Messages 2003

Soul and mind.

November 7th, 2003

New York

Received by C.C.


Hello CC, it is John. I want to talk about the mind and its relationship to the soul. This will not be a comprehensive and complete transmission of all there is to know about the mind or its possibilities in its functioning in your lives. But what is important is to start, one step a time, with a firm foundation and to proceed to build upon that base, allowing for absorption of the information and further development of the soul, in preparation for the proper unfolding of this topic.

The mind is an instrument. It is the instrument of the soul. The mind is equipped with abilities for the proper manifestation of the soul’s powers. And these endowments pertain to its ability to gather information and give form to the many expressions that the soul is capable of creating. The mind will organize data received and will perform the task of associating all relevant information for the purpose of conveying information and principles in a clear and sensible format, or for arriving at conclusions based on its previous operations of similar experiments. In its proper and constant use of its abilities, its powers increase accordingly. And hence, a finer connection to the soul’s powers and a corresponding ability to reason and apply logic will ensue.

The mind is the canvas of the soul. It is a means by which the soul communicates and makes its self-known. The soul will paint its images on this canvas. It can produce great works of love and it can produce works that are not in harmony with love. Depending on the development and condition of the soul, a corresponding image or painting is produced by the mind.

The mind receives its true power from the soul. Many powers attributed to the mind are paintings created by the soul. And here I am talking about wisdom, discernment, intuition, understanding and among many others, the ability to perceive truth. The mind produces these paintings but the cause of these existences is the soul.

If you want to understand your mind, seek to understand your soul. You are conscious that you “are”; the soul paints this picture in your mind. The mind merely gives form to this power created by your soul.

The mind is a receiver and transmitter of paintings. The mind in its normal operation is continually receiving and transmitting images. The mind can receive energies from sources other than your soul. And depending on its (soul’s) state, the mind will receive and acknowledge creations that are of like tendencies.

The soul that seeks development in the essence of God necessitates that the mind develops correspondingly (seemingly laggardly), in knowledge of truth, in order for the soul to express its higher development. A law that operates on the relationship of the mind and the soul brings this about. As the soul develops (natural or divine), the mind develops accordingly.

The material aspect of the mind and here I am referring to the physical organ, falls under the scope of the natural laws. The brain contains in it, “instructions” as it were, or we can call these “instinct” whereby these laws carry out the proper physical functioning of all living organisms on the physical plane. These material functioning’s relate to (to mention a few) the use of the senses and motor skills of living things, in which the spirit of life resides.

There is also another law that pertains to the connection and relationship of the mind and the physical organ. This law is brought into operation when the mind is actively seeking to transmit an image to the brain. You will recall a similar law,1 when you bring to mind the subject of mediumship. And this law relates to the conditioning of the mortal brain or preparing it, in order to receive images from the mind that are of a nature that requires the brain to have some acquaintance with and must be active with, that, of which the mind is trying to manifest. You have observed this phenomena taking place when you had an experience where you found a complete and clear picture of what the mind produced and yet your brain had no resources to describe the image. And here I am referring to a previous message on feelings. This is why it appears that your mind has to play catch up with the soul in its development but it is a matter of conditioning and preparing the brain to manifest this new knowledge, of which it has no familiarity with. So, when all the conditions are met you will bring into operation this law that allows the image in the mind to be transmitted to your brain.

I will end our topic at this point and will wait for another opportunity. I am glad that you enjoyed our moments together. Be well cc and pray for God’s Love; it is the only power in the world that will make an angel of man.


1 The law of rapport and communication