Messages 2017 and 2018

Pathways of Consciousness

November 22nd, 2018

Bayview, NSW Australia

Received by Al Fike


Your friend Yogananda returns and I wish to speak on the subject of the pathways of consciousness, how those who walk the path of the natural man gravitate towards the mind. And in prayer and mediation, avenues of the mind are opened bringing experiences that are not so much of the soul but of the mind as experiences of consciousness come from the mind that is stilled and clear. A well-practiced meditator may come to these places that are of light and stillness giving a detachment to all the mental thoughts and conditions of daily life. This state is highly prized by those who meditate and walk this natural path and there are facets and possibilities that are inherent in this altered state. There can be gifts of insight and knowing. But it is not a place of feeling, it is a place of detachment. At times there may come uplifts, a sense of expansiveness, but mostly one experiences a sort of holiday from the usual mental condition.

The sort of prayer and meditation which you ascribe to is very different. Rather than the consciousness succumbing to the higher consciousnesses of the mind, it takes a different route and enters the consciousness of the soul. This is a wholly different place of experience, of knowing, of being. Yes, there is an element of detachment from the material mind‘s conditions, but there is much more feeling, there is much more depth, where love becomes the predominant condition and sense that enfolds those who pray and meditate in this way. Many things may come in this state of receptivity to God. Deep blessings and insights, revelations, awakenings, understandings come because rather than relying solely on the material mind and its faculties, the soul is engaged and the mind of the soul is engaged. If one is fully in alignment with this sort of a prayer and listening and in this way the consciousness of God comes and God is recognised and perceived by the eyes of the soul. As these eyes open, so God is seen more clearly and all the while bathed in love, bathed in joy, bathed in truth. The many facets and depth of this experience continue to grow and awaken as this gift of Divine Essence invades the soul clearing the way for consciousness to find its path and awakening within the soul.

It is easier to go to the mind, the material mind, the consciousness that comes with the natural man though each avenue requires efforts and discipline. The avenue towards the soul is guided by love. As you follow the trail of love you come to that place where you and God are together. As you desire and long to go to that place, that special place where you and God are in communion, the route that is taken becomes well trod with prayer and becomes easier in time. The desire for more of this experience, this awakening of the soul, grows more intense, a passionate embrace with the Divine, which becomes a craving within the heart.

Those who seek to know their true selves indeed must go within themselves. Yet, the awakening of the soul to God brings the presence of God to you. It is not there to begin with, for it takes a prayer and a longing and a reaching. The ability to recognise God is within, but the actual act of connecting and embracing God comes from both within and without.

My friends, you have done this many times. You have sought to be in communion with your Creator and you know the road well and recognise those feelings and senses of the soul awakening to God, reaching, knowing, feeling the deep peace, feeling that kernel of joy within your heart that brings the upliftment, that brings the opening of your perceptions.

Yes, it is difficult to explain the way to the soul but it is indeed not difficult (to go there). When you teach others this way, encourage them not to go into the direction of the mind, but something deeper. When you engage in these Circles of Light where prayer and the desire to receive this gift of the Divine Love is present, then the angels of God are present as well and they assist each soul in finding their way, guiding them along that path, a path that may seem different and unknown. Yet, it is within each soul to find its way, to know its way to God. It starts with a deep longing within, a sense of need, a desire to be with the Creator of All. Each soul longs for God’s Love, longs for that embrace, that communion that says “You are my child, I acknowledge you as part of my great family of humanity and you are welcome to my Embrace, my Love and I will never refuse you or turn you away to a place where my Love does not exist.”

If those who pray have a measure of faith, a desire, a willingness to follow this path in order to discover God, they will be rewarded with many experiences, many awakenings. They will fill themselves with this awakening that comes from God that awaits your efforts to knock on the mighty door of His Soul. And God will not ignore this knock. He takes great pleasure in opening this door of Love that all good and wondrous gifts may pour upon the soul that has taken the time and the effort, has trusted in what God may give.

The innocence of a child, the wisdom of the soul desiring God, the efforts of a few words in prayer, the sitting for a few minutes in quiet, the reaching to a place that is not of this world, these things bring God close. There is little that can hold a soul in deep longing to God from this embrace. It comes in response to this longing. So little effort is needed for such great rewards. It is only the resistance of the mind that refuses to believe that God exists in His place in the universe, whose mistrust of God that must have been learned long ago. These things hold the soul back from its desire for unity. You must assure the children, assure the seeker, gently guide them forth in loving, gentle ways and you will have done your job in teaching the soul to find its way to God.

May you be successful in your work my friends. May you find your stride in this teaching way and bring great and deep inspiration with your words, your prayers, your joy, your wisdom, your love. All comes as you have a sincere desire to serve and be God’s channels of love, instruments of peace and change in the world. Many blessings will come and many souls will cross your path. May each encounter bring a great blessing, bring some touch that will cause a response, a shift, a change within that soul. For these things are often subtle, but in time these seeds take root and bring the desired results. Have faith that you will be guided, that you indeed hold the key for this great and powerful truth, the highest of blessings, the greatest and deepest change from God to the soul of man.

God bless you my friends. God bless you. I am Yogananda, so very, very happy that we are communicating in this way. God bless you.