Messages 2003

Divine Mind.

May 16th, 2003

Santa Cruz, California

Received by A.R.


I am here with you, and I am Mary, the mother of Jesus, and your true friend. I am your sister in Christ, and I have come with my beloved brother, John, who has lived and served in Divine Love beside me since our time on earth. We are both followers of our Master, Jesus, in that we pray to our Heavenly Father for His Divine Love, and have received that Love to the extent that it has transformed our souls into at-onement with His Soul.

We wish to write upon the subject of the divine mind and how one may recognize the perceptions that flow from it.

The material mind in its functioning depends upon the input of data received by the five senses of the body; this data is received throughout one’s life beginning even before birth. As one goes about making decisions on how to react to a certain situation, the material mind draws from this physical data to determine the results that will come about.

Now at the same time the soul has its perceptions of love and faith that may or may not be developed, depending upon how you apply your thoughts, desires, and will. If you do begin to acknowledge these spiritual perceptions and follow their lead, you will see the effects of the higher laws at work in and through your life, which serve to strengthen your command over what we will call your “divine mind.”1

You might try this exercise: When you are faced with a problem and do not know how to solve it, practice looking beyond what you see with your material senses and activate your faith to know that something more is there, just beyond your perceptions at that moment. When you are ready to see beyond the problem into the more attenuated spiritual reality that is also present, you may begin to understand the truth “behind” the seemingly vexing situation.

In any given moment we are “where” we are because of the workings of laws. If we seek to understand why we are at a particular juncture in our life, we may momentarily see beyond our quandary and begin to accept that we are present with the “answer” as well as the “question.”

I was helping you understand this concept the other day when you were listening to the song about the “streets with no name.” You live on a particular street that is named “Dakota.” You see the street and its relationship to other streets in time and space. However, just as the physical street exists, there also exists a street that is not confined by the time and space you are familiar with. Upon this street there are spirits and spiritual conditions that can just as easily be perceived by your soul perceptions as your material senses perceive the physical place you live.

When you use the perceptions of love and faith, you extend your senses beyond what your material mind is familiar with and open the veil, just a little, to understand the spiritual realities of your life.

What might this spiritual reality look and feel like? Most important, you become aware of a sense of purpose and a sense of “place” that you are loved by God. You are less concerned with matters that have no lasting consequence to this true sense of yourself. For instance, when considering whether to buy a new car or fix the old one, you may worry about the issue of spending this amount of money or that amount of money. When you extend yourself beyond the “issue” and tap into your divine mind, you will calmly realize where “you” are, and how best to proceed. You understand that money is only a tool used by you to accomplish your goals, as is the car. With love and faith activated you immediately understand how best to accomplish your goals, and the problem of “how” becomes solved.

This is a good start, my dear sister, and we will continue this dialog with you at another time. We love you and thank you for this opportunity to write. Continue in your prayers for Divine Love and trust that you are progressing well in your soul development and your faith.

We are Mary and John.


Note from AR: I later thought of an example of how to apply my divine mind to solve a potential disagreement with a loved one: A good friend promises to spend an evening with me but changes his mind at the last minute. I had truly looked forward to this evening because we have a wonderful time together, and he makes me feel good about myself. My material mind (and senses) only recognize that I am alone, which makes me feel abandoned and I become angry with him. My divine mind (soul’s perceptions) allows me to look beyond the moment into what is “real”: I am always loved by him, as I am always loved by God. I can understand that he has not stopped loving me even if he is not physically with me, and my love goes to him uninterrupted.

1 I suspect that this is in fact what it called elsewhere on this site - the soul mind. G.J.C.


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