Messages 2015 and 2016

The difference between mind and soul

August 25, 2016

Received by: Al Fike.

Blackpool, U.K.


I am Matthew and I have come to talk to you about the mind and the soul and how there are different aspects of awareness and consciousness that arise out of these two aspects of your being. If you think of the mind as water, think of the soul as light. In both cases many levels of awareness can be achieved in each aspect of your being but they are different. If the mind is water what you put into the mind colors that water and in some cases changes the composition of that water. And therefore the consciousness of the mind is changeable and influenced highly by the intellect, the learning of each individual, and this becomes an evolving and somewhat crystalizing way of viewing the world.

But the soul made of light does indeed evolve and change and is influenced by the experiences of the individual. Rather than that which is put into it by the ideas and thoughts of man, it absorbs the influence of God and so this light changes and brightens and becomes clearer and more beautiful as the soul yearns to be closer to God, as the soul puts forth sincere prayer, as the soul listens to the guidance and wisdom and blessings of God. And then the soul may receive the Divine Love of God, His Essence, and this is transformative, a special kind of light which brightens not only the clarity but allows expansion and permits the soul to come into rapport and at-onement with God in a way not achieved by the mind, nor achieved by the soul that is pure but untouched by the Divine Love. This is a special kind of consciousness, a special knowing that can only be achieved in this way. This blessing of Grace, this Spirit of Love, this Essence of God ignites the soul’s awareness, perceptions, capacities like nothing else can do. It is an awakening, an opening, a way in which every soul may find God in all the fullness of this discovery, in all the ways that this awareness and connection can be made for the potentials of the soul, the light of the soul is transformed by this Touch of Divine Love.

My brothers, my sisters, seek ye the Kingdom. Seek this Love and you shall inherit and experience and find all the bounties of Heaven, all the riches of knowing God fully. Walk this Path, the Path of the soul, the Path of the soul’s awakening and you shall know Heaven, true Heaven and be at-one with God. This simple, beseeching of God to receive His Love will open these doors to great riches, great treasures, expansion of your soul to include all that is within the universe, all the knowings, all the blessings, all the Light that is possible to have and this, my beloved friends, is infinite.

So beloved souls, I beseech you, I emplore you, I ask you, open your souls to the inflowing of this Love. No, it does not reside within you as a natural attribute of your being. Love certainly does exist within each soul given by God upon your creation, but this Love, this special blessing is given through prayer and longing and opening, the decision of the soul to receive it, to know it, to be blessed in this way.

God bless you, beloved souls. Thank you for allowing me to speak. Know the difference between the levels of consciousness of the mind, this watery realm and that of the soul, this light-filled adventure, an awakening and in this way each of you may choose what it is that you desire, what is important to you. God wishes to give you all you desire. God wishes that you expand and grow and exploit all the potentials of your being. But He also gives you the opportunity to go beyond your natural capacities to a place that is unlimited in its potentials and we who reside in the Celestial Heavens give you an invitation. Open this door to God within your soul and ask to receive His Love. You will know of that which I speak, this redeeming Love, this healing Love, this Divine Love and you will know a great joy, a great joy in this awakening. God Bless you. God bless you. I am Matthew and I am pleased to speak today on this great blessing. God Bless you.