame. Where the mind often perceives in a linear fashion, the mind of the soul perceives in a multi-dimensional fashion and thus more information is possible on many different levels. If mankind could utilize these gifts of the soul, his capacity to perceive the world will be multiplied a thousand fold. His ability to create in this world would be greatly enhanced and more in harmony with the Laws of God, for there comes an intuitive understanding of the Laws of God, a true perception of the reality of God’s Creation, His Universe. But until the soul is allowed its foremost place in your consciousness, such perceptions are limited, often to small glimpses, flickerings of understandings. Yet each of you continue to unfold in this way. Your souls are growing, the faculties within your souls are coming alive and active. As you continue to sit in this way together in prayer, bringing your gifts and your power to love together and the blessings of the angels and of God, you magnify the possibilities of this deep awareness and growth within. You begin to bring much power of Love to you, being absorbed by your soul.

Changes are happening within each one of you, my beloved souls, many changes, many openings, many parts of your souls being cleansed and coming awake. Often in this process the mind tries to exert its influence, its desire for dominance. So, this often creates conflict within and so I say to you, beloved souls, utilize your knowledge, your desire, your efforts, your love to calm your minds, to reassure that part of yourself that is frightened that what is happening to you is a miracle, is a beautiful evolution, a wondrous change, a shift and a growing, a spiritual awakening that is a great blessing and needed in this world. For if you are to be leaders in this world, if you are to bring Truth to this world, these things must take place within you, this tremendous shift of consciousness, awareness, where Love predominates, where the old ways are released and the new begins its unfolding and influence upon your being.

These are exciting times, my beloved souls, beautiful times where much within you, opens and flowers. Where you begin to glimpse your own potential and beauty, what God has created within you. That gift of your mind will come into harmony with all of you and its beauty shall shine forth as well. All must be in balance and harmony within you. There is much for you to understand, my beloved souls. That understanding often comes with this opening and flowering pouring within.

So, we angels continue to stand by your side and help you in this inner revolution, the awakening of your soul. It is a time of joy, my beloveds, of joyfully accepting and recognizing the power of God’s Love within you, the wonderment of its complexities, benefits and blessings. The opening of so many avenues of understanding and awareness of Truth that could not come to you unless your soul is awakened. So, you continue to progress. Your journey continues to intensify. Your capacity to love, to give love, to be in the flow of God’s Love increases daily. Be joyful upon your journey beloveds, be eager for more. Be able to tame the intransigence of your mind and be strong enough to say “I wish a harmony of my soul, enlivened by God’s Love”. This is maturity, my beloved souls, this is a mature stance, a strong and wonderful, an acceptance of God’s Will for you, for all souls to truly know themselves, to love each other and themselves, to love God. This all comes in its own time, in its own way. Each individual finds its way. Each individual has its own struggles and yet all is unified in Love and brought into harmony with the power of Love.

God bless you, my beloveds. I am Martin Luther and I am happy to have spoken to you this day. May God’s Blessings always be upon you, His Love pouring into you. We are with you and we love you. God bless you.


1 Martin Luther is limited in expressing himself here as the medium has no knowledge of the way the brain functions. This is always a limitation of mediumship, as the spirit must use words and concepts that exist in the medium’s mind.