Messages 2003

Divine Mind continued.

June 8th, 2003

Aptos, California

Received by A.R.


I am here now, and I am your brother in Christ, John, a follower of my dear Master, Jesus, and a receiver of the Divine Love of our Heavenly Father.

Thank you for taking this time to sit with me, for I know you are wondering why it is now that I would choose to write [2:30 a.m.]. Your condition is good at this time, and Mary and I are grateful for your willingness to let us resume our discussion on the divine mind.

The active energies of the soul that have been developed by the Divine Love are of such a quality that enables the possessor of this love to understand the workings of the higher laws with great acuity. I am speaking of the Law of Love as one example of higher laws.

The divine mind, therefore, is the activity of the soul reborn into the enduring qualities of Divine Love. I see your question: can you manifest these attributes of divine mind while in the process of receiving and transforming your soul, or only when you are in the complete condition of transformation such as will suffice for inhabiting the Celestial Heavens? Yes, you may actually employ the faculties of the divine mind while on earth as you progress in your soul’s at-onement with God’s Soul.

The mind bridges our being with our living; it is that part of us that allows thought and desire to become action and evidence. How does the action of the soul gives rise to the use of this higher mind you possess? A thought must necessarily precede an action, but primarily, desire gives rise to thought. You will find that your soul’s desires exist as the real driving force behind your life.

When you have aligned your will with God’s Will you become more in sync with the nature of love that exists throughout the universe. Your mind becomes in tune with the rhythm that keeps all of God’s creations in harmony.

As you interact with people and situations you may recognize a sense of harmony of the part each character plays, which brings you into the awareness of each one’s purpose, as it were. You will remember that when you manifest your love there is a definite purpose with which you are engaged in every moment; time and place aligned with the will of love.

There is a particular power in moments such as these for it is as if every player already knows his or her cue. No, it is not the same as the idea of pre-destiny, for the free will is intact – it is as if the higher will of love becomes the director of the moment.

Your desires and aspirations play an important role because these precede thought. Turn your desires to God, and love will become your guiding force. Why is this so? Because God loves you as His dear child, as He loves all His children. All creation waits for love to become the purpose embraced by you as His highest creation.

Now Mary would like to close the message, my dear sister. I love you.

I am here, my dear sister and friend, and I am Mary, the mother of Jesus, and your guardian.

John thanks you for having received his message. I only wish to add my love to his and ask that you continue to realize how beloved you are by us, and know how closely we hold you to our souls. I am very happy that you are praying more strongly to become love in action for this will lead you to greater things, as Jesus so promised.

My dear family, please remember that your angel guardians are with you always, and they are ever solicitous in helping you keep your aspirations and thoughts turned to your spiritual life.

I love you and thank you all for your sincere prayers for God’s love to become examples of the Christ. The world is ready for your love.

I am your sister and friend, Mary. I am your brother, John.


This is a continuation of this message.